What Braids Are In Style For 2024? Hair Trends To Try

As we step into the year 2024, the world of hairstyling is buzzing with excitement over the braid trends. Braids have evolved beyond being a way to style hair; they have now become a fashion statement. This year, we can expect to see a range of braid styles that bring unique charm. Whether it’s designs or simple yet elegant patterns, braids are shaping the beauty trends of 2024. They effortlessly blend tradition with a touch, making them highly sought after by those who adore fashion.

Keep an eye out for these braid styles as they take over the fashion world throughout this year. This article explores the most trendy braids in style in 2024. 

Here Are Some Of The Trendiest Braids of 2024

Trendiest braids of 2024

As we hit 2024, the world of hairstyling is buzzing with originality and innovation. Braids, a timeless and adaptable hairstyle, continue to enchant fashion lovers with new and intriguing variations. Here are some of the most popular braids-making trends in 2024:

1. Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids are known for their small, detailed sections that look like a butterfly’s wings. This hairstyle stands out because of its distinct and visually appealing patterns. You can enhance these braids with accessories or beads for an extra touch of style. They’re a great choice for special events or parties if you want to try something intricate and fashionable.

2. Afro Updo with Braids

This impressive updo adds a fresh twist to traditional Afro hairstyles. Incorporating braids into any hair length adds a special flair to the look, especially for black women. It’s a great way to bring an extra touch of style to your appearance.

3. Bohemian Braids

Boho braids imply a fun attitude. These are typically chord suborn knots that suit the unbraided hair. They are perfect for either casual visits or beach trips, coming as a blend of comfort and style.

4. Cornrows with a Modern Twist

Although cornrows are a classic in 2024, they feature some modern advances. Go for geometric patterns or variation in the thicknesses for a modern feel. They are not only stylish but also a sensible choice for low-maintenance aficionados.

5. Chunky Box Braids

Again, this year, box braids are supposed to be fat. These braids are protective as well as stylish for any age. They can be worn in various manners, ranging from buns to ponytails. 

6. Micro Braids

Micro braids are gaining popularity lately for their delicate and natural sophistication. These tiny delicate braids need much time and energy but cost beautiful yet exquisite style. They are appropriate for formal events and business environments.

7. Colorful Braids

In 2024, it will likely be something similar to playing with color in braids. With the ability to add just a touch of highlights or even accentuate with boldness and power, color braids can add one more level of fantasy and self-expression to your hairstyle.

8. Bling Out Braids

Modern braids take tradition to a higher level of gorgeousness this season. They are bedecked with bling. The newest trend is to adorn the cornrows with sparkly beads, introducing a hint of shimmer and glamor. This cosmic style makes ordinary braids into a glittery fashion accessory. These braids are blinged-up and ideal for individuals who want to add sparkle to their hairstyle. They are guaranteed to catch attention. 

9. Elevated Ponytails

Give your ponytail a creative twist by incorporating braided elements. This could involve a fishtail braid wrapped around the base of your ponytail or weaving braided sections into a high ponytail. Such styles are poised to gain popularity in 2024

10. Long Braided Ponytail

Black braided hairstyles come in many beautiful variations. The combination of traditional cornrows and a high-braided ponytail stands out. This style is praised for its simplicity and stylish look. It perfectly blends classic braiding with a modern, chic twist. 

11. Mixed Texture Braids

In 2024, expect to see hairstyles that mix various textures. This trend involves combining braids with curls, twists, or straight strands. The result is a visually interesting and textured hairstyle. It’s a creative way to add dimension and contrast to your look. 

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How to Style Popular Braids Hairstyles

In 2024, braided hairstyles have evolved beyond a fashion statement; they have become an expression of creativity. Here are some valuable pointers to keep your braided hair looking chic and up-to-date: 

1. Elevate With Accessories: Take your braids to the next level by incorporating accessories. Consider adding beads, threads, or delicate flowers to make your braids truly stand out. This technique works well with braid styles like box braids or cornrows.

2. Maintain a Neat and Polished Look: Braids look their best when they are well-kept and tidy. Regularly smoothen out any strands using a gel or spray. This step is essential for preserving the elegance and allure of your braided hairstyle.

3. Experiment with Updo Styles: Add versatility to your look by transforming your braids into updos. Explore options such as buns, ponytails, or half-up or half-down styles to showcase how you can wear your braids.

4. Prioritize Scalp Care: Taking care of your scalp while wearing braids is important, as they can sometimes lead to dryness. Combat this issue by moisturizing your scalp using oils or sprays specifically formulated. By nurturing your hair and scalp, you will ensure the longevity and comfort of wearing those braids.

5. Experiment with Different Braid Thicknesses: Create a look by incorporating braids into your hairstyle. This contrast adds dimension. It makes your hairstyle more captivating.

6. Get Creative with Colors: Try out braids to add a unique twist. You can go for highlights. Go all out with bold and vibrant shades. Colored braids are a way to showcase your style.

7. Embrace the Natural and Effortless Look: Leave the ends of your braids loose and slightly tousled for a vibe. This style works well with braids. It adds a feminine touch.

8. Maintain Your Braids Regularly: Keep your braids looking fresh by taking care of them. This includes tightening braids and refreshing the roots, especially if your hair grows quickly. 


In 2024, braids are not just a hairstyle but a trendsetting fashion statement. We’re seeing everything from delicate Butterfly Braids to chic Afro Updos. Each brings its unique touch. Bohemian Braids offer a laid-back style. Modern twists on Cornrows add a contemporary edge. Chunky Box Braids and colorful, blinged-out braids are in for those who love boldness. Micro Braids offer a subtle elegance, perfect for formal settings.

This year, it’s all about expressing yourself. These diverse and stylish braid trends are popular. Keep an eye on them as they shape the fashion scene.

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