Say Goodbye To Dandruff: 7 Natural Remedies For Dandruff That Actually Work

Dandruff is a common scalp condition and a widespread issue affecting people of different ages. Dandruff, often appearing in white or dull yellow flakes, is the overgrowth of Malasezzia, a yeast-like fungus. Malasezzia is naturally present in our scalp and is a part of the skin’s microbiota. Although it isn’t inherently harmful, if there’s an overgrowth, it can result in conditions like dandruff and flakiness. 

Dandruff isn’t a medical condition on the scalp, but it can be troublesome and embarrassing. Factors like oily scalp, changes in weather, stress, and more can worsen the presence of dandruff. However, worry not since there are a lot of natural products and remedies that can effectively treat dandruff. 

Top 9 Ways To Cure Dandruff Permanently At Home

Although there are plenty of natural dandruff Remedies to say a permanent goodbye to dandruff, specific ingredients and mixtures can work magically. Here are the top 10 effective methods/components that can cure your dandruff problem permanently (or at least for a long).

1. Use Tea Tree Oil

The antimicrobial properties in Tea Tree oil may help reduce the growth of Malasezzia, a fungal infection associated with dandruff. Tea Tree oil also has anti-inflammatory effects that soothe the itchiness from dandruff.

Use Tea Tree Oil For Dandruff

Mix 2 drops of Tea Tree oil with any carrier oil and massage gently on your scalp. Follow it with washing and conditioning. Or, mix Tea Tree oil with shampoo/ conditioner or hair mask to combat dandruff. 

2. Use Apply Cider Vinegar (Or Lemon Juice)

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon juice are two prevalent ingredients in our kitchen. Both have astringent properties that help balance the scalp’s pH, thus improving conditions like dandruff. 

Mix 1:1 Apple Cider Vinegar/ Lemon with Water and spray it onto your scalp. After an hour, rinse thoroughly, and you can skip shampooing. 

3. Use Neem Oil or Neem Paste

The antifungal and antibacterial properties in neem help to control the growth of Malasezzia, thus fighting dandruff. 

You can mix Neem essential oil with a carrier oil for a gentle scalp massage. Or crush neem leaves and apply its paste on your scalp for 15 minutes, followed by a quick rinse.

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4. Do Not Keep Your Hair Oiled For Long

Oiling hair can be a boon or curse if you have dandruff, although the results vary amongst individuals. For some, oiling can exacerbate dandruff by contributing to the growth of Malasezzia. However, if you choose suitable oils with antimicrobial properties, you can treat your dandruff at home. But even with the right oil, leave your scalp oiled for an hour or two at maximum. 

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5. Choose Shampoos with Anti-fungal /or Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If you have been suffering from dandruff for a long, choose shampoos with natural ingredients like Neem, Tea Tree oil, Citrus oil, Alovera, Willow Bark, Chamomile, etc, especially the ones with Anti-fungal /or Anti-inflammatory properties. Use such products regularly to fight dandruff. 

6. Sooth and Moisturise Your Scalp With Alovera Gel/Paste

Applying Aloe vera gel or natural gel paste on your scalp can complement your hair care routine, especially if you fight dandruff. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties in Alovera gel reduce dryness and provide relief. 

7. Use Fenugreek Seeds Paste

Fenugreek seeds have some magical impact in promoting hair health and fighting common hair care concerns. The anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of fenugreek soothe scalp irritation and reduce flakiness.

Soak 3 to 4 tablespoons of Fenugreek seeds overnight in water and grind them into a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your scalp, targeting the dandruff-concerning areas especially, and leave it for half an hour. Later, wash your hair using a mild shampoo.

8. Apply Egg Yolk On Your Scalp

The protein, vitamins, and minerals in egg yolk nourish the scalp and reduce dryness.

Take 1-2 egg yolks, beat them well, and apply on your scalp. After an hour, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

9. Use Banana and Honey Hair Mask

When combined with honey’s antimicrobial and soothing properties, the vitamins and minerals in bananas can fight dandruff and other common scalp conditions.

Mash a ripe banana, add a tablespoon of honey, and mix well. Now apply the paste all over your scalp, leaving for an hour before you wash it with a mild shampoo.

Remember, not all home remedies work for everyone. If none of the above solutions show impressive results, consult a dermatologist once. 

Dr. Luna Rey specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin conditions, from common conditions like acne and eczema to more complex conditions like psoriasis and skin cancer. In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Luna has a strong interest in writing and has published numerous articles on dermatology topics in leading medical journals. Her writing style is clear, concise, and easy to understand, making her work accessible to a broad audience.

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