Smoothies To Lose Belly Fat Fast: Results Guaranteed!

Smoothies and weight loss don’t go hand-in-hand most of the time. Whenever we talk about smoothies, we are reminded of the sugar content that might add to your body and finally make you fatter than you were. However, the notion of this wonderful concoction has been changing. Several people have started paying attention to smoothies that can even help lose belly fat.

Yes! You read it right and since most of you would find it unbelievable we have compiled a list of smoothies that can be used to lose belly fat faster than any other superfood or supplement you are taking.

How Do Smoothies Help Lose Belly Fat?

   smoothies to lose belly fat fast

Though often brushed under the rug as a “model’s worry”, belly fat can be threatening in many ways. The visceral fat is hard to shed and is the reason why people suffer from heart disease. However, is drinking smoothies the answer? Find out how!

  • Full of nutrients– Smoothies are not just about chocolate shakes or sugar, they can also be made from a variety of vegetables, whole grains, and even protein powders. The mixture could end up being healthier than a regular solid meal and therefore should be added to your diet.
  • Fiber content Unless you try consciously, we tend to forget the importance of fiber food in weight loss. This could be because they are tasteless for the most of it. The problem could be solved by a smoothie that is easier to get into your body.
  • Hydration– Drinking water can always be a problem especially if you have a busy schedule. This is where smoothie could come to the rescue and help you keep hydrated with its astonishing water content.
  • Controlled ingredients– When we make a smoothie, we are in charge of the ingredients we might need to add to the mixture. There is always an option to pick and choose the veggies and fruits that you think would help you the best. You do not need to add oil salt or sugar to make it tastier as it is with some solid foods.
  • Meal replacement– No matter what you eat, solid foods are always higher in calorie content and therefore increase the intake. This is where smoothies come into play and can help you decrease the overall calorie intake and shed belly fat faster than ever.

7 Best Smoothies To Lose Belly Fat Fast

There are some sure-shot recipes that you can drink to reduce your belly fat in a matter of weeks or months. Those include:

1. Sugar-free mango smoothie

If your taste buds are not tingling already, you might want to wait for the ingredients list which includes one cup of ripe mangoes, water, cinnamon powder, and plain Greek yogurt. Blend it smoothly until the chunks disappear and now serve with cinnamon powder on top for added taste.

2. Watermelon and Banana smoothie

The combination might feel a bit odd but trust us, the recipe will be worth the wait. All you have to do is make some cubes of a watermelon and remove its seeds. Now take a ripe banana. Mix it up in a blender and your wonder drink is ready. For garnishing, you might want to squeeze a tinge of lemon. Add no sugar or extra additives to unlock its full potential.

3. Apple strawberry smoothie

Though we might have come across this combination quite a few times, it is not always as tasty as it going to be. Take an apple, skin it and then cut it into small cubes. Now take some strawberries also seedless if possible. Blend it along with some fresh Greek yogurt and almond milk. There is one delicious glass of smoothie for you. You could top it off with cardamom powder for a taste.

4. Keto berry smoothie

We have heard of the Keto diet but what could be a keto smoothie? The recipe is quite simple. You need all kinds of berries including rasp, blue, and blackberries for this smoothie. Next, you could take full-fat milk; coconut should be ideal, with some chia seeds to top it off with, and a drop of vanilla extract. Blend all these until they get a creamy texture. Now use the last two to garnish it and your smoothie is ready to be tasted.

5. Peach pineapple

Pineapple is often preferred as a weight loss drink due to its satiating properties and combining it with peach could be the ultimate twist we needed. Take the frozen pieces of peaches and pineapple, go for any milk that has low sugar content, and now add some ice cubes before blending all of it. Drink the foaming glass before it loses its freshness.

6. Strawberry cucumber smoothie

Does the combination seem a little weird? But as we already discovered, they are all going to taste wonderful. For this, you need some freshly cut cucumbers and mix them up with strawberries, a cup of Greek yogurt, and coconut water. Mix them and then blend them to get the creamy texture pouring onto a glass and garnish it with some chia seeds to enhance its taste.

7. Watermelon lime smoothie

We did save the best for the last and now we have the star of them all. To make this beauty, you would need watermelon cubes with 2-3 tablespoons of lime zest, mint leaves, and some ice cubes. Now combine it in a blender.


Smoothies are an excellent way to lose weight faster. Most of us abandon the journey since the food starts to be tasteless and that is when smoothies could be of great help. However, adding sugar could be harmful in multiple ways. It can otherwise be a smart way to add fruits to your diet without exposing yourself to a lot of sugar content.

The important thing to keep in mind is the need for exercise. You cannot simply expect to lose weight with a drink or a pill. You should be awarding your calorie deficit with properly regulated workout timings.

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