2017 Beauty, Here We Come!

On this New Year’s Eve, I’m thinking about a lot of things. Mainly, I am thinking about how far 2016 has taken us here at Amalie. From introducing our newest WINK packaging last January after a fall of rigorous testing here in China and in your homes, to the launch of our long-awaited 2nd product … Read more

The History and Evolution of Eyebrows

Looking back on popular makeup trends over the last century, one thing I’ve noticed is that eyebrow trends have (literally) had their ups and downs. Things like a bold red lip and long lashes have remained a staple in women’s beauty, but eyebrows have seen the greatest change over the years. It may seem like … Read more

How to Make Your Eyes Pop (+ Your Face Look Slimmer, Too!)

One of the questions I received this month on Quora was:  “Why do women’s faces look wider in photos without makeup? Even if you look at celebrities without makeup, somehow their faces look wide and sort of flat.” While many answers focused on contouring–which is a big part of the “flat” and wide face” piece, I … Read more

Are Drugstore + Department Store Makeup the Same Thing? We Tested E.L.F. vs. it’s Department Store Equivalents to Find Out

  As a beauty blogger, one of the questions that I get most often is: “Isn’t drugstore makeup the same as high-end makeup, just with better packaging?” For the longest time, I muttered out “Yeah, basically.” The thing is, when you look at the labels, the ingredients all start to sound the same. There’s so … Read more