I went buck wild at the $1 online makeup store “Miss A”: Here’s what’s worth buying

A few weeks ago, I saw a post about Miss A: a makeup store dedicated entirely to selling $1 makeup. $1?! Who would sell their makeup for $1? I thought. Turns out, Miss A is like a super cheap version of Sephora—without the feel of being a super cheap store. They carry their own brand, … Read more

Beauty Q&A: How to Set Up a Skincare Regimen

A question that I receive surprisingly often is: What skincare products should I use? That question that in itself is pretty open-ended and difficult to answer, and there’s a big difference between should and could (like need and want). The masks and sprays I test out a lot are “wants,” but some products are truly … Read more

Are Drugstore + Department Store Makeup the Same Thing? We Tested E.L.F. vs. it’s Department Store Equivalents to Find Out

  As a beauty blogger, one of the questions that I get most often is: “Isn’t drugstore makeup the same as high-end makeup, just with better packaging?” For the longest time, I muttered out “Yeah, basically.” The thing is, when you look at the labels, the ingredients all start to sound the same. There’s so … Read more

An Inside Look: China’s Black Friday (Single’s Day) is the Craziest Shopping Holiday ever

To those of you reading this in the US, you probably know today as Veteran’s Day or Armistice Day. Many of you are taking advantage of the government holiday by staying home, in observation of the armistice signed between WWI Allies and Germany on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month … Read more