Can Scalp Massagers Really Stimulate Hair Growth?

Bogus hair growth remedies and ‘almost’ effective lotions and potions have been around for more than two centuries. However, mankind didn’t know much about hair loss and hair thinning until very recently.

Fortunately, we live in a time where technology and medicine work hand in hand, which gave way for effective, quick solutions for these problems. If you’re not particularly fond of serums and chemicals and want to try out a more natural solution, you’ve probably heard of scalp massagers.

Today’s question is – ‘Can scalp massagers stimulate hair growth?’ And

the simplest answer would be yes, they definitely can. Now, let’s enrich this vague explanation and back it up with scientifically proven studies, shall we?

What is a scalp massage?

Essentially, scalp massages entice gently pressing the skin on our head against the skull, stretching and stimulating our hair follicle cells. Blood circulates between these tiny cells, and depending on how ‘clogged’ they get, our hair either grows naturally, becomes thinner, or starts falling off.

This type of massage can be done either by hand or with gadgets that were specifically designed for this purpose called head massagers. We will cite Hair Guard, a hair growth and regrowth expert — They say, “Regular scalp massage may have a beneficial effect on hair growth efforts.”

How to properly perform a scalp massage by hand

The best thing about this massaging technique is that there are no ‘wrong’ ways to do it. You should only avoid applying too much pressure, as that can feel quite uncomfortable and result in mild headaches.

Now, the most basic way to perform a scalp massage is to rub your fingertips against your scalp in a circular motion. Expand and narrow the circles as you see fit, but make sure to cover as many areas of your head as possible.

The length of the massage isn’t as important as consistency, but you should still try to take at least a few minutes each day to do it.

How does a scalp massager work?

There are a few types of hair massagers with the most notable two being massager brushes and headbands.

Brushes are typically equipped with gentle rubber bristles that are accurately positioned so that they can massage the scalp at a correct angle when pressed onto the head. In a way, brushes are meant to mimic the circular massaging motion of hand massages.

Headband massagers work a bit differently in the sense that they apply constant pressure with a slightly weaker intensity. Newer models feature customizable intensity settings, and it’s best to consult the user’s manual to see how to properly use them if you’re suffering from headaches, vertigo, or similar health issues.

What can a head massager do for you?

Head massagers offer a variety of benefits aside from preventing hair loss. They provide a natural way of thickening your hair, they’re perfect for stress relief on the fly, and with enough patience, they can even be used to fight off Alopecia.

Tools designed to prevent hair loss

In a nutshell, massagers are able to repair the damages done to our follicles, which is where our hairs begin growing out from. Follicles slowly lose their ability to filter blood, which in turn slows the hair growth process, and in more severe cases, the hairs simply stop growing.

By using a hair/head massager, our follicles are being rejuvenated slowly but steadily. Again, consistency plays a more important role than anything else, so the best way to prevent hair loss by using a head massager is to simply keep using it every day for at least a few minutes.

Comfortable & relaxing stress-relief

Simply put, massaging your scalp feels great. Doing it every day is scientifically proven to drastically reduce stress and increase the production of serotonin, which is basically the ‘feel-good’ chemical our bodies naturally produce.

Hair, head, and scalp massages can be done anywhere and anytime, but they’re most effective when performed right after a soothing bath when the skin is the smoothest. Creating a personalized ambient with incenses or candles (or both) is the best way to create a sort of a personal ritual that is much easier to follow through daily than simply rubbing your fingertips against your hair and skull.

Enhanced efficiency when used with other self-care products

Hair balms, ointments, and essential oils in particular are widely regarded as effective means of therapy to reduce hair loss and regrow lost hair.

The effectiveness of these remedies is far superior when combined with regular massages due to the fact that each of these individual aids specializes in healing a specific part of our hair. Some balms are meant to purify the skin; some oils are meant to control dandruff or regulate our production of sebum while massagers rejuvenate our follicles.

The vast majority of massagers can be used on pre-oiled hair with the exception of massager headbands.

Plainly put, the combination of all of these factors is a recipe for the healthiest, thickest hair with the most flamboyant volume possible.

Exfoliates the skin beneath the hair

Hair massagers double as scalp exfoliating devices too. Aside from stimulating the blood flow, brushes, headbands, and massagers may also reduce the amount of dandruff in our hair.

Brush massagers are, obviously, a bit more effective in this field, especially when used in combination with other exfoliating agents, such as essential oils for instance.

Halts the progress of Alopecia

Alopecia is one of the few diseases that affect hair loss on a molecular level alongside genetics. It’s faster and substantially more aggressive when compared to the effects of bad brushing habits (especially for women who use heat treatments), and usually, it’s diagnosed late.

Even though using a scalp massager may not prove to be much of a cure for this disease, it can certainly slow its process down. What’s more, massagers can prevent the early stages of Alopecia from progressing, effectively stopping the symptoms from coming to light in the first place.

In the case of people who are already struggling with this issue, the statistics show that most people were capable of regrowing lost hairs with scalp massagers. We hope that this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new today on scalp massagers and whether they really stimulate hair growth. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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