Benefit Instant Brow Pencil Review: Criteria Anytime I’m reviewing a product, I instantly run through the list of criteria that I use when I’m critiquing factory samples for customers with my other company Genie Supply (here, if interested): Color Pay-off Consistency Feel Other notes + Overall Value ..and that’s kind of how my brain reviews … Read more

5 Step Evening Beauty Regime for Mature Skin

It seems like every time you turn around there is something new in beauty to add to your list. I’m a simple girl and most of my friends are too so I spoke with them and we gathered our favorite steps and products that effectively streamlined our nighttime regime.  We lean towards natural and organic … Read more

Bioluma Eyelash Serum Reviews: Does It Nourish Promote Your Eyelash Growth?

Bioluma Eyelash Serum Reviews

Are you on the quest for naturally longer, thicker eyelashes? Discover the buzz around Bioluma Eyelash Serum, a new entrant in the eyelash growth sphere. This formula, infused with a blend of scientifically-backed herbs and antioxidants, promises to nourish and rejuvenate your lashes. With a surge of online chatter and customer testimonials highlighting its effectiveness, … Read more

Eyebrow Slit Men: Are They Still In Style?

Eyebrow Slit Men

Fashion is all about enhancing personality and changing looks either through makeup, styles, outfits, or a hundred other reasons. Eyebrow slit is one such fashionable trend that has been seen through the past and continues till today. This style was in fashion in the 80s and ’90s century by most Bollywood personalities who influenced millions … Read more

How Long Does It Take For Eyebrows to Grow Back? Tips and Tricks For Fast Growth

How Long Does It Take For Eyebrows to Grow Back

Eyebrows are the punctuation mark of one’s expressions. Arching towards confidence, this strip of hair right above the eyes has the silent superpower to add functionality and aesthetics. But a single shaving mistake or even a health setback can take this facial charm away. Eyebrow loss is a common but disturbing sight; however, the brow … Read more

What Is Eyebrow Slit? Are Eyebrow Slits Attractive For All?

Eyebrow Slit

Eyebrow slits, also known as eyebrow cuts, are small gaps made in the eyebrows, usually created by shaving or cutting the brow hair. Once associated only with hip-hop fashion, eyebrow slits have become mainstream. But are they an attractive look for everyone? Let’s explore what eyebrow slits are, the different types, and whether this trend … Read more

Understanding Eyebrow Tinting: Process, Precaution, And What Makes It Different

Understanding Eyebrow Tinting

Do you have an eye for detail? If yes, you must have noticed that people have beautiful eyes, but their brows could have been fuller, or thicker. Often the defining features of our face are covered with makeup blended with perfection. In today’s progressive world, we have solutions like microshading, microblading, and eyebrow tinting for … Read more