Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Winter is practically here, which aside from fuzzy coats and warm boots means some extra self-care. So, everyone knows it’s important to pay attention to your skin and wear an SPF even if there’s no visible sunlight outside? But, what about your hair? We often abuse your hair and take it for granted, and winter is a time when hair super sensitive and susceptible to cold damages. Therefore, if you want to give your locks some extra love and protection, here are some care tips that will keep your hair pretty even in low temperatures.

1. Trim your locks regularly 

Regular hair trimming means a lot because it rids your hair of split ends and dead weight. A lot of people refuse to trim their ends, afraid that it’ll lead to loss of length, where in fact, once you decide to trim your hair, it will look shinier, healthier, and in much better condition. Since winter can be risky for many hair types, it’s important to trim your hair on a regular basis, especially if you’re dealing with weak, brittle hair that falls out. 

2. Keep yourself (and your hair) hydrated

Hydration matters a lot, therefore never skip a glass of water, even if you’re in a hurry. Regular water intake is important all around the year, and not only during the summer. Therefore, if you feel dehydrated on the inside, it will also show on your hair and skin. Drinking enough water will help you restore the balance and look healthy and great, while also boosting your health.

3. Find ways to get inspired 

If you have a specific hair type (curly or kinky hair), finding similar communities will help you with some extra tips that will very likely work. For example, many such communities, forums, and blogs offer valuable hair care guides that can transform your hair and show you some specific ways to treat it right. However, keep in mind that we’re all different, so feel free to experiment with different products and haircare methods until you find what works for you. 

4. Never skip a conditioner 

Cold air isn’t really good for your hair, meaning is important to give your locks some extra TLC. For example, a conditioner can soften your hair and make it smooth and tangle-free. So, choose a conditioner that’s suitable for your hair type, and if you want to untangle, be sure to do so only in the shower, with your conditioner on, and with a wide-tooth hairbrush. All the other options can further damage your hair and make it look messy and frizzy. 

5. Use oils to treat your scalp 

Oils are a true goldmine of everything healthy. If your scalp feels itchy or flaky, or your hair grows too slowly, consider using castor oil to promote hair growth and strengthen your hair. Additionally, you can use other oils such as argan and jojoba, or even better, use the natural aloe vera gel to soothe itch on the scalp and boost the growth of your hair. Just remember to do a patch test first, mainly if you’re prone to allergies and irritations, so you can be sure that everything’s okay.


Winter hair care is important, especially if you suffer from certain hair conditions. However, aside from caring for your locks, be sure to give some love to your scalp, because your hair can’t grow and be strong without a healthy scalp. If you need extra ideas, find communities with hair similar to yours, as that will increase the odds of finding the right products as well. 

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