Kollagen Intensiv Reviews: Is This Skinceptin Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Effective?

Kollagen Intensiv is a natural anti-aging cream to promote the well-being of the skin by nourishing and hydrating it.

The Kollagen Intensiv formula fights common skin problems such as wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet, and dark spots by improving natural collagen production.

A recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health on age-related decline in collagen production was very clear about the associated skin health issues. Let’s dive into Kollagen Intensiv review, to know more about the ingredients, benefits, pros and cons etc.

Kollagen Intensiv Reviews: Clinically Proven Formula To Reduce Wrinkles

As we grow age, the skin will start to show wrinkles and sagging effects as there is not enough collagen production. Supplement collagen is not advised as there can be complications with dosage and purity. The best-suggested solution was natural collagen-boosting strategies.

Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging cream looks effective for the purpose as all the ingredients support the natural boosting of skin’s collagen production. It is necessary to know more about the formula, ingredients, benefits, pros, and cons before trying them.

All the major aspects are included in this Kollagen Intensiv review. Pricing details, free bonuses, refund policy, and customer opinions are added for easy analysis. The given FAQs can be helpful to know more about it. 

Kollagen Intensiv Review

Detailed Overview Table

Supplement NameKollagen Intensiv
Main PurposeSkin Care
Item FormCream
Brand NameSkinception
CreatorDr. Dave David M.D.
Kollagen Intensiv Customer Reviews★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Unit Count2.00 Ounce
Results Within 84 days
Benefits?It also helps in the regeneration of the skin
?Repairing and rejuvenating skin cells
Bonuses?1 free sensitive washcloth
?1 free $25 leading Edge Health Card
?Free Kollagen Intensiv (one or two as per the package)
?Palmitoyl oligopeptide
?Shea butter
?Glycine Soja or Soybean oil
ProsThe Kollagen Intensiv formula acts faster on your skin
Free shipping on continental USA orders
Natural, pure, cruelty-free ingredients
Works for all skin types
ConsThe Kollagen Intensiv formula is available only on the official website
❌There can be variations in the results
Money Back Guarantee67 days return
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick here

What Is Kollagen Intensiv? 

Kollagen Intensiv is an all-natural skin care cream with vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, fatty acids, trace minerals, and enzymes that work together for skin rejuvenation from the cellular level. This skin advancement formula is available only online on the official website of Skinception Kollagen Intensiv.

The Kollagen Intensiv cream promotes collagen production naturally to repair and protect the skin. The formula target wrinkles and lines by tightening and making the skin more elastic. It also helps in hydrating and toning the skin.

This Kollagen Intensiv formula is designed by a board-certified obstetrics and gynecology expert Dr. Dave Davis MD. He has used his years of experience in formulating the skincare supplement. This clinically proven formula can be used by any adult irrespective of age. 

Ingredients Included In Kollagen Intensiv Formula

Kollagen Intensiv is a combination of high-quality peptides, anti-oxidants, fatty acids, trace minerals, essential oils, and enzymes that promote natural collagen production in the skin. The list of various ingredients and their health benefits can be seen here. 

Kollagen Intensiv Ingredients

?Syn-coll: It is patented that is proven effective for skin toning. The efficacy of this synthetic peptide is proven for removing wrinkles within a very short period. 84 days of usage can remove wrinkles up to 354%. 

Syn-coll Ingredient

?Palmitoyl oligopeptide: It promotes collagen production in the skin and mimics collagen to have smooth effects. This Kollagen Intensiv ingredient also helps in rejuvenating skin cells and repairing them. It is proven effective for treating dark or red spots

Palmitoyl oligopeptide Ingredient

?Shea butter: This Kollagen Intensiv ingredient is very effective for skin softening. It is considered to be a natural remedy for skin smoothing. It is also known as a natural skin conditioner. The natural moisturizing content helps the skin maintain its glow. It is also effective for skin inflammations. 

Shea butter Ingredient

?Glycine Soja or Soybean oil: It is a natural skin healer. The overall skin smoothness will be improved as it has sterolins and vitamin E in it. This Kollagen Intensiv ingredient is proven effective for overall skin conditioning. 

Glycine Soja or Soybean oil Ingredie

?Cyclopentasiloxane: It is an emollient that easily fights wrinkles towards a plumbing effect. It keeps the skin smooth and soft. It is the best solution for the sagging effects of the skin too. 

Cyclopentasiloxane Ingredient

?Gluconolactone: This corn-derived preservative hydrate skin and prevents UV radiation and pollution-related damage. It fights wrinkles and photoaging. The healthy thickness of the skin can also be boosted here. 

Gluconolactone Ingredient

The blend includes many other active ingredients such as glycerol, dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, tocopherol, cucumber fruit extract, hydrolyzed hibiscus extract, etc. All of them are scientifically proven for skin nourishing and collagen-boosting effects

How Does Kollagen Intensiv Work?

Kollagen Intensiv’s skin care formula is formulated based on modern scientific research on skin health. It is a mixture of high-quality ingredients including peptides that help in boosting natural collagen production to restore the youthful appearance of the skin.

A patented peptide called Syn-coll is added to the mixture to ensure cellular regeneration and collagen production. Skin problems will start to appear as we grow. Low collagen production is the major cause of this.

Then the skin will lose its firmness and start to show sagging effects on jawlines and cheeks. Wrinkles and lines began to appear along with it. Daily usage of Kollagen Intensiv kickstart collagen production as the active ingredients including Syn-coll start functioning. The Kollagen Intensiv ingredients also help in hydrating the skin and reduce wrinkles and lines.

Antioxidant properties of ingredients help to fight free radicals and prevent skin cells from damage.

The antioxidants are also fit to protect the skin from UV Rays and other pollutants. The anti-inflammatory properties prevent inflammations and help to have a better skin tone. Boosted collagen production helps to remove red spots and dark circles and improve overall skin appearance. 

Benefits Of Using Kollagen Intensiv Daily

Kollagen Intensiv skin health support and rejuvenation formula help to overall appearance of the skin by rejuvenating it. 

  • Wrinkles can be reduced by preventing cross-linking of proteins. The Kollagen Intensiv skin health formula fights wrinkles irrespective of age. 
  • The saggy effects of the skin can be addressed by reducing skin inflammations. Inflalmmtion-related skin disorders can also be prevented here. 
  • The active ingredients fight free radicals to prevent cell damage. Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging cream also helps in the regeneration of the skin. 
  • By repairing the damaged cells and preventing cell damage, the formula helps in repairing and rejuvenating skin cells. 
  • Age-related dark spots, sun damage, and under-eye circles will vanish.
  • Skin elasticity will be boosted as the formula nourishes and dehydrate the skin.
  • You will be given smooth and glowing skin as the Kollagen Intensiv formula boosts skin radiance. 
Kollagen Intensiv Benefits

Pros And Cons Of Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv formula possesses many pros and cons like any other skin care formula. Unlike others, here there are more pros than cons as the formula is truly natural and science-based. 


  • The formula acts faster on your skin. The Kollagen Intensiv result can be seen within a maximum of 84 days. 
  • Kollagen Intensiv skin care cream can act as a complete skin care formula. 
  • 67 Days, 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • Free shipping on continental USA orders. 
  • Secure order page for safe payments. 
  • Kollagen Intensiv’s customer care team gives 24/7 customer care support. 
  • Natural, pure, cruelty-free ingredients. 
  • Accelerate natural collagen production instead of supplementing it. 
  • Kollagen Intensiv cream works for all skin types including sensitive and dry skin.


  • The Skinception Kollagen Intensiv formula is available only on the official website.
  • There can be variations in the results due to the uniqueness of individual features. 

How To Use Kollagen Intensiv Cream?

The official website suggests using the Kollagen Intensiv Formula twice a day. According to the official website, the formula can be used morning and evening. The Kollagen Intensiv manufacturer recommends sticking to consistent usage every morning and evening to ensure maximum benefits.

Cleansing your face before applying the formula is very important as it improves absorption. Gently apply the formula and let it dry. It will not cause any irritation or uneasiness as it is formulated in expert-suggested constantly. 

Kollagen Intensiv Side Effects

There are no authentic reports available on the side effects of the formula. The Kollagen Intensiv formula is considered to be safe as it is combined with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. There are no chemical additives in the formula.

All the science-backed ingredients are chosen carefully too. The Kollagen Intensiv skin care cream is designed to boost the natural skin renewal process by promoting collagen production and cannot cause any adverse effects. It is advised to check the ingredients list to stay away from allergies if you are allergic to a particular component. 

Kollagen Intensiv Cream Results – A Closer Look At Skin Transformation

Even though the maximum period for showing the results of Kollagen Intensiv is mentioned as 84 days on the official website, there can be differences due to individual features and skin type.

The intensity of damages may also determine the Kollagen Intensiv result. Some Kollagen Intensiv customers could see the results within a very few days. The nourishing, moisturizing, and elasticity effects can be seen within a few weeks of usage. Some customers use the formula for months to get maximum benefits. 

Kollagen Intensiv Customer Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

The customers who have reviewed Kollagen Intensiv all left only positive comments and opinions about the efficacy of the formula in skin rejuvenation, and improved radiance. No customer has mentioned a negative remark on the efficacy or adverse effects of the formula. There are reposts on concerts regarding adverse effects too.

Almost all the skin health benefits mentioned on the official website can be seen in Kollagen Intensiv customer reviews too. Positive comments on dark circles removal, toning skin, improved skin moisture retention, and overall skin wellness, and can be seen among customer comments on many of the portals on which people reviewed the Kollagen Intensiv formula. 

Here Is the Kollagen Intensiv before and after images

Kollagen Intensiv Customer reviews

Kollagen Intensiv Pricing List – Is It Budget Friendly?

Kollagen Intensiv is available only online on the official website of the formula. It is not available on Amazon or any other commerce portal. No retail store is distributing it too. It is very important to be vigilant while placing the order as many suppliers imitate the packing as the label of the supplement. The direct to the official website is given here.

There are price waivers and gifts for bulk purchases. The pricing details of Kollagen Intensiv skin health support cream as per the official website are given here. You can see free USA shipping and free bonus gifts along with all packages. 

?1 month supply – $59.95 + free USA shipping + 2 bonus gifts 

?3 months supply – $154.95 + free USA shipping + 3 bonus gifts (save $24.90)

?6 months supply – $289.95 + free USA shipping + 4 bonus gifts (save $69.75)

The customers are allowed to have a free trial for 67 days as there is 67 days, 100% money-back policy. The Kollagen Intensiv customers can return an unused portion of the formula in an original container and claim a refund. The amount paid will be refunded without asking any questions. 

Kollagen Intensiv Bonuses 

Ordering Kollagen Intensiv natural skin care formula make you eligible for enjoying free bonus gifts. 2 gifts for 1 month’s supply, 3 for 3 months, and 4 for 6 months. Here are the details of the bonus gifts. 

  • 1 free sensitive washcloth: A washcloth that can be utilized for cleansing the skin. 
  • 1 free $25 leading Edge Health Card: you can access the gift for medical trials. 
  • Free Kollagen Intensiv (one or two as per the package): you will be benefited from more Kollagen Intensiv packs apart from your order. 
Kollagen Intensiv Bonuses

Kollagen Intensiv Reviews: Final Thoughts

Kollagen Intensiv is a skin nourishment supplement that is made up of all-natural ingredients. In this Kollagen Intensiv review, the formula is designed for topical use and is believed to be safe as there are no chemical additives in it.

It helps to nourish skin and rejuvenate it. Age-related skin problems such as crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots can be removed from the skin and will get youthfulness and smoothness by nourishing and hydrating the skin.

This Kollagen Intensiv review analyzes the formula in detail, which is combined with natural ingredients to boost the skin’s natural collagen production.

This can be a remedy for age-related decline in collagen production and helps in attaining overall skin wellness. More Kollagen Intensiv customers are coming forward to try the supplement as it is considered to be safe. The 67-day 100% money-back policy makes the purchase hassle-free and more convenient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who sholud use Kollagen Intensiv?

Those who are struggling with age-related skin problems such as wrinkles and lines can make use of the formula. Most people need it during and after their thirties. Those who are in their twenties can also use the formula to prevent premature aging signs. It can be a protection from developing aging signs. 

2. Will this Kollagen Intensiv formula suit sensitive skin?

Kollagen Intensiv can be utilized by any skin type as there are no allergens or chemicals in the formula. The Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging formula has only natural peptides and nutrients to boost the natural collagen production of the skin. Any type of skin including dry skin and sensitive skin can make use of it. 

3. Does it have paraben content in the Dr. Dave David Kollagen Intensiv formula?

No, it is a paraben-free formula. There are no other fillers sued in the formula of the supplement. It is a potent blend of science-based natural ingredients such as peptides, shea butter, tocopherol, soybean oil, green tea extract, and all.

4. Can I use it for a long time? 

You can use the formula as much as you wish as there are no side effects. The Kollagen Intensiv official website recommends using the supplement for around three months to have maximum benefits. There is no restriction for sudden stopping too. 

5. What if I couldn’t find the expected results?

You may return the Dr. Dave David Kollagen Intensiv supplement within 67 days and get a full refund if you are not satisfied. The manufacturers are 100% confident in the effect and allow an even return of a used bottle.


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