How Do I fill in growing Eyebrows?

The good news – thanks to WINK my eyebrows are growing and filling in! The bad news, there are some gaps and scars leaving me with some thin spots. I do not want crazy bold brows – just natural, even ones. I looked on line at some of the reviews and quiet honestly it was a bit overwhelming so I opted for a quick and inexpensive way to test basic makeup options. I should be clear that my objective was to narrow down and choose the type of makeup I liked before spending potentially a possible large amount of money on the “prefect solution”. My journey took me to my local drug store where I bought 3 types make up (Gel, Pencil & Pen) to help me fill in my brows. Here is what I learned and what I’d recommend.

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel

Product highlights include : Waterproof Brow Gel, Lasts up to 2 days, 98% saw fuller, thicker brows and 93% said the gel does not transfer. As claims go; It did not transfer and did make my brows look fuller but It did not last for 2 days for me. I also found the applicator to be too chunky for me. It does not allow for precise application. It came out very thick for me so thank goodness they included the small spoolie int he package to help spread the gel more evenly. They had several shades to choose from and I found the color matching to be good. Also passed the outside makeup test – didn’t look totally fake relative to color. Score: (1 to 5) I’d give it a 3.1. Note: I’d give it a higher score if I was trying to fill in the whole brow vs just gaps.

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Sculpture Eyebrow Pencil

This pencil is designed to help you define and draw your brows in three easy steps. 1. Draw: Use the Precision Tip Crayon to fill in uneven areas with light, feathered strokes. 2. Shape: Comb and blend using the soft brush tip to define your arch. 3. Set: Apply the clear fixing wax to set in brows. I found the pencil to be easy to use and like the simplicity of the 1-2-3 process. However I struggled with the color matching. This product failed the outdoor lighting test. It could be that I chose the wrong shade pencil (although there is a more limited color assortment than other options) but over all I’d have to give it a (1 to 5) 2.9.

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Pen

This product was the most appealing to me as a concept. From the videos I saw on line I felt like it was the best option for me; especially since my goal was to fill in vs redraw. Product highlights: Lasts for up to 24 hours, allows for hair by hair fill in brows, 4 prong micro-brush and does not transfer or smudge. I wanted to love it but now so much! Let’s start with the positives – There were many color options and I was able to match my brows well, passed the outdoor lighting test and did not transfer or smudge. Downsides – my pen seemed almost dried out so the applicator did not produce an even stream of makeup. This made it very hard to use. I did not see a way to increase pressure on the pen or see if there is product inside so it left me shaking it, leaving it upside down to get more liquid, other… Rating (1 to 5) 3.2.

Summary: I’m still looking for the perfect product for me. I wish I could share a before and after photo but honestly none of the options I tried are impressive enough. I believe a functioning pen style product is going to be the winner. I’m going to buy a few more and will review again with results. If anyone out there has found the “perfect” makeup solution for filling in think spots on your brows, please share it.

Additional Brow Makeup Tips: 1. There are numerous shades of brow makeup – take the time to try to match your color. You never want to go darker than your natural shade as that will make the you look completely made up. 2. The best makeup looks natural in the outside sunlight. You may be totally satisfied with your look standing in your bathroom but be sure to take a good look outside in the natural sunlight. You will instantly know if the color is off – and about 60% of the time it is!

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