Want To Turn Back The Clock On Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

I don’t know about you, but as I grow older, skincare is of the ultimate importance to me. Especially now that I just hit the big 3-0! I know eventually it’s inevitable, but in the meantime I’m going to do everything I can to stop it in its tracks! If you suffer from any fine lines or wrinkles, or even any redness or discoloration around your eyes, you definitely need to try Rewind. I’ve even noticed a reduced appearance in the veins I could see on my eyelids before! Plus the deeper lines under my eyes, which were really beginning to make me self conscious, are definitely less noticeable. Not only that, but it feels luxuriously moisturizing. On a personal note between you and me, I’ve totally woken up after a night of a few too many adult beverages feeling dehydrated beyond belief, I wash my face and apply my Rewind and it’s like nothing ever happened! This is the difference of just a couple weeks of regular application. I like to take 5-10 minutes out of my day to do a little self care, and this has become a staple in that routine! It’s as easy as using a couple of drops, I use a jade roller to apply an even layer to the skin using the small side to work it into the smaller areas of my face, like the under eye area. Then you’re done! I like to use it all over my face, as it has toning qualities as well as being an amazing anti-aging oil. You can see below how much more even and less red and inflamed my skin is. Quick results and it couldn’t be easier to do, win win in my opinion!

One of my absolute favorite things about Amalie as a company in general is the quality of their products and how environmentally conscious they are. Not only is Rewind incredible, it’s 100% organic. Their products are 100% recyclable, so you can sleep soundly knowing your beauty products aren’t affecting the environment. They also come in a UV protected bottle! It smells fantastic, comes in a beautiful little bottle that looks perfect on your vanity, and it’s crazy effective, what could be better?

So what’s the deal? How is this magic in a bottle so effective? Really it comes down to many quality, key ingredients.
Starting out with squalane, it works as a natural carrier for other main ingredients as well as to help the product deeply penetrate the skin. Honeysuckle is a part of this amazing formula, which not only smells fantastic, it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties so it greatly helps with any skin irritation, along with helping to improve your overall skin tone and any dullness you may be experiencing. Honeysuckle also contains a form of salicylic acid so it helps prevent pores from getting all clogged up and also can help improve your collagen production. That’s going to give you that supple glow and natural bounce everyone wants in their skin!

Along with honeysuckle is pomegranate seed oil, which is fantastic to brighten your complexion as it’s packed with vitamin C! Vitamin C is SO important in my everyday routine because I do have scarring on my face and that really helps to brighten those old spots.
Lavender flower extract is personally one of my favorite ingredients in skincare as it helps with incredibly sensitive skin and reduces redness. I absolutely love that Rewind has this ingredient as it helps tremendously when my skin is blotchy from my allergies or just to even out my redness! For that same reason I’m ecstatic that this formula also includes sage and spearmint leaf extracts. As I’ve stated previously my skin can be very splotchy and these both help to even out skin tone, along with helping to lighten scarring. (HUGE plus, because though I know better, I cannot leave my breakouts alone.)

If you suffer from problems like fine lines and wrinkles and/or any kind of discoloration or inflammation, I highly recommend you give Rewind a try! I love all of Amalie’s oils and have reviews up for Shine and Calm as well, if you are interested to check out some results of the other miracle potions available. There’s plenty of befores and afters to see results for yourself! We’d love to see and hear about your feedback in the comments, let’s see that beautiful Amalie skin!

If you’d like to try REWIND for yourself, Amalie is offering a 30% discount for first time users. Just click here to purchase. If you’d like to read more of my posts and others at trust us muses check here.

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