Most Common Beauty Concerns for Men

For the longest time, beauty concerns have been known to be a women-only affair. Traditionally, men have kept it simple. They haven’t taken the time to identify a good beauty routine. It’s even more unfortunate that most men think consulting a specialist over beauty concerns makes them less manly.  However, in recent years, men have … Read more

How to Protect your Skin During Extreme Summer Heat

2021 has brought record heat temperatures in the US as well as globally. Unfortunately, with global warming this may be our new normal. Intensely hot temperatures can cause heat stress (in extreme cases heat cases heat stroke), respiratory difficulties and skin issues. In order to help you enjoy your summer, we have chosen the top3 skin conditions as … Read more

3 Amazing Summer Organic Beauty Oils

Organic Lemon & Grapefruit Moisturizing Potion #4 Beauty oils can give your skin the boost it needs this summer. It may sound like using a beauty oil will make your skin oiler but a quality beauty oil will not do that. Here’s how they work. Quality beauty oils are designed to provide your skin with … Read more

Top 4 DIY Summer Face Masks

Summer is on it’s way and the warmer months bring fresh fruit and herbs. Why shouldn’t your face benefit from all of the fresh ingredients just as your body can? If your lucky you have a small garden or have been stocking up on fresh fruit and herbs so making a DIY face mask will … Read more

What is Skinimalsim?

Less is More We’ve all been through a highly challenging year and some of the lifestyle changes made in 2020 are going to continue through 2021 and beyond. Ask yourself when you last followed your full beauty regime or wore your full made up face and you’ll understand why Skinimalism is back and growing. Skinimalism … Read more

Grow for It! Natural Mascara is back

We’ve been out of stock but now we have a fresh batch from production. If you’ve ever tried to find a good natural mascara (without harmful or unknown ingredients) then you know how challenging it is. We tried everything in the market and couldn’t find anything we liked. Too oily, too thick (clay build up), … Read more

Introducing: Amalie Limited Edition Gardenia & Lavender – Renew Potion #3

Just in time for spring and summer we have crafted an organic potion that hydrates, detoxes and calms skin.Our organic handmade, natural beauty oil potions can be used on your face or body. Perfect out of the shower to help keep your skin moist, healthy and nourished. As with all of our items Potion #3 … Read more