Battle of the Highlighters: Beauty’s Best Highlighters, Ranked

As you all saw in 2016, highlighters are in vogue and probably here to stay. Highlighting—or strobing—doesn’t have to be an elaborate process or an entirely new skill to your beauty arsenal, it’s just an extra step that brings attention to the high notes in the bone structure of your face–your cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow—by … Read more

Does Sunscreen Damage Coral Reefs? Know The Truth Behind It!

Does Sunscreen Damage Coral Reefs Know The Truth Behind It!

Sunscreen is an essential product for protecting our skin from sun damage that can lead to cancer. However, some chemical UV filters found in sunscreens have been implicated in contributing to coral reef bleaching. With oceans and marine ecosystems already under threat, this has raised alarm bells. But how much of this is substantiated? Let’s … Read more

Top 5 things Grandma wants for Mother’s Day

It’s hard to know what Grandma really wants for Mother’s Day. There are lots of lists of cheesy sentimental trinkets but honestly, the grandmothers I know are way cooler than that. Todays grandmother probably has the basics she needs, has gone through downsizing and is in or near retirement. So what would be meaningful to … Read more

Beauty Shopping in Seoul with SkinfullofSeoul

Like tech in Silicon Valley or fashion in New York, one simply cannot visit Seoul without feeling totally consumed by beauty. Beauty has sunken its claws into every facet of Korean life. Seoul lives, eats, breathes and believes – deeply – in beauty. Plastic surgery ads litter the streets and subways. The shops line up one … Read more