Forever Brow Serum Reviews – Can This Serum Fulfill The Promise Of Stunning Brows?

Forever Brow Serum is a novel eyebrow growth formula that is composed of herbal extracts and essential vitamins and comes in the form of a serum. The manufacturer behind this solution says that it is backed by scientific research and studies that the ingredients used are capable of nourishing the eyebrows.

This eyebrow growth serum identifies the reasons that might cause eyebrows to fall and thinning of the brows and works to solve these issues. This Forever Brow Serum review is made to get under the real truth behind the formula and help you to claim whether the natural eyebrow solution is worth a try. 

Forever Brow Serum Reviews – A New Life For Your Eyebrows!!

The Forever Brow Serum formula seems to be legit in the initial analysis. The seller has launched it in decent-looking packages and going through the supplement’s facts label the presence of any harmful ingredients was not found. You can visit the Forever Brow Serum official website to go through all these yourself. However, a website and packaging can never be the only reasons that you buy a solution, and you have to be more careful than that. 

In this Forever Brow Serum review, you can find details about this serum such as its working mechanism, the ingredients that make this possible, the health benefits that you can get from it, and its pros and cons. 

Other than that, you can also find out about the Forever Brow Serum usage and dosage guidelines that you have to follow, the side effects that you might or might not have, the time frame within which it will provide you results, the Forever Brow Serum customer reviews from verified buyers, and the pricing of this natural eyebrow thickening formula in market places.

Forever Brow Serum Review

Product NameForever Brow Serum
Brand NameForever Ideal
CategoryEyebrow Serum
Net Quantity8.0 ml
Main purposeForever Brow Serum moisturizes and strengthens your brows
Skin type All skin types
Benefits? Gives you thicker and bolder eyebrows
? Strengthen hair follicles
? Hydrates eyebrows
? Supports natural eyebrow growth
Active IngredientsProvitamin B5
Castor Seed Oil
Vitamin E
➤ Apple Stem Cell
Special features Cruelty-free
Paraben free
Sustainably sourced
Recommended by Dermatologist
How to UseWash your face cleanly then swipe through each eyebrow and gently massage it right to the root.
Refund60 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Forever Brow Serum Exactly?

Forever Brow Serum is an eyebrow nourishment serum manufactured by Forever Ideal that is composed to help people who have thin eyebrows grow them thicker. It uses ingredients such as Castor seed oil, Apple stem cell, Provitamin B5, and Vitamin E that are clinically proven capable of providing the eyebrows with the right nutrients that they need.

The Forever Brow Serum formula supplies these essentials to the eyebrows and helps them to grow and to fill the gaps in the brows and hydrates the dry areas in and around the eyebrows. It is manufactured in the USA in approved lab facilities. The Forever Brow eyebrow enhancer serum undergoes further third-party inspections to ensure its safety. There is no presence of any allergens, parabens, or artificial ingredients that alter the normal and healthy eyebrow growth process. 

One Forever Brow Serum bottle has a net quantity of 8.0 ml (0.27 fl oz) and is suitable to be used by people of all age groups. It can be used by people of all skin types. The manufacturer says that it has not been tested on any animals and hence can be considered a cruelty-free product.

Forever Brow Serum formula can give you thick, bushy, and full-arch eyebrows. All the orders are protected by a money-back guarantee.

Forever Brow Serum Ingredients And Its Benefits

Each Forever Brow Serum ingredient and its functions are listed below for your information:

Provitamin B5

Provitamin B5

Provitamin B5 is also referred to as Panthenol or Dexpanthenol and is listed in the B vitamin group. It helps to lock in moisture and keep away the dry skin area and to stop eyebrow loss. It provides brows with the nutrients needed and imparts a healthy glow to the eyebrows. 

Castor Seed Oil

Castor Seed Oil

This Forever Brow Serum ingredient is extracted from the castor seeds that are dried after harvesting. The seeds are then ground to make a paste and are boiled to extract oil from them. Castor seed oil is a storehouse of vitamins and fatty acids that stimulates the hair follicles to boost growth and initiate new brow growth. It adds volume to the eyebrows and prevents brows from falling off.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E also known as tocopherol is an essential vitamin that dissolves in fat. It acts as an antioxidant and is seen in many supplements for various health issues. When it comes to the health and growth of eyebrows, this vitamin promotes hair growth. It protects the fragile hair cells and strengthens them to prevent them from falling off.

Apple Stem Cell

Apple Stem Cell

Apple stem cells are obtained from the rare Swiss apple tree, Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree. It has properties that boost the production of human cells. The presence in this Forever Brow Serum helps the brow hairs to absorb the nutrients that are provided to them. It is a common ingredient seen in many eyebrow care and eyelash care supplements.

How Does Forever Ideal Brow Growth Serum Work?

Forever Brow Serum is an eyebrow growth serum that is composed of natural ingredients, as just read above. It works to enhance the eyebrows so that they can grow bigger, quickly. The serum comes in a bottle with a spoolie brush, or an eyebrow brush, in its lid.

You can use one or two drops of the Forever Brow Serum on each brow. The brush can be used to spike it through the brows. After that, you have to gently rub it right to the roots. The serum works by getting inside the skin and nourishing the root cells of the eyebrows. 

Forever Ideal Brow Growth Serum hydrates the dry areas beneath the brows and supplies essential nutrients. By this, the serum stimulates the dormant hair follicles laying underneath it. The damages that happened to these hair follicles are repaired and it also helps in regenerating new hair cells. Forever Brow Serum dermatologist-tested formula improves the thickness and volume of the eyebrows and helps them to grow healthily and the serum also imparts a glow to the eyebrows.

Customer Rating4.9/5 starts from +300 reviews
Eyebrow Growth★★★★★
Easy To Use★★★★
Value For Money★★★★

Benefits Of Using Forever Brow Growth Serum

Based on the Forever Brow Serum reviews, these are the benefits one can get from daily application of this eyebrow enhancer serum:

✔️ Gives you thicker and bolder eyebrows – The growth of the eyebrows is increased by the Forever Ideal Serum. It helps the brows to grow faster and to fill up the gaps between the brows. It adds thickness and boldness to the eyebrows. 

✔️ Strengthen hair follicles – the hair follicles can be described as the small pore that exists on the top layers of the skin. It surrounds the root of the hair. The hair follicles are strengthened to optimize the growth of the eyebrows from them.

✔️ Hydrates eyebrows – One of the reasons for the eyebrows falling off can be because of a lack of moisture content. When the eyebrows lack hydration they might get dry. The Forever Brow Serum locks in moisture to help the eyebrows to stay hydrated. 

✔️ Supports natural eyebrow growth – The serum supports the natural growth of the eyebrows. It identifies the issues that hinder growth and resolve them. And it does not cause any artificial growth. 

Forever Brow Serum Before and After

Pros And Cons Of Forever Brow Eyebrow Enhancer Serum

Just like any other skin and hair care supplement, Forever Brow Serum eyebrow care formula also has its pros and cons. Here, the pros and cons are listed in bullet points for you to easily go through. 


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Cruelty-free
  • No paraben
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to apply


  • Only available on Forever Brow Serum official website
  • Stock runs out quickly

How To Use Forever Brow Serum?

Forever Brow Serum comes in a serum bottle with a spoolie brush attached to its lid. You can take one or two drops of the serum then apply it to one brow and rub it on, daily. Make sure to gently massage it into the root of the eyebrows. Do the same to the other eyebrow too. 

Note that before applying it on the face you have to remove all makeup from your face completely and have cleansed the face properly. It is advised to use the Forever Brow Serum eyebrow formula at night as the serum will give you enough time to work on the eyebrows.

Because the serum when applied to the eyebrows, will make it oily. Many users might not find that suitable for daytime especially when you have to go out. Also, you cannot put on any makeup when you have put on the Forever Brow Serum supplement. 

Forever Brow Serum Usage

Is Forever Brow Serum 100% Natural?

There can not be any possible Forever Brow Serum side effects. It is made from natural ingredients such as Castor seed oil and Apple stem cells and vitamins such as Provitamin B5, and Vitamin E. It does not contain paraben or any such substance that might harm your skin. 

The Forever Brow Serum ingredients used are approved after clinical trials. It also undergoes third part tests to ensure the quality and purity of the supplement. 

Effectiveness Of Forever Brow Serum

It is advised to use the Forever Brow Serum for about 60 days to get complete results. However, this might not be the case for everyone. There have been people who received fuller eyebrows within 3 weeks of using the serum. Some others had to increase it for a short while to enhance the volume of their eyebrows. 

Based on Forever Ideal Brow Serum reviews, you have to continue this serum usage for about 2 months to get the results that you have been looking for. 

Comparing Forever Brow Serum With Similar Products

Forever Brow Serum Comparison

Forever Brow SerumOther Brands
Natural Ingredients✔️
Safe To Use✔️
Easy Application✔️
Guaranteed Results✔️

Customer-Shared Forever Brow Serum Reviews And Complaints

Reading the Forever Brow Serum customer reviews it was evident that the users were able to get thick eyebrows after using the formula. You can visit the official website to go through the customer testimonials yourself. The testimonials listed on the Forever Brow Serum website are from verified buyers. 

Forever Brow Serum customers have also added that it was easy to use the serum and that they used it at night and went to sleep. Within a couple of weeks, the users were able to notice a glow in eyebrows with the brows getting darker in shade.

Forever Brow Serum Customers

How Much Does Forever Brow Serum Cost?

Forever Brow Serum natural eyebrow growth formula can only be bought from the official website. It is not available in any e-commerce stores or retail stores as the seller has not authorized any such platforms to sell. 

The price of the package based on Forever Brow Serum official website has been mentioned below:

? 1 bottle at 59.95 US dollars + Free US shipping.

? 2 bottles at 109.95 US dollars + Free US shipping + One bottle free

? 3 bottles at 149.95 US dollars + Free US shipping + Two bottle free

The Forever Brow Serum liquid formula comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means that you have around 2 months to use the solution on your eyebrows and wait for a change. Even after using it and adhering to the dosage and usage guidelines, if you still do not notice your eyebrows getting thicker or darker, then you can claim a Forever Brow Serum refund. 

Final Take On Forever Brow Serum Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

On going through the different aspects mentioned in this Forever Brow Serum review, it can be understood that the formula is a legit one. Forever Brow Serum is a natural eyebrow care solution that helps to grow brows. It comes in a bottle with an eyebrow brush and can be directly applied to the brows daily.

The Forever Brow Serum customer who had used this so far has received thicker and darker brows. The serum is made using natural ingredients and essential vitamins that are proven to enhance the eyebrows.

Forever Brow Serum eyebrow growth support formula is dermatologist approved. It can be used by anyone. If you have thinner eyebrows and have been looking out for a solution then this might be something that you can give try to.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Forever Brow Serum formula smell like?

It does not use any ingredient to provide any extra scent to the serum. Therefore the eyebrow care solution will not have any added fragrance to it, other than the mild smell of the natural ingredients used in it. 

2. Can I use Forever Brow Serum after a bath?

Yes, you can apply it to your eyebrows after a bath. Make sure that you have wiped off water from the eyebrows and that there is no presence of oil, soap, or moisturizer on the eyebrows. 

3. I have thin eyebrows with one brow thinner than the other. How should I use Forever Brow Serum?

You can use the eyebrow serum on both brows. just ensure that you use it more on the thinner eyebrow. That is, if you apply 1 drop on the comparatively thicker one, use two drops on the other one. 

4. Can two people use the same Forever Brow Serum bottle?

No, two people using the same serum bottle is not recommended. It is because the eyebrow conditions can be different for everyone. When you use the serum using the brush and then place the brush back in the bottle, it will be filled with your skin cells. Therefore, another person using the same might cause allergies or irritations to both or either one. 

5. Can I use the Forever Brow Serum spoolie brush that comes with the serum to apply any other product?

No, you should not be using the same spoolie brush that you use with the serum for any other product. It is because the brush goes directly into the bottle and the solution. So if you use anything else, the makeup or the other product will get mixed with the serum. 


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