How to Live Through Future Waves of COVID More Comfortably

It is becoming painfully clear that COVID is not over and that the new strains are going to create new challenges for all of us. The good news is that we have learned from the first pandemic so its time to be proactive so future waves are more manageable. We spent some time researching ways to live through future pandemic challenges more comfortably.

Improved Sanitizers 

Sanitizer and soaps may be here to stay but we can do it better. Going forward seek soaps and hand sanitizers that are kinder to your skin. 2021 promises to offer new scents and skin conditioners/hydrating along with the disinfecting. Check out these brands from good housekeeping. Tip: Stock up now on your favorites or try something new as many of the hand sanitizers are on sale.

Outside Preparations

If you are lucky enough to have access to personal outdoor space like a backyard, patio or porch get it ready. Add furniture, lighting, WiFi or heat as we head into the fall and winter months. Just being able to get fresh air without a mask is a luxury so why not make your outdoor space an extension of your home. It’s likely that you may be able to have friends and family over who are all vaccinated and not need masks but sharing time together outside makes socializing even safer.

If you don’t have your own personal outside space consider how you can optimize public outside space. Keep a list of outdoor dining locations handy. Plan get togethers in the park with each friend of family member bringing their food, drink and blanket. Start walking! We have all learned that exercise is helpful especially in the colder months. Walking doesn’t cost any money, its good for all ages and you have friends and family join.

Face Masks & Mask

We have learned that masks can be irritating to skin and that they can create chin acne. 

One of the best ways to keep mason away is to use a silk lined mask. Silk absorbs less moisture than cotton so it doesn’t dry out your skin, clog pores or cause irritation. Silk masks are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Many of the silk masks do not have enough layers or a cotton layer in-between to ensure protection so be sure to read the details when ordering. You’ll need to pay more for a silk mask that offers optimal protection but it will be worth it. If your not sure which mask to buy, we like this list from nbc news. Note: Many of the face masks are on sale right now so it’s a good time to purchase. Along with a better mask there are new soothing face sprays and face masks with zinc oxide all designed to help minimize maskne.

Proactively Plan for the Change

Celebrate Key Events in Advance


Most of us realize that we all have a “new normal” and that we will not ever be going back to what we had. That doesn’t mean that some things can’t be even better. The first pandemic took the world by surprise but now we know what can happen and how it effects each of us. It’s time to accept and plan for another wave of the virus and/or ongoing virus concerns. I know it sounds scary and like a bad science fiction movie, but if you read what scientists are saying, it’s likely. Preparing yourself, your family and friends is helpful. Talk about it. Define and take action on the best ways to live through the next wave more comfortably. If you or someone you know is still reeling from the first wave of COVID, consider getting professional help. Children and adults are struggling so it’s worth taking a temperature check on all those your love.

Schedule Key Events Now

Many families have had a year of holidays this summer. You may want to do the same. Celebrate key holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other events while you can. I like the idea of pooling money and renting a large home with family where you can celebrate one key event each day. Monday is Birthday Day, Tuesday is Thanksgiving and so on…. You get the idea. If getting everyone in one place at the same time is too hard then try building a calendar together and celebrating each key event remotely or live in smaller groups. Note: there is something about taking control of a potentially bad situation that helps to calm you.

In Summary, COVID is far from over but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer as much as we did the first time. Buy a new better mask and hand sanitizer, make a plan for yourself and your family and take control of the things you can control. We’d love to hear and share your ideas. 

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