UPDATED: Best Beauty Sales – Black Friday 2016

Similar to Singles Day in China, Black Friday is a MASSIVE shopping holiday in the US. If you’re anything like me, you were ready to drop some dough on beauty deals this Black Friday.

Beauty brands online have changed a lot in the past 1-2 years, moving to flash sales and limited editions and exclusives. So you know what that means: if you’re shopping online (or even offline!) you gotta move quick this Black Friday.

From all the ads I’ve seen in my inbox and on instagram, there’s only two sales (update: THREE sales~ another one dropped) worth surfing this Black Friday.

Here’s my game plan:


#1. Sephora’s Black Friday Deals

Launches at: 12am PST(?)

Update: Launched at 6am EST

Sephora is my #1 beauty shopping destination, period. They pick up beauty brands quicker than anyone, giving all of us plebs better insight into what’s actually THE best and newest in beauty.

They are pushing their beauty deals to the Sephora app this year, which does offer a great “discover” function. Whether you’re buying for yourself, your mom, grandma, wife or “work wife”, husband, son or self.. they know just how to help you pick gifts.

Many high-traffic sites, which I’m guessing received Sephora’s press release, all published the same list of gift sets and that they were available “on the app.”

I’ve found that what’s available on the app is also available on the site, though they sell out fast.

Note: Since every single kit was sold out at the time of writing this (11:35pm EST on Thanksgiving day), I believe that these go live at midnight. I could be wrong.


Here are all the *LINKED* Black Friday sales (up to $25) from Sephora:

(linking each set took a lot of time, so please use this to your advantage and click any set you like, below! Asteriked/bolded ones will be talkd about in depth later):

Tarte Intro To Tarte Deluxe Discovery Set, $10 ($39 value)
Ole Henriksen Try Us, Love Us! On-The-Glow Essentials, $15 ($29 value) *
Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 2, $25 ($136 value)
Clean Reserve Rollerball Layering Trio Ornament, $10 ($24 value)
Sephora Collection The Delicate Eyeshadow Palette, $10 *
Nest Eau de Parfum Travel Spray Trio, $12 ($47 value)
Living Proof Style Lab Kit, $10 ($18 value) *
MILK Makeup Headliner Makeup Set, $25 ($30 value)*
Philosophy Purity Made Simple, $15 ($36 value)
Too Faced Better Than Sex Lash On & Melt Off Set, $10 ($22 value)*
Sephora Collection Essential Rose Skin Trio, $10 ($18 value)
Urban Decay Makeup Lockdown Travel Duo, $19*
Origins Cult Faves, $18
Josie Maran Infinite Argan Enlightenment Duo, $12 ($23 value)*
Tocca Simply Chic Set, $10 ($23 value)
Tarte Pretty Little Lippies Set, $10 ($20 value)
Alterna Haircare Caviar Volume Trio Kit, $10
Cover FX Radiant Skin Duo, $10 ($16 value)*
Bare Minerals You’re Brilliant All Over Face Color & Brush Duo, $10 ($32 value)
Clinique Take It All Off Duo, $10
Murad Bright Beginning Environmental Shield, $20*
Urban Decay After Dark Travel Pencil Set, $19
Clean Rollerball Layering Trio, $10 ($24 value)
Philosophy The Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel, $15 *
Buxom License To Chill 3 Piece Eye & Lip Collection, $10
Clarisonic Radiance Renewing Duo, $15
First Aid Beauty Fab Holiday Trio, $20 ($32.50 value)
DevaCurl Ultra Moisture Sampler Kit, $12, ($24 value)
Jack Black Clean Start, $15
Murad Polish, Plump & Protect, $20 ($36 value) *
Sephora Collection Perfect & Cleanse Sponge Trio & Cleaner Set, $15 ($34 value)
Philosophy Amazing Grace & Pure Grace Mini Travel Set, $20 ($32 value)


My picks were bolded and asteriked above. You can bet I’ll be buying all of those (in addition to the $600 of other items I just bought.. oops). Here’s why:


ole henriksen black friday kit

Fave Set #1: Ole Henriksen Try Us, Love Us! On-The-Glow Essentials 

I love Ole Henriksen like.. period. I just went on and on about his Vitamin C Truth Serum in my blog about Collagen earlier this week. Well, guess what? You get to try the Vitamin C cleansing wipes, along with the Vitamin C/licorice night time “sheer transformation” creme (I’ve tried this – the formulation is similar to, but less potent than SHINE -which I prefer and is 30% off with code BFSHINE today from 3-6pmEST), AND the red tea foaming cleanser.

I’ve tried all of these products, so I probably won’t buy again. The red tea and sheer transformation are a 3.5/5 stars for me, but worth trying. The wipes are great for a refreshing + brightening face cleanse and pick-me-up. I carry them with me on long-haul flights.

Value: $15 for $29 of products


sephora triangular shadow

Fave Set #2: Sephora Collection The Delicate Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is gorgeous. With the release of Kat Von D’s triangular Alchemist palette last week, you gotta wonder where Sephora took their inspo from (hmmm). The shades look VERY similar to a mix two ABH palettes: the Master Palette by Mario and the Modern Renaissance Palette (my review here). While Sephora’s shadows are typically less pigmented than other major brands,  it’s still a good (cheap) starter kit for someone who wants to play around with the new shades without dropping $40+. Also a great gift for a highschool or college student in your life.

Value: $10 for ??


living proof black friday kit

Fave Set #3: Living Proof Style Lab Kit

Another brand out of MIT (that made a SERIOUSLY cool discovery re: wrinkles earlier this year), Living Proof KNOWS hair. If you’re a hair product junkie, I URGE you to try this brand today. They have serious science and very cool marketing. $10 is just a drop in the bucket.

Value: $10 for $18 of products


milk makeup black friday kit

Fave Set #4MILK Makeup Headliner Makeup Set

A brand created out of the cult MILK following, this brand kicks serious ass. It’s for women on the go; a seriously cool, no-frills makeup brand. This $25 kit gives you their mascara (which comes in a cool lipgloss tube?!), a lippie, cooling water (which is..?) and makeup removers. For as spacey and out there as this brand is, I think I am ready to jump in with this kit.

Value: $25 for $30 of products


better than sex black friday kit

Fave Set #5: Too Faced Better Than Sex Lash On & Melt Off Set

OK WHAT DO I NEED TO SAY? I have been raving for a solid MONTH about Better Than Sex and I have used it in almost every single go-to look. Whether I want an almost bare-face or a full look for a night out, Better Than Sex is my go-to (oh! that reminds me that I will update you on best tips and tricks soon). Get the mascara and the mascara-remover together for $10. Umm.. just do it?

Value: $10 for $22 of products


UD all nighter black friday kit

Fave Set #6: Urban Decay Makeup Lockdown Travel Duo, $19*

Primer is not something that everyone gets all “jumping for joy” excited about, but it’s a NECESSITY to a great look that stays. As reviewed in my “Meeting Tim Cook” look, the UD All Nighter Spray is a force to be reckoned with. It LITERALLY will make your makeup stay all day and all night, AS will the other piece of this kit: the eyeshadow primer potion. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of Too Faced’s Eyeshadow Primer, but this one will have to do. The kit is a great value, and I will take a discount on a necessity any day, thank you!

Value: $19 for $27 of products


josie maran black friday kit

Fave Set #7: Josie Maran Infinite Argan Enlightenment Duo, $12 ($23 value)*

I kind of love Josie Maran products, but they’re super expensive. This kit is a good way to try two of her not-so-mainstream products, an argan oil cream and a highlighter. Yes, yes and yes.

Value: $12 for $23 of products


cover fx black friday

Fave Set #8Cover FX Radiant Skin Duo

CoverFX Products have been ALL OVER INSTAGRAM lately. While some of the drops look more “luminizing” and better for pictures than real life, I am ready to dive in and see what the hype is about. Anything barely there and beautiful, I am totally there for.

Value: $10 for $16 of products


murad brightening black friday

Fave Set #9: Murad Bright Beginning Environmental Shield

Three Vitamin C packed products from a hard-hitting anti-aging skincare brand. Given how much we know about Vitamin C’s role in brightening the skin, evening skin tone, and increasing collagen production, I’m down to try just about any good Vitamin C product I can get my hands on right now!

Value: $20 for $35


philosophy acne kit black friday

Fave Set #10: Philosophy The Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

I recieved deluxe samples of Philosophy’s Microdelivery oxygen peel about 2 years about and I was AMAZED and the product. The 2-step experience of the Charcoal Gel and Oxygen Boosting Foam is simple but luxe. This kit is made for women with acne-prone skin, which piqued my interest more than anything.

Value: $15 for ?


murad aha/bha black friday kit

Fave Set #11Murad Polish, Plump & Protect, $20 ($36 value)

Another set by Murad I had been dying to get my hands on, and talked about a lot in an earlier Beauty Q&A about chemical exfoliation. Polish, plump, protect sounds like a great kit for someone with acne-prone skin like myself, who wants to prevent signs of aging. A day cream with sunscreen, the AHA/BHA cleanser that I talk about all the time and an ultra moisturizing cream all for $20 – about half of the normal price of the AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser.

Value: $20 for $36


Update: Evidentally these launch ON Black Friday, so they’re not actually “sold out” right now, they just haven’t launched yet. Don’t know what time. It’s not midnight EST, it may be midnight PST (all their sales are on PST).

Update 2: It launched at 6am EST, out of nowhere. Noted for next year!


#2. The Amalie Black Friday Sale

Launches at: 12am EST, with intervals of flash sales.

Obviously I need to take a minute to pub my own sale. If you haven’t noticed, this year I have cut waaay way back on discounts. We ran 1 or 2 at short intervals throughout the year, but in general, we steered clear of discounts, because I believe in the quality of my products and want my customers to as well.

That being said, I wanted to keep Black Friday short and fun, so today’s sales are worthwhile to shop, but you gotta hit the right times to get what you want! No limits on quantity, just time. So here we go:


DOORBUSTER: Buy One Get One Free WINK 

Time: 12am – 3am EST

Code: None (automatic)

The WINK lash and brow oil that you’ve come to know and love, at a great price. This is great for the TRUE WINK lovers and those looking to score a nice gift for a loved one. This year we had FOUR stockouts on WINK, and only our subscription customers are covered during stock-outs (we don’t even protect our vendors from stock-outs!); it can’t hurt to have a back-up.

Here’s the link to shop.

WINK BOGO free Black Friday sale



Launches: 11am EST – 2pm EST


In my humble opinion, this is the deal of the day. Yes BOGO free WINK is technically 50% off, but a $60 Duo gives you WINK AND SHINE for the price of one. Why not buy both?

Link to shop.

Lunch Special Black Friday Amalie




Launches: 3pm EST – 6pm EST


SHINE is our second product, and it comes with a real kick. Packed with Vitamin C-laden organic pomegranate oil, licorice extract and bearberry extract, this 75% organic face oil is worth every penny. Try it today for 30% off the retail price (making it $42 instead of $60), or buy it for a loved one and sneak it in their stocking ?

Link to shop.

happy hour shine sale



LAST CALL: 40% off Farm to Face

Launches: 9pm EST – Midnight EST

Code: F2F

Ehhh maybe THIS is the best sale of the day? Yes, REWIND is gone (it was within a few hours of launch!), but we are literally on the VERGE of stocking out of CALM, and when we’re out, we are out until the end of the harvest next year (August, perhaps?) so when is a better time to buy than now? Never. Get CALM or CLARITY at 40% of off retail, making CALM just $48 (instead of $80) and CLARITY $30 (instead of $50). Talk about a great way to end a long day of shopping ?

Link to shop.

last call farm to face black friday



UPDATE: #3 Sale – Glossier

Launches at: Randomly announced at 10:30am EST

Glossier just announced 20% off everything + free shipping sitewide! No code necessary. You better believe I’ll be there for this one.

After all, you’ve heard me rave about Boy Brow (which I saw earlier this week is sold out? UGH! I hope not!) and their Rose Milky Jelly Face Wash. They just dropped a new set called “The Black Tie Set” about 2 weeks ago.

Glossier has a similar philosophy to us: don’t discount products that are correctly priced. So they never, ever discount.

You better believe it’s time to stock up on some essentials! Hope to see you there at Glossier.com ?

… 10 minutes later:

glossier cart



Takeaways: The Best Beauty Buys for Black Friday 2016

I hope you enjoyed my rundown! There are just WAY too many sales going on for me to keep up with every single one of them (I didn’t even tell you what I spent $600 on at Sephora hours BEFORE the Black Friday sale started, but you’ll see soon enough in product reviews on the blog!).

Let me know below what your favorite Black Friday deal was – whether it was from us, Sephora, or another store I missed!

I’ll tell you what, though, I’m not even IN the US shopping today and I’m already pooped! Good luck to all of you and – as I finish this up at 12:40am EST – thank you to those of you who have already taken advantage of our BOGO WINK! The orders are pouring in!!


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