Introducing: Amalie Limited Edition Organic Kukui Nut & Lavender Oil Revitalizing Potion #9

Our Limited Edition potions are designed to offer the skin on your face and body a special treat. We listen to our customers and design each formulation to help address the specific need our customers share. Potion #9 is designed to revitalize, protect and heal skin. It’s the perfect formulation for the upcoming Fall and … Read more

Introducing: Limited Editions Organic Lemon Moisturizing Potion #4

Moisturize, Brighten & Heal Welcome our latest Limited Edition Organic Potion. As promised, we listed to your requests and have created an oil that moisturizes, brightens and heals skin. This time we used a new oil – Kukui nut oil. Kukui is a Hawaiian natural moisturizer rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that … Read more

I Legit Killed off a Cystic Pimple in 24 hours with CosRx Acne Patches

Warning: Pimple blog coming. Not for the squeamish!   Do you ever feel at a loss with pimples? Especially the deep ones, like “What do I do? Do I pop it? Treat it? Leave it alone?” If you’re anything like me, pimples don’t really just go away on their own. Mine will usually move into … Read more

This $7 Mexican Cream is the NERD Skincare Dupe We’ve All Been Waiting For.

In my lastest installment of “what ever shall I do about my awful cystic acne?” I found that sulfur was not only any awesome alternative to harsher acne-fighting ingredients (like benzoyl peroxide), but that it also completely dried out my cystic, hormonal acne. Poof! Gone. Just like that. NERD Skincare’s acne lotion was doing this … Read more