Rubber Band Hairstyles For Short Hair: Simple Styles

Do you have short hair, and often have the dilemma of how to style it? Well, not anymore. Although it is known that short hair is easy to manage, this does not mean compromising on style. Hair styling usually takes a lot more time than the make-up and deciding how to do your hair takes even more time.

Enter the world of rubber band hairstyles, a flexible and creative way to turn your short hair into a gorgeous canvas. In this blog, we will explore the appeal and versatility of rubber band hairstyles for people with short hair, proving that length has no limits when it comes to styling. So, if you are someone with short hair or an aspiring hair stylist, then this blog is for you.

10 Easy Rubber Band Hairstyles

Easy Rubber Band Hairstyles for Short Hair

These easy hairstyles are ideal for busy professionals, students on the go, or anybody looking for quick and trendy alternatives. Let’s dive into the world of creativity and convenience, where rubber bands can be your secret weapon for beautiful hair moments!

1. Banded Half-Up Bun

Strike the balance between casual and modern with a half-up bun secured with colorful elastic bands. The crown of your head gives a chic look, whereas the ends of the hair give a bold look. Tie the top part of your short hair into a bun, letting the ends flow freely. Use a contrasting stripe to add some extra flair and an interesting touch to your look. 

2. Banded Pixie Crown

This is a hairstyle suitable for those with short curly hair. Expand the traditional pixie cut by pairing it with a banded crown. Cut a small section of your hair and secure it with a band around the swatch of your hair. This quirky yet feminine fashion adds an edgy twist to the traditional pixie style, creating a great statement. You can style this look for your next coffee date, or sleepovers for discussing boy-drama.

3. Colorful Zigzag Bands

Quickly add color to your hair by mixing rubber bands in zigzag patterns. Although it will take time to get the zig-zag patterns, so save this hairstyle for a special occasion. Divide your hair into small pieces and create a beautiful look using different hair colors. This adds a volume to your head and play looks stunning on any type of short hair, from bob to pixie. 

4. Banded Double Dutch Braids

If you are a fan of braids style, then this hairstyle is for you. Combine the appeal of Dutch braids with the sharpness of elastic bands for a unique look. Place your short hair in the middle create two tight Dutch braids on each side and secure them neatly with small elastic bands. This hairstyle not only adds elegance but also adds a sophisticated touch to your hair. For those galas, date nights, or charity events, this look will serve the purpose of your personality.

5. Stylish Low Ponytail With Band

For a quick and easy hairstyle, this look will be perfect for you. Create an effortless look with the help of a low ponytail secured with elastic bands. You can try tucking the stray hair behind with the help of bobby pins to give a clean look that will stay all day long. This simple yet elegant option is great for those with a short bob or lob, creating a chic yet elegant look that’s suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

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6. Bubble Ponytail For Short Hair

Bubbles add a flair to your personality. Add a fun atmosphere to your short hair by choosing a bubble ponytail. Use several small strips to secure the hair in equal sections to create a bubble effect in the ponytail. This fun and youthful style adds volume and texture to your short hair as a fashion statement. Additionally, it does give your hair the silhouette of a cartoon character. 

7. Faux Eagle With Straps

This is an updated version of Dutch braids but with a hint of boldness. Show your inner rebel with these faux eagles with the help of rubber bands. To create a beautiful mid-length look, cut the sides of the hair and secure it tightly with a braid. This unusual and vibrant trend is perfect for those who want to push the boundaries of traditional haircuts. In ancient times, warriors used to do this hairstyle, and if you feel the same way, then try this new look.

8. Multi-Braided Headband

A braided headband is easy and cute for short-haired girls. To elevate your pool party look or an intimate ceremony, try this look. Turn your short hair into a bohemian masterpiece with a multi-braided headband secured with an elastic band. Braid small sections of your hair along your hairline and secure it with a headband to create a scarf that will add a romantic touch to your look. This hairstyle will stay all day long and is common for super-curly girls.

9. Twist and Tie Updo

Another fun hairstyle you can have for the next prom night is a twist and tie updo. Quickly turn your hair into a beautiful updo by twisting and tying it together with an elastic band. Gather pieces of hair, twist, and secure with a bobby pin to create a harmonious, textured updo for short hair that is both elegant and stylish. You are sure to get a lot of heads turning your way with this hairstyle.

10. Cute Pigtails

Pigtails will never go out of fashion, you can have this look on the go and look innocent yet bold. Section your hair with a middle partition and gather up the hair on either side of the crown. Secure them with an elastic band and you are done. This look is suitable for all ages and all hair colors. 


Short hair does not limit your styling options, but it opens the doors to a world of creativity. Rubber band hairstyles for short hair offer a fun and practical way to express your personality while keeping your hair under control. 

Experiment with these patterns, mix and match shades, and have fun creating a unique and beautiful look that celebrates the shine of your short hair. Embrace the beauty of stretching, unleash your creativity, and redefine the boundaries of quick hairstyles so that you will love the simplicity and appeal of the rubber band.

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