Trendy Haircuts For Long Hair- Inspiring Looks

Deciding on a haircut for long hair is a challenging task because it is not just about choosing a haircut but also about whether it will suit your face or not. The cycle of growing your hair, finding a certain hairstyle, cutting it accordingly, and then growing it back goes on and on for a long period, and it’s a never-ending phenomenon. Some people like experimenting with their haircuts and looking for new ones for the next time. So, if you are also one of them, then here are some of the trendy haircuts that you must try this year to make your appearance different from the usual one.

9 Haircuts For Long Hair That Are Trendy

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1] Add Movement And Volume To Your Hair With Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are one of the most popular and loved haircuts that never go out of trend. This hairstyle is suitable for oval, round, and diamond-faced people as it adds a new edge to their appearance. In this cut, the hair gets bouncy and flouncy, light as feathers, and you can see layers from top to bottom. You can add a little bang in the front if you like; however, it is completely optional.

2] Enjoy A Fusion Of Bangs And Layers

Do you like to cover your forehead with beautiful bangs? Doesn’t it look cute to have bangs that sit up to your eyebrows? It does right, so you can consider cutting bangs and, along with it, adding layers to your long hair so that you can enjoy a dynamic look. You can keep your hair in front when open to showcase the details of your fringes and cascading layers.

3] Give A Heavenly Touch To Your Hair With Angel Wings Layers

Angel wings layers are just like the feather cuts with a slight difference in the tip facing of the hair. In this haircut, the hair tips are facing outward, so they don’t frame your face like layer or feather cuts do. If your hairs are long enough to come near your waist, then you can style them like wings, as they are eye-catching and offer you a polished look.

4] Frame Your Face With Perfect Curtain Bangs

If you are a fan of middle-partition hairstyles, then you must go with curtain bangs and layers. This hairstyle perfectly frames your face from the tip of your ears to the total length of your hair. The bangs sit well on the cheekbones and go down just like the curtains, making your hair look beautiful and graceful. You must maintain this haircut by applying frizz-free oils and serum so that the curtain bangs and layers will not get tangled with each other.

5] Try Modern Mullet For Bold And Daring Appearance

One of the classic haircut trends that is very popular among people is the classic modern mullet, as it never goes out of style. This is a haircut that gives you a classy look, and it resembles the style of the 1970s era. This hairstyle also makes you appear bolder and more confident, like how the actors and actresses of the 70s were back then. You will have a combination of micro fringe near the forehead and a pixie chop at the crown. Also, at the back of your head will be long cascading wolfish layers that make it look like a mullet.

6] Elevate Your Style With Sleek And Sophisticated Polished Long Bangs

If you are looking for a simple haircut that doesn’t chop off a lot of your hair, then you can go with polished long bangs. While bangs usually end near your eyebrows, earlobe, or cheeks, these bangs go slightly lower than that to the length of your face. There will be no changes in the length of the rest of your hair, and you can keep them in V or U-shaped cuts. This gives a simple and sophisticated look but also makes you appear mature.

7] Bring Out Your Wild Side With Wolf Cuts With Bangs

Wolf cuts have gained immense popularity these days because of the visuals they provide to individuals. This is quite similar to an emo-look and was famous among people with medium-length hair. But it looks stunning in long hair, too, with those asymmetrically cut ends and bangs that perfectly blend in with the rest of the hair. This is a perfect haircut for you if you have slightly wavy hair, as it will give out a beachy feel with polished hair. You can also highlight or bleach the edges of your hair to make the haircut look more dynamic.

8] Try Out The Stunning Combination Of Box Braids And Curls

This hairstyle is quite common in the African community but is now gaining popularity and is trendy among young adults all over the world. Yes, box braids and curls are a stunning combination that makes you look adorable, clean, and stylish. This also adds layers of different hair textures, and this is a more appealing option. This hairstyle is suitable for both naturally curly and straight hair because you don’t have to braid every day.

9] Cascading Bangs That Beautifully Frame Your Face

Long hair that perfectly frames your face is one of the styles that people will never get bored of. Just like the waterfalls, the bangs fall at both sides of your face and stream down to the full length of the hair. It looks so beautiful whether you tie your hair in a ponytail or leave it open to bounce. Whether you have naturally black hair or blonde, this is one of the haircuts that suits every face cut and color.


There are several haircuts that you can opt for when you want to elevate your look and appearance, ranging from wolf cuts to long bangs to feather cuts to cascading bangs. The phenomenon of trying new style trends is a never-ending cycle as you grow your hair just to try some beautiful haircuts. So, you can consider the listed haircuts depending on your personal choices and preferences.

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