10 Most Famous Fad Diets: A Comprehensive Guide

Who doesn’t want a flat and fit belly so that they can fit on their skinny jeans or their favorite attire? To achieve this goal, people usually follow a strict diet while indulging in various physical activities. One such popular type of balanced food intake is the 10 famous fad diets, which has been followed in recent times.

But the question here arises; does a fad diet work in weight loss while maintaining fitness? If yes, then what is the famous fad diet that helps you lose your belly fat without compromising the nutrients your body needs?

Are Fad Diets Really Helpful In Losing Extra Calories?

Though the fad diet has become popular in recent times. It is not the new diet program that people are following. You can find several diet plans that can help you lose weight. But a fad diet is marketed as one of the quickest ways to burn extra calories. You have to agree with the fact that these types of plans are usually unhealthy as they fail to supply the necessary nutrients to the body.

Therefore, the researcher suggests that following a fad diet for the long term can affect the body and lead to various health issues. However, some studies also claim that this type of diet plan is effective for the short-term goals of maintaining a slim and fit body. In this regard, we have recommended 10 Fad diets that work in losing weight if followed properly.

Famous Fad Diets

10 Healthiest Fad Diet That Are consider In Effective Weight Loss

1] Follow A Vegan Diet If You Can Consume Only Plant-Based Products

Vegan food is mostly famous among people who don’t prefer animal products. It is also a popular diet plan that is categorized as a fad diet plan due to its quick and effective results in weight loss. A vegan-based fad diet usually contains food that contains low fat and carbs, which helps to reduce the growth of extra calories in the body.

2] Go Back To Your Ancestor’s Time With The Paleo Diet

The next comes the Paleo diet or Paleolithic, which allows people to consume the food items that hunters used to gather thousands of years ago. It is one of the healthiest diet plans, which eliminates processed food, including dairy products and grains. This fad diet usually focuses on prehistoric eras, which are hard to find and follow.

3] Opt For The South Beach Diet To Kill Hunger

This fad diet was designed by Florida-based cardiologist Arthur Agatston for patients suffering from heart disease and diabetes. He reduced the food that contained carbs and focussed on lean protein food and vegetables that helped them to lower the fat content and gain a healthy weight.

4] Stick To The Intake Of Protein, Fat, And Carb While Choosing The Zone Diet

The next-fed diet is very similar to South Beach, which helps to restrict the intake of fat, protein, and carbs for a short time. Here, dieters need to include 30% of lean protein, 30% of healthy fat, and 40% of high-fiber carbs to gain sustainable weight loss.

5] The Atkins Diet Allows Four Easy Steps To Lose Weight

Do you want to lose your weight in just four simple steps? Then there is the Atkins diet. This fed diet was developed by famous cardiologist Robert Atkin, MD, in 1970 and caught a wave in the late 90s and early 2000s. It is the simplest diet plan you can follow for weight loss. It is recommended to consume the carbs as per your body weight.

6] Lower Levels Of Insulin With Ketogenic Diet

What is the biggest reason behind gaining weight or obesity? Which can lead to various health issues like high sugar and blood pressure. Maybe a carbohydrate that synthesizes into sugar and glucose during digestion can impact the people who use various medications. Here. A ketogenic diet can be an effective way to reduce carbohydrates. Which helps break down fats directly into ketones and likely causes weight loss in the short term.

7] Restrict Your Calories With A Low-Fat Diet

When it comes to decreasing the risk of heart health, lowering the calories can also help you tackle this issue. The study conducted on a 28-year-old woman has proven that restricting her calorie intake can help her to recover from various health issues and even drastically lose her weight. Later, this fad diet was given the name low-fat diet. Where a person needs to consume only vegetables and fruits with very minimum carbs.

8] Mediterranean Diet Can Help You Lower The Risk Of Chronic Diseases

If you like seafood while enjoying it with red wine, then this fried dish is specially made for you. This healthy food is a common food item that is found around the Mediterranean Sea, including fish, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Adding these food items to your diet not only helps you to lose weight. But also decreases the risk of chronic diseases like heart issues.

9] Maintain The Reaction Of 5:2 While Intermittent Fasting

Sometimes, intermittent fasting is also necessary to maintain a healthy weight loss. Therefore, it is recommended to keep at least two alternative weeks to lose almost 500 to 600 calories.

10] Loose Weight With The Dukan Diet By Consuming Lean Protein Food

Last is the Dukan-fed diet, which was introduced in the 1970s and is followed in four stages. Following this diet can help you to reduce the calories by opting lean protein diet.

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A fad diet is one of the popular plans that are known to reduce weight in the quickest time possible. It is used to reduce unwanted fats and carbs while decreasing the intake of high-carbohydrate food items. This diet may consist of lean protein food, vegetables, and fruits that generally don’t have carbs, which help to convert the fatty acids into ketones.

Additionally, fad diets also help to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases like heart disease and high blood sugar. But it is also recommended to consume in a controlled way to avoid other health issues.

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