What is Dandruff? Its Causes and Types: A Complete Guide 

Dandruff can be generally termed as the white flaky particles that can be found on your scalp. This skin tissue is faced by lakhs of people across the world. Dandruff does not pose any threat to your life. You can still live a healthy life with it but there are certain other factors making it an unbearable condition.

These particles may litter your formal or party attires by falling on them. Wearing such clothes around important people and occasions can negatively impact your self-confidence in the eve and if the condition persists, it will slowly start to deteriorate the quality of your social life.

Apart from that, the unbearable itchiness and flakiness can become a real nuisance, when you are trying to concentrate on something really important. There is no gender discrimination for this condition, and men and women around the world experience its troubles equally. In this article, we will help you understand the condition of dandruff in detail by delving into its types and causes. 

Causes of Dandruff 

Dandruff is stubborn and occurs due to a number of reasons. The causes of dandruff are different depending on the type of dandruff. Let’s check out the various causes of dandruff and their types.

Causes of Dandruff 

1. Seborrheic Dermatitis 

If you are having stubborn dandruff, then it is highly likely to be Seborrheic Dermatitis. This is a condition related to eczema and can only be treated and cured under medical supervision and prescription. Juggling with hundreds of home remedies will not give you results if you are suffering from this condition.

Hence, if you feel that the dandruff is stubborn, it is time to have a consultation and have treatment for the same. Medications and topical lotions are available to treat the issue and reduce the itchiness and flaking. Doctors would also recommend shampoos specifically made to serve the purpose. 

2. Contact Dermatitis 

This can be another reason why you are having dandruff issues on your scalp. The presence of allergens or irritants would be the root cause of this type of dermatitis. The allergens might have been introduced onto your scalp from any sort of hair care products or dyes.

Your doctor can help you find out the source of those allergens and help you ditch the product and switch to a new healthier one. 

3. Dry Skin 

This cause can also not be ignored among the causes of dandruff. If you experience dryness all over your body during old and dry weather, then having dandruff on your scalp is also common. Comparatively, this type of dandruff is easier to treat since they are seasonal. The size of the flakes in this type of dandruff would also be smaller. 

4. Hairwash Routine 

If you are facing the issue of dandruff, make sure you are following a consistent hair-wash routine. Irregular hair washes can even worsen the condition of your scalp. It is also important to choose a hair wash frequency that suits you the most. Choosing the right products for your hair wash is also equally important. 

Types Of Dandruff 

1. Dry Skin Dandruff 

This type of dandruff can be mostly seen during the winter months of the year. Oil massages can help significantly in these cases. Apart from that, make sure you are choosing extremely moisturizing shampoos to take care of your scalp and deal with its dryness and itchiness during the season. Dry skin dandruff can also be caused due to having hot water showers, which can also be easily avoided. 

2. Oil-Related Dandruff 

Unlike dry skin dandruff, this type of dandruff is caused due to the accumulation of excess oil and sebum on the scalp. People with this type of dandruff should make it a habit to comb their hair from the roots and take the excess oil to the strands. It is also important not to oil your scalp again as it worsens the condition. 

3. Fungal Dandruff 

In this type of dandruff, a certain type of fungal infection is the cause of dandruff on your scalp. Apart from the accumulation of excess oil and sebum on the scalp, you can also notice the formation of some byproducts on your scalp. It is better to consult a doctor and ask them to suggest a good antifungal shampoo. 

4. Disease Related Dandruff 

This is a serious condition when you need to seek the help of a doctor without making a delay. Eczema would be the most important condition causing such type of dandruff. These are high to be spread all over the adjacent areas such as necks, faces, ears, and so on. 

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