Introducing Black Rice: The All New Nutritious Superfood You Should Try!

We used to imagine rice in its traditional immaculate whiteness, or at most slightly golden when we buy it whole. There is a variety of rice which is black. Mysterious and disturbing at first glance. This rice nevertheless turns out to be a source of multiple beneficial properties for our body. Rich in vitamins B and E, rich in minerals (iron, calcium) enriched with fibers.

It facilitates digestion and intestinal transit. High antioxidant content, prevents certain cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This rice is more caloric than white rice, with 355 calories per 100 grams compared to 130 calories for classic rice. However, thanks to its very low glycemic index it has its reputation. It will quickly cause a feeling of fullness and will give you much more energy.

What Is Black Rice?

Black rice could become the new favorite food for nutrition fans. Until now, everyone knows about white rice or flavored rice, but have you ever tried the black coloured rice? It is an astonishing rice with the taste of hot bread, you will know everything about this starch food that is still little known in our habit, but which you will soon no longer be able to do without.

Black Rice

It is a variety of rice with a rather dark color and a taste close to that of hazelnut. This rice has been known for several centuries in the Asian region. It was in China it began to be consumed, where only the emperor and his family had the right to eat it. Which earned this rice the nickname forbidden rice or the rice of the emperor.

Why Black Rice Is Called A Superfood?

According to Chinese tradition, this rice is said to provide greater longevity to those who eat it. It is also known in other countries such as Italy, which is one of the first producers of this rice. The aroma is reminiscent of bread just out of the oven.

In terms of characteristics, it requires a long cooking time (40-45 minutes), it is best to cook it separately, and spend a few minutes in the pan, the grain does not stick and quickly absorbs the flavors without losing its authenticity and spicy aroma. It is enmeshed with lots of qualities and nutrients that help in the fight against various forms of diseases

Nutritional Benefits Of Black Rice

In terms of nutrients, It has many benefits which gives it its status as a superfood for health. It is rich in vitamins B and E, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. Being low in sugar, it is a healthy food, and its composition rich in antioxidants is one of its strong points as a natural anticarcinogen. Black rice will be appreciated in a cold salad, in a stuffy as an accompanist to a fish dish, or even  as a dessert in a delicious rice pudding

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Composition In Black Rice

It was during a conference at the American Chemical Society in Boston that Professor Xub Zhimin shared his discovery on how this rice is excellent for your health. After several years of research, the professor and his team discovered that black rice contains a lot of antioxidants, fibers, and vitamin E compared to grapes and blueberries or blackberries. It is richer in antioxidants and has the advantage of containing less sugar and more fiber. In addition, there are significant details. It is more economical. The properties of this rice therefore help to fight cardiovascular disease, cancer, bad cholesterol, and other diseases.

During the speech, the professor revealed that the husk of black rice has a coloring capability, from pink to brown. This is a natural and healthy way to color our foods 

But what about white rice? If black rice is better for your health, thanks to its brown husk, as white rice is stripped of this husk, it loses its antioxidant properties. If berries are used to improve health, while not black rice and black rice bran asked the researchers.

For whom black rice bran could be a unique economic material to increase consumption of antioxidants good for health. This rice is rich in anthocyanin antioxidants, substances that protect against heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. It was suggested that manufacturers of breakfast cereal, cakes, drinks, biscuits, and other foods incorporate black rice bran or bran extract into their products for better consumer health.

Today, introducing this lovely grain into your diet is a good idea, in a natural World. Healthy eating of this dark (dark purple) grain contains many of the same antioxidants as leafy greens, red tomatoes, and orange carrots. Organic rice protein is made from high-quality non-GMO organic black rice. It is gray white and fragrant with a strong taste of black rice and contains more than 75% protein and 18 amino acids and vitamins without cholesterol. The absence of any traces of bad cholesterol is so important I’m the fight against heart diseases

Black Rice Uniqueness Recap

  • Organic source protein
  • It is a nutty superfood that brings new flavor and texture to your table
  • Known as forbidden rice or longevity rice 
  • It is a type of glutinous rice produced by ancient plants in China, Thailand, and Indonesia
  • In ancient China, during the Ming dynasty, only emperors were allowed to eat black rice, which promised a long and healthy life
  • Organic black rice protein 600*600
  • White rice on the other hand contains 180 calories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is black rice good for you?

When it comes to healthy rice, black rice is right at the top. It is higher in fiber and protein than red, brown, or white rice, and the anthocyanins give it an additional nutritional boost.

Q2. Why is black rice so expensive?

Because black rice yields only approximately 10% of the crop of other rice types, it is not as easy to grow as other rice kinds. Because of this, the rice is quite expensive.

Q3. Is it OK to eat black rice everyday?

Yes, we can eat  black rice every day. It is beneficial for those who have gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, and it provides fantastic health advantages.


Finally, organic black rice protein has had higher nutritional value than white rice protein, or even brown rice protein. Scented with a nutty taste, its black color is due to anthocyanin. This pigment helps slot in the fight against cardiovascular disease and weight loss.

Its high antioxidant content protects cells against ultraviolet rays and provides anticarcinogenic properties. Rich in vitamin B Vitamin E, minerals, fibers, amino acids, and trace elements ( iron calcium, phosphorus). This rice contains immeasurable values on our health as well as on the activity of our immune system. It is a new rising star in the superfood and sports nutrition market.

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