Eyebrow Slit Men: Are They Still In Style?

Fashion is all about enhancing personality and changing looks either through makeup, styles, outfits, or a hundred other reasons. Eyebrow slit is one such fashionable trend that has been seen through the past and continues till today. This style was in fashion in the 80s and ’90s century by most Bollywood personalities who influenced millions of men to do so. 

But with time, this fashion has blurred and vanished. However, with recent styles and fashion data, this trend again marks the unique style and personality and gives a different look. Let’s see some of the best eyebrow slits for men in this article and how they transform fashion into trend. 

What Do You Understand By An Eyebrow Slit?

Eyebrow Slit

For today’s generations, fashion is the most demanding and popular freak they are concerned with. Along with having popular dresses, eating expensive foods, and doing makeup for every special day, these have become essential trends for both men and women. Eyebrow slits are a popular trend that most men perform in the sense of styling. 

Here, people rock vertical cuts or slits in their eyebrow hair to get a different look. Usually, these are performed at the strategic locations in the brows for the slits. Often. It is done right after the brow’s arch, leading towards the tail. However, the commonplace where this styling is trendy is at the front of the brow, where the direction of the hair growth changes. 

Is Eyebrow Slit Still In Fashion?

Yes, eyebrow slits are still in fashion, not only for men, but women can certainly rock this trend for an uber-cool vibe. But this unique style is fashionable among men in the year and will continue in the future too. It was earlier famous for hip-hop artists and other rock enthusiasts in the late 1980s and 1990s. Besides, it still came into fashion in the years 2010 and 2012, which saw a remarkable peak. Also, in today’s times, it is again in fashion, and now it has become the trendy fashion for most boys and men. 

Let’s see below some of the trending eyebrow slits for men that give a lavish, lovely, and rocky look. 

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Top 6 Trending Eyebrow Slit For Men

Numerous eyebrow slit styles are trendy and would add sharpness to anyone’s overall look. Here are top slits that fashion freaks can choose and give a different look to their face. 

1] Single, Double, And Triple Slit

Single, double, and triple eyebrow styles are the simple and most commonly chosen style by every man. These slits give the variant look and are considered evergreen. Also, these involve shaving or cutting a single, double, and triple vertical line through the eyebrow hair. It is usually done near the tail, but it can be positioned anywhere, depending on the individual’s preference, along the eyebrow. Besides being a vertical slit, the cut is not perpendicular and is designed as a sloping line.

2] Broad Eyebrow Slit

If you have a broader and thick eyebrow, broad eyebrow slits are another best design that can be chosen to give a different look. It looks stunning, which is done by shaving off a broad patch from the rear end of your eyebrow. Also, it gives a bold statement that requires more time and skill to maintain the look and must be done by a professional for better results.

3] Middle Slit

Have you seen Jason Momoa’s eyebrows? Well, he is famous for his middle-cut eyebrows, which look stunning with his unique designs. Though he accidentally implemented this design, many fans agree that he looks gorgeous with style. Today, every man tends to go for his style and get a Momoa-like appearance. This cut is done in the middle of the eyebrow of either single or both eyebrows and gives a bold statement. 

4] Straight Eyebrow Slit

A straight eyebrow slit is another best slit that most men demand. It is the trending style that most fashion freak men tend to go for and give a bold look. Also, this style of eyebrow slits is again simple, classic, elegant, and easy to pull off. Besides being slightly edgier than the usual eyebrow slit, this is a great style to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Moreover, this is easy to make at home and can be concealed just in case it goes wrong. 

5] Cross Eyebrow Slit

Cross eyebrow slit is another most famous fashion done by men to give a different look. Though it is slightly complex and needs the professional, once it slits, it gives a bold look. Here, the designs are made in an X shape and further arranged with a beautiful eyebrow shape. Besides, all you need to do is make a cross-slit instead of a slanted one, and you stand one step ahead of the usual eyebrow slit. 

6] V-Shaped Eyebrow Slit 

A v-shaped is another popular eyebrow slit done by men that is similar to a double eyebrow slit. Here in these designs, both the slits are cut into the same place and slightly too apart from each other and further make the v shape. Also, it is simple and easy to do at home only, but slight differences can make you look different and ugly. Besides, these are trending mostly by musicians and those who travel to different destinations. 

Bottom Line

Slit eyebrows have been a trending and fashionable way to give different and bold statements by numerous men. Also, they are still in style, where they are a form of self-expression and add a certain edge to your whole fashion statement. You might have seen various people redesign their eyebrows into various styles or, say, eyebrow cuts. 

Besides, broad eyebrow slits are the epitome of bold in the segment of men’s eyebrow slits and give a rocking look. Moreover, these have been a trend worn by men throughout the years and can be seen in the future. Again, different personalities give inspiration and recommendations to style their eyebrows and get a bold and charming look.

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