Breast Reduction Scars Treatment: Check The Effective Methods!

Breast Reduction Scar Treatment

For many women with overly large breasts, a breast reduction surgery can provide relief from physical and emotional burdens. However, like any major procedure, breast reductions do result in scarring. So, will breast reduction scars go away?  While scars may alarm some considering this surgery, it’s important to understand that breast reduction scars heal and … Read more

9 Health Issues Every Woman Should Understand: Check!

Health Issues Of Women

Women face unique health issues and concerns throughout their lives. As a woman, being informed and proactive about your health is important for identifying potential problems early and living your best life. This article will overview “9 Health Issues Every Woman Should Understand” with a focus on common diseases, health problems, and practical solutions. From … Read more

The Menopause Diet 5 Day Plan To Lose Weight: Check!

Menopause Diet

Going through menopause can present many challenges, one being unexplained weight gain and difficulty losing weight. As women go through the menopause transition, their metabolism slows down due to hormonal changes, leading to weight gain if diet and exercise habits remain the same. Finding the right menopause diet plan tailored to this stage of life … Read more

How Food Emulsifiers Increase Breast & Prostate Cancer Risk: Study Says

Food Emulsifier Lists

Food Emulsifiers Increase Breast & Prostate Cancer Risk: Study says – recent research has linked certain common food additives known as emulsifiers to increased risk of developing breast and prostate cancer.  Emulsifiers are added to many processed foods to help mix ingredients that normally do not blend well, like oil and water. However, emerging evidence … Read more

Tell itchy, red, inflamed skin to take a hike! with CALM

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Many of you will be receiving your fresh Farm to Face products soon, but I realized that one of them did not receive a proper introduction. So today, I want to dive into CALM – the formulation, research and use cases of this fantastic organic oil. The … Read more

The DivaCup: An Innovate Solution to an Age Old Dilemma

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PeriodConfidence #CollectiveBias #TryTheDivaCup     For a large portion of our lives, periods are a big part of the story. Period. There’s not much we can do about mother nature’s gift comings and goings, but there is … Read more

Skincare at 30,000 feet: a 10-step skincare routine for the skies

I’m currently sitting on flight UA 895: Chicago to Hong Kong, direct. It’s a 16 hour flight. I’ve taken this flight a dozen or more times, each becoming increasingly aware of what 16 hours in a plane can do to your skin (spoiler alert: it gets dryyyyy). While your first instinct may be to spritz … Read more