Men’s Short Haircuts With Thin Hair: Trendy Styles In 2024

Have you been wondering about getting a new haircut but are afraid to do so because you have thin hair? For men, this dilemma does not get over as there is an impending decision going on and on. Grooming for men involves the look of their beard and their hair. With low-maintenance grooming standards, it is necessary to at least do them right. From strong buzz cuts to shabby mops, we have various styles in store for you.

In this blog, we are going to explore the trendy and classic men’s short haircuts with thin hair that they can adapt to in 2024. So, if you are a guy thinking of upgrading your looks with a hairstyle, or know someone who is, then this blog is for you.

Men’s Short Haircuts With Thin Hair

Men's Short Haircuts

Choosing the right hairstyle for men with thin hair is extremely important as it can shape the whole face structure. And with little hair on the head, you need to style it wisely to make you look “not bald”. So, here is the list of short hairstyles that you can choose for your next date night in 2024.

Short Messy Cut With Thick Beard

A short messy hairstyle calls out for all the Genz kids and can create a subtle yet classic impression. The modern twist with the thick beard can help you get all the attention that you want. With a crop on the top of your head, it is easy to style it in curls, waves, or just sleek straight for a formal evening. With a little bit of gel, you can pull off any style you want, but make sure to maintain the trims.

Clean Side Part

This is an effortless yet classic haircut for men who still wanna grab onto the boomer era. The traditional and plain hairstyle does scream mamma’s boy, with a hint of bad boy to it. It works great for thin hair and you can even opt for the low fade which gives an edge to this look. The side partition speaks for itself and styles are endless to begin with.

Asymmetrical Bangs

For an interesting and fun hairstyle, you can go for asymmetrical bangs that can give you a geeky and cool look. The bangs create an unusual appearance for the thin hair and can be styled with versatility. Moreover, the bangs give a handful of hair to grab onto for your love partners.

Beard Fade With Surgical Line On Side

Surgical Line on the side is a popular preference for individuals with rock music and EDM enthusiasts. This is an ideal choice for all the rebellions out there and can be shaped for all face structures. Especially with thin hair this hairstyle can give you a clean yet vogue look. This style continues to the sideburns along with the jawline that gives the highlight for your face.

Burst Fade With Short Trims

This bold yet swanky hairstyle will hook you up with the military buzz cuts. With thin hair, you can take advantage of this hairstyle and make it look like thick hair. Many celebrities go for this look for low-maintenance fade out and the swanky nature. The short burst fade will keep the style fresh and trendy.

Disconnected High And Tight

This haircut calls for the balance between the bad boy and the hero. It goes well with oval, round faces, diamond, heart, and rectangle face structures. It is an advanced version of the military cut with a pinch of modernity in it. The soft fades and the top hair gives you a clean and sophisticated look for every occasion.

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Spiky And Messy Textured Bald Fade

Another common and trendy hairstyle for men with short hair is having spikes on top of the head. The bald fade gives the effect of a warrior-like appearance from ancient times. With a long beard, this hairstyle will give an edge to your look. The bald fade can either be low or high depending on your hair growth and preferences.

Short Pomp

This pomp hairstyle keeps a crown head with short hair and starts to fade out by the ear and down your neck. The sides have a slow fade that gives your top the volume to complete the look. You do not have to maintain this look with additional products, and it goes well with most hair types and face structures.

Voluminous French Crop

In this hairstyle, your crown gets the mop of hair and your sides and back fade out. The voluminous French crop gives a fashion-forward style with a clean look. Most men go for the high-skin fade look with this style and offer a sleek version of this. The name French crop gives an edge to the style and does feel like French.

Faux Hawk Haircut

This is a traditional mohawk hairstyle that can offer sleek and boldness to your appearance. The top of the head has a volume of hair with the sides fading out to show skin. You can style your hair with this haircut in various manners. Also, it adds a swanky nature to all face types and ages.

Lived In Messy Short Hair

The traditional “just out of the bed” look is still in trend for its messy and natural texture. If you want to get the latest in style then just a short trim to your thin hair would do the work. It does not take a lot of products to style your hair, and you can leave it as it is for a long time as it does not require high maintenance.


Men’s haircuts for thin hair are quite hard to find, but not when you have researched it. Try to consult with a hair stylist before going for a haircut and maintain your locks with a deep moisturizing conditioner. It can help you to create a volume and add an extra layer to the style. So, keep up with the trend and stay stylish.

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