How to Transform Your Naturally Curly and Wild Hair into Straight Luxurious Locks

Naturally curly hair is beautiful and free looking, but let’s face it, sometimes those curls can get a bit unruly and you find yourself wishing you could have straight luxurious locks instead. If you’ve never attempted to straighten your curly hair before, or you have given it a try only to find the curls were still coming through, then you’re going to want to take a look at these helpful tips. Here’s how you can transform your curly hair into straight shiny locks.


Start with the Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

The first step in straightening your hair begins with the shampoo and conditioner you choose. You want to find a smoothing formula that will help prepare your hair for the rest of the process. This type of formula contains extra moisturizing ingredients, which will protect your hair from heat styling tools.

Heat Protection Products are a Must

The next step after washing and conditioning your hair is to apply the proper heat protecting products to damp hair. Things such as anti-frizz serum, hair balm, or even a spray in protector work well. The goal should be to protect the hair and help to control the frizz.

A Hair Dryer and Round Brush – the Perfect Duo

You are now ready to start drying your hair. Rather than just running your hands through your hair as you dry it, you will want to use a large round bristle brush and work in small sections at a time. You will be running the brush down the hair as you dry it, which will straighten it and add shine. If your hair dryer has a cool-shot setting you can do this to each section after you finish drying it. The cool setting will help to set the hair in place.

Invest in a High-Quality Hair Straightener

Once your hair is completely dry, it’s time for the next step. You will want to invest in a high-quality hair straightener such as the vibrating hair straightener from Vibrastrait. This particular iron has plates that gently vibrate to help pass the hair through and distribute the heat evenly. This will speed up the straightening time by up to 50%. It will also add even more shine to your hair.
Keep in mind if you have extremely curly hair it may be necessary to pass over the hair section more than once.

Follow Up with a Setting Spray

The last step is to follow up with a setting spray or hairspray. Ideally, you want to look for one that helps control frizz and is resistant to humidity and heat. This will give you the best results for the longest period of time. Today, you can find options that don’t leave behind an old school crunchy feel that hairspray used to produce.

Enjoy Your Straight Hair

By following these steps you’ll be able to create that pin-straight hairstyle you’ve seen in the magazine pages that lasts and holds up well.

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