Best Toothpaste For Bleeding Gums: Solutions For Healthier Gum!

They say strength is in numbers, is it always true? We are talking about teeth that are in plenty and are strong enough to protect themselves too but does it make them immortal? The answer would be an obvious no as they are some of the most affected parts of our body.

Taking care of the teeth is extremely important to maintaining a healthy life. Brushing is the first thing most of us do when we wake up and that is why the toothpaste we use must be nothing short of the best.

Through this article we aim to help you decide on the best toothpaste you could use to fight bleeding gums.

What are bleeding gums and what are its causes?

Bleeding Gum Causes

Bleeding gums refers to the phenomenon where the gums surrounding the teeth start bleeding profusely due to multiple reasons. It is usually triggered when the gums come into contact with brushes or tools that are used to clean teeth.

Though common, bleeding gums are quite painful and could be problematic if severe. Ultimately it could harm the dental structure and cause irregularity in them leading to their fall. There are multiple reasons why gums bleed. Some of them include,

  • Gingivitis: Known to be the most common reason for bleeding gums, gingivitis is the accumulation of plaque around the teeth’ gums which leads to their corrosion. As time passes by their grip weakens and the tooth starts falling off.
  • Poor oral hygiene: If you are someone who seldom brushes or flosses, chances are your gums are bacteria galore and could bleed profusely.
  • Vitamin deficiency: If you suffer from deficiencies of Vitamin C due to an unbalanced diet then your gums could bleed and even be weaker than they should be.
  • Medications: Some medications can lead to an imbalance of the dental frame and hence cause bleeding gums.

Best toothpaste for bleeding gums

Two toothpastes seem to monopolize the market when it comes to fighting off bleeding gums. This includes both Paradontax and Sensodyne.

Before we delve into it let’s get an overview of each kind of toothpaste. Paradontax is a widely acclaimed toothpaste that has been formulated by a set of dentists to eliminate problems related to teeth.

What makes it special are the following reasons,

➡️ Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation of gum has been identified as the primary cause of bleeding gums.  Paradontax is full of fluoride and chamomile which is a herb that can help reduce swelling. As the ingredients are herbal, they could be effective and cause no side effects.

➡️ Antimicrobial properties

Bacteria infestation in the teeth could have catastrophic results and this is why using Paradontax could be the ultimate way to protect the teeth from bleeding gums. It contains extracts that can fight off the bacteria that feed off the food particles accumulated on your gums.

➡️ Tartar control

Our mouth contains good bacteria that help digest the food particles. However, when we do not practice good oral hygiene after eating sugary foods, the bacteria start eating them and releasing acids that can corrode the teeth.

Using Paradontax, in this case, could prevent the tartar from irritating and bleeding the gums. This can be attributed to the fluorides that clear off the plaque.

➡️ Natural ingredients

Most toothpastes don’t work because they are full of chemicals. However, Paradontax is a bit different as it is full of herbs that have been known to produce results. Therefore, it can prevent bleeding of the gums.

➡️ Daily use

To ensure the teeth are in good condition, you might want to use it daily two times without fail, and since the ingredients are natural it can cause no side effects.

Sensodyne, on the other hand, has some other formulations that make it unique. This includes,

  • Gentle cleaning: Sensodyne provides gentle cleaning of the gums and teeth, unlike its harsh counterparts. Even if the gums have abrasions, Sensodyne deals with them lightly and prevents them from bleeding.
  • Fluoride: Like most good kinds of toothpaste, it is abundant with fluorides. With regular and dedicated use, it can help strengthen the gums and teeth. This could protect it from plaque accumulation.
  • Gum protection: The variants of fluorides in Sensodyne can protect the gum from deteriorating further. The bleeding gums could be free from bacteria which increases its longevity.
  • Sensitive teeth: Unlike popular notions, our teeth are sensitive. Those that are damaged should be handled with care. When flushed in with chemicals it could be painful and the bleeding could be severe. Sensodyne is made to protect sensitive teeth and therefore could be used without much fear.
  • Daily use: Sensodyne due to all the properties listed above is ideal for daily use.

Apart from these two, many other toothpastes could help you recover from the problems of bleeding gum.

Even though the formulations are different, both of them are known to be effective when it comes to reducing plaques, reducing inflammation, and even solving the Vitamin deficiency by giving them enough fluoride.

Brushing your teeth is only a part of your oral care routine. To complement it you should go with some healthy oral hygiene practices including ashing your mouth at regular intervals.

Use a floss or a brush to remove the minute particles stuck in your teeth. This can prevent the bacteria from resting inside the crevices.


Choosing a toothpaste is always a matter of concern. We believe we have made it easier for you with the above listing.

Irrespective of the toothpaste, you must pay attention to what you eat. Eating sweets regularly is not a good choice to make both from oral and health perspectives.

Moreover, eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C can strengthen the gum and teeth which could prevent them from bleeding in the first place.

Brush your teeth regularly with the fluoride-rich toothpaste without fail. Drink plenty of water so that the teeth can properly clean themselves after every elaborate or small meal.


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