Why Scalp Facials Are Gaining Popularity? A Guide To Scalp Facial

Hair is one of the striking features of any person and in recent times, treatments and other measures that aim at maintaining healthy hair and scalp have seen different new developments.


? Scalp facials had been gaining popularity recently

? Facial given to the scalp has the potential to save our sensitive scalp

? People started treating the scalp just like the skin on any other part

? The procedure treats the base of all health-related issues

What Are Scalp Facials?

One of the most recent methods that are getting a lot of attention is the Scalp facials. Just like the name suggests, scalp facials are facials given to our scalp. 

Just like any normal facial, scalp facials also follow almost the same steps like cleansing exfoliating, and moisturizing.

trending Scalp Facials

Scalp facials also trigger the growth of healthy hair follicles by getting rid of excess dead skin cells, impurities, and other such particles from the scalp. 

The hair of a person does play a major role in their overall appearance. In order to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and hairstyle our hair undergoes different kinds of stress.

We use different hair products like gels, creams, and shampoos which contain a considerable amount of chemicals in order to style our hair.

While we take care of our hair after using such products, it is true that we often forget how sensitive our scalp is.

Chances are very high that your scalp will be irritated from these kinds of products and the stress caused on the scalp can directly affect the health of your hair. 

Also, treating our scalp in the right way also has a great positive impact on releasing stress. If you are a person who has ever sat down or had a scalp massage.

Then it will be easier for you to recall the level of stress that you experienced before and after the massage.

So, in simple words, the scalp facial which is the facial given to the scalp has the potential to save our sensitive scalp from the effects of our harmful hair products and also to relieve us from unwanted stress. 

Here, we will be looking into different aspects of scalp facials, the methods followed, the products used, the comparison with other similar treatments, and so on. So, keep on reading if you want to know more about scalp facials. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To A Scalp Facial Treatment

Scalp treatments are very successful in rejuvenating hair follicles by removing unwanted impurities from the scalp.

But the truth is that scalp facial is a comparatively expensive treatment and hair salons charge a considerable amount for the treatment. But that should not stop you from giving your scalp the best. 

Step-By-Step Guide To A Scalp Facial Treatment

So, if you are running short on your budget, here are the step-by-step procedures of a scalp facial that you can try out at your home. 

  • Scalp Pre-Treatment

The basic step in scalp facials is the pre-treatment given to the scalp. You can choose any kind of material for the scalp treatment.

It can be a tonic, an oil, or even a scrub. In order to choose the right material for the scalp treatment, remember the fact that each scalp is different and one product that might be suitable for a person might not be the one that is suitable for you.

So, first have an understanding of the nature of your scalp and then choose the appropriate item. 

For some people, your scalp can be very oily whereas, for another person, the scalp can be very dry and flaky.

So the decision should be individualized and based on the nature of the scalp. Also, it is advisable to choose treatments that use natural ingredients.

Products that contain ingredients like aloe vera, citrus oils, peppermint, and tea tree are known for working magic on scalps and hair. 

Through this pre-shampoo scalp treatment, we intend to gently clean the scalp, increase the blood circulation on our scalp and also de-clog the follicles in the scalp. 

  • Rinse Off And Shampoo

The next step in scalp facials is to rinse off the treatment. Using a shampoo to rinse off the treatment is highly advisable.

But choosing the shampoo should also be done cautiously. The majority of the shampoo that is available in the market contains super but it is an ingredient that can affect the health of put scalp and hair.

So choose a shampoo that is sulfur free. In contrast, salicylic acid is a great exfoliating agent and as it is a mild ingredient, it does not do much harm to our scalp.

So, check for salicylic acid in the ingredients session for a much more effective shampoo. 

Unlike normal hair rinsing, this time, the major focus of the rinse should be on the roots of the hair rather than on the hair.

There are simple tools and special appliances equipped with effective tips to apply shampoo directly on the scalp.

These tools are more effective than just using hands. Make sure that you rinse the hair thoroughly.    

  • Hair Mask

Using a hair mask is the next step in scalp facials. Using a hair mask, will help the scalp to lock in all the benefits and also the needed moisture for the health of the hair and scalp.

Hair masks are very effective in almost all types of hair and they help in nurturing the scalp and also the hair from its root to the tip.

The proper and timely use of a hair mask will ensure the growth of hair and prevent the falling of hair.

Just like appliances that help in rinsing and using shampoo, different kinds of combs are also available to effectively apply a hair mask. 

  • Gentle Massage

The fourth step in scalp facials is a gentle massage. It is also one of the most crucial and effective steps in scalp treatment.

A gentle massage after the three steps mentioned earlier will help in softening the skin cells on your scalp and will also help in improving the blood circulation on the scalp.

Massage can be done alone but it is better and even more relaxing if you can convince someone else to do it for you. Affective massage will provide a light exfoliation for your scalp too.

While magazine your scalp hair, remember to keep it gentle and not to hurt your head or scalp in any way.

A gentle massage will also allow the hair mask to act on the scalp in a much better way.

It is advisable to start the massage from the nape of the neck and then slowly work the way up to the crown.

Also, make sure to massage from ear to ear over the head and allow the hair mask to do its job. 

  • Just Relax

Once you have completed the massage for an appropriate amount of time, it is time to just sit back and relax.

Make sure that you leave the treatment on the head for some time. While waiting, you are free to wrap your head in a towel or to use a shower cap.

This will keep the hair with a hair mask off your face and shoulders. 

  • Second Rinse

Using lukewarm or cold water, rinse off the hair thoroughly. It is advisable to use colder water as it will help to lock in moisture better than hot water. 

  • Time to Dry

After rinsing your hair for the second tie, it is time to wind up the scalp facial by drying off your hair.

In order to do that, make sure you do not use any of your gadgets like the blow dryer or such.

Heat from these machines will damage the hair and it is better to use a towel to gently dry your hair.

Once you have completed drying your hair, that’s it! You have successfully completed a scalp hair facial. 

Ingredients Used In Scalp Hair Facials

There are a few ingredients that are said to do wonders when it comes to scalp hair facials.

Here is a list of a few ingredients that you should keep an eye out for when it comes to scalp facials and treatments.

Ingredients Used In Scalp Hair Facials

The presence of these scalp facial ingredients in the hair products that you use can guarantee an effective result. 

  • Lavender

Derived from the lavender plant and it is one of the most popular essential oils.

According to different studies done on the plant, it is a proven fact that the oil made from lavender has anti-microbial properties.

So, using these oil on hair can help in preventing fungal and other microbial infections that can be harmful to our hair and scalp.

This property of the oil is very helpful in avoiding the issues caused by dandruff. Lavender oil is also known to kill hair lice. 

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is known for its strong scent and is a plant with different medicinal values.

The main property of peppermint that makes it a suitable scalp facial ingredient in hair products is its ability to prevent dryness and itching.

Peppermint oil also contains methanol, which is a vasodilator.

This means that the ingredients help in improving blood circulation, which in turn will promote the growth of hair. 

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is a herb that is used for medicinal purposes and also as a species in cooking.

Rosemary oil had been a very big part of the Mediterranean culture and people had been using it to prevent hair loss over the years.

The oil from the plant is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to improve blood circulation. 

  • Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a tropical plant that is known for its distinctive, powerful citrusy smell.

The plant is used for culinary purposes all over the world and is also a major scalp facial ingredient in many skin care products.

Among its medicinal properties, lemongrass is considered a healthy ingredient that fights dandruff. 

  • Sage

Sage is also a very familiar plant to many as it is used in culinary practices in almost all parts of the world.

Along with the amazing flavor of the plant, it is also said to have medicinal properties.

Sage can be a valuable addition to hair a scalp care products as it is said to improve blood circulation and thereby strengthen hair follicles.

This property of the plant will help to fight the problem of skin aging. 

How To Choose The Right Scalp Facial Products?

The type of scalp and the properties of hair differ from person to person.

➡️ So, in order to get the optimum result from a scalp facial product, it should be the one that is the most suitable for your scalp type or hair type.

➡️ So, what might work well for one person might not be the best choice for you. To avoid such problems it is important to understand your scalp type.

➡️ Before choosing the scalp facial products, take time to determine whether you have an oily scalp, a dry scalp, or a normal one. 

  • Oily Scalp

If you have an oily scalp, make sure that you avoid products that contain smoothening or overly hydrating formulas.

Such products will cause dryness in the scalp as they aggregate the production of oil.

Oily Scalp

It is also advisable to choose a clarifying shampoo as it will help in removing product buildup from the scalp. 

  • Dry Scalp

If your scalp is comparatively dry, make sure to find scalp and hair products that contain moisturizing and smoothing agents. This will help the scalp to stay moisturized.

Dry Scalp

Different ingredients like aloe vera, soy milk, glycerin, and other types of essential oils can also be used in the treatment of dry scalp. 

  • Normal Scalp

If your hair produces the right amount of natural oil to keep your scalp hair healthy, that means that you have a normal scalp.

This means that the hair is free of problems like excessive oil and dryness.

Normal Scalp

So, if you have a normal scalp, it is better to look for products that have ingredients that are evenly balanced.   

? Why Scalp Facials Are Trending?

People had been concerned about their hair and hair fall over the years but the interest and concern toward scalp and treatment for the scalp is comparatively new.

One of the major shifts in focus is due to the serious concern of hair fall post-pandemic.

The pandemic has left us with different effects and hair fall is one of the major side effects that seem to have affected a very large group of people.

As a result, people started investing more time in hair care and the older shampoo and conditioner routine seemed just not enough. 

Scalp Facials Are Trending

Following the attention that the problem got, people started treating the scalp just like the skin on any other part and that was the thought that led to what we call scalp facial now.

Just like the skin on any other part of the body, our scalp health also needed exfoliators, rinse-offs, natural oils, and so on.

Experts also suggest that life getting back to normal in a fully vaccinated world has also played a major role in this shit of focus.

They say that people have started to focus and invest in themselves even more than they used to, during the time of the pandemic. 

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Health Benefits Of Scalp Facials

  • Unclogs Hair Follicles

Hair follicles on our heads secrets a natural oil called sebum and with other substances like populates and chemicals from different hair products, chances are high that our hair follicles get clogged from time to time.

Giving a nice and effective treatment to our scalp is one of the best ways to unclog the hair follicles.

By unclogging the hair follicles, it will stimulate the secretion of natural conditioning oils that will in turn trigger hair growth. 

  • Removes Dandruff

Dandruff in our hair can be a result of too much oil production or also be a result of too little oil secretion.

An effective scalp facial that involves exfoliation will remove the layer of dead skin from the scalp and leave a fresh new layer. This will help to get rid of the problem of dandruff to an extent. 

  • Helps You Relax

One of the biggest perks of getting a scalp facial is the good head massage which is a big part of the treatment.

An effective scalp massage can help in reducing conditions like headaches and can be very relaxing, combining the massage with oil, conditioner or toner will also give the best results to your hair too. 

  • Prevent Hair Loss

Scalp facials help massively in removing the substances that clog our hair follicles on the scalp.

As these impurities are removed, it will set the level of sebum secretion to an optimum level, which is an ideal condition that triggers the healthy growth of new hair. 

  • Increase Blood Flow

Scalp massage is an important step during a scalp facial.

As a result of the scalp massage, the blood circulation in the area is enhanced and will stimulate and increase the blood flow in your scalp.

As a result of the increased blood circulation, it will be easier for the hair follicles to receive the needed nutrient for healthy hair growth. 

Comparison Of Scalp Facials With Other Hair Treatments 

Scalp facials had been gaining popularity recently and there is a perfect explanation why people are starting to choose this treatment over other hair treatments that we have been following for years.

One of the major advantages that scalp facials have over other hair treatments is that it addresses the root cause of hair problems, which is an unhealthy scalp.

The procedure treats the base of all health-related issues. 

Another distinguishing feature of facial is the combination of different techniques.

Comparison Of Scalp Facials With Other Hair Treatments 

A scalp facial includes all the steps of a normal facial like cleansing, exfoliation, rinsing, and so on.

Along with giving the best care to your scalp, the facial also nourishes and moisturizes your hair too. So these facials are treatments that take care of both our scalp and hair. 

While the majority of the treatments do not address the issue of unhealthy scalp health as much as a scalp facial does, it is one of the best ways that you can opt for healthy hair.

Also, rather than focusing on a single problem, a scalp facial addresses different issues and it is also one of the major reasons why people choose the treatment. 

Final Thoughts On Scalp Facials : Unveiling the Trend

It is a universal fact that at one point in our life, we have faced different issues regarding our hair.

Scalp Facial is the latest innovation that aims to address the issue of unhealthy scalps and rejuvenate hair growth.

The process involves treating the scalp like skin anywhere else on ur body and subjecting it to a healthy facial involving different steps like rinsing, massages, exfoliation, and so on.

This treatment is said to improve scalp health and stimulate the hair follicles for better and improved growth of hair. 

Looking at the treatment from different angles it is a very effective treatment that is available out there now.

One thing that should be kept in mind while undergoing the treatment is to make the right choice of products that suits your scalp and hair the best as each hair and scalp can differ from person to person.

So, if you are looking for a new way to stimulate hair growth and improve your scalp health, scalp facials are a reliable way to do so and it is safe to give the treatment a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How To Know If My Hair Needs A Scalp Facial?

If you are someone who does not wash your hair frequently, uses dry shampoo regularly, or if your scalp feels itchy or greasy, it could be a sign that your scalp needs so attention and needs to be taken care of. 

  • How Often Should Ine Get A Scalp Facial?

The answer to this is based on the reason why you chose the treatment. If you are getting a scalp facial just for maintaining your hair, then it is better to get one once every month.

But if you are getting a scalp facial for issues like dandruff, dryness, oiliness, and so on, then it is better to get one every week. 

  • How Long Does The Effects Of A Scalp Facial Last?

The answer can differ according to the hair and scalp type, but if you are a person with a normal scalp, the effects of the treatment can generally last for about 3 to 6 weeks. 

  • Why Are Scalp Treatment And Scalp Care Important?

The scalp is where our hair has its roots and only a healthy scalp can ensure there is a strong and healthy growth of hair. Also, cleaning the scalp at regular intervals ensures the secretion of natural oils which are needed for our hair growth. 

  • Will A Scalp Facial Irritate Our Scalp?

In order to avoid such concerns and doubts it is always advisable to consult an experienced professional. Such a person will help you to understand your scalp and to choose products that are the best for you, without causing much irritation or disturbances.  

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