How Are Serums Different Than Creams? Choose The Right Product!

Serums and creams are used widely in skincare. There are creams and serums designated to heal or relieve certain types of skin conditions available these days.

There is a very obvious difference in the consistency and benefits provided by creams and serums. Let us take a look at what makes them different from each other.

About Skincare

Skincare is quite popular these days. People are beginning to realize how important face care is. Skincare makes your skin look young and also protects them from harmful surroundings.

Usage Of Serums And Creams For Skincare

Skincare is technically a vast department. They include a lot of products such as cleansers, vitamin C, toners, retinol, moisturizers, exfoliator, sunscreen, night creams, eye creams, etc.

Some of these products come in serum form while others come in cream form. What makes serums and creams different from each other is the formulation. Let us take a look at the difference in their formulation.


Creams generally include ingredients like petroleum and mineral oil. They are usually added to trap the moisture inside. Creams also have an excessive amount of thickening agents like seed oil or nut oil. They create a protective layer that protects our skin from the harmful effects of pollution and UV rays.

Creams work by providing benefits to the skin while protecting the skin with an extra barrier. Creams are usually beneficial for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles present in the body.

Sometimes the barrier created by the cream may even stop the beneficial components from entering the skin. Creams are suitable for moisturizing the skin.

Creams are available for almost all the problems faced by a person. People with dry patches, oily skin, combination skin, etc all have cream products specially formulated to provide relief. You have to cleanse your skin before you apply creams to your body.

Since the creams provide a protective layer, if the skin under it is not cleansed properly, the dirt particles could be trapped there and impact negatively on your skin.

Creams are applied evenly as protection. Two cream products that are necessary for everyone to use are sunscreen and moisturizer. 

Difference Between Serums And Creams


Serums are more liquid and therefore do not have any thickening agents or petroleum. They usually consist of the minerals that the skin needs rather than what could be used to improve the state of the skin. Serums penetrate deeper into the skin and repair them from the inside.

Problems like dark spots, uneven skin tones, acne marks, dry patches, etc can be repaired with serums. Serums contain anti-aging properties.

They are considered to be one of the most effective anti-aging products. This is because of its concentration. Serums are not diluted with moisturizers. 

Serums are often mistaken to be something complicated to be used. In reality, serums are easy to use. You have to make sure that you are applying the serum on a clean face. Impurities in the face can lead to uneven application. This can affect the smoothness of the skin.

You have to cleanse your face thoroughly using a cleanser and then apply the serum. It is usually recommended to apply a toner after cleansing the face to ensure that the face is clean. After applying the serum, moisturizer should be applied to seal the serum.

The Ideal Skincare

An ideal skincare routine is supposed to have both serums and creams. Serums help in solving skin problems by penetrating deep inside the skin and repairing the problem from within. It is recommended that you seal the serum with a cream. Preferably a moisturizer.

Skincare is essential for people who are exposed to sunlight and pollution daily. Skincare should also be prioritized by people who put on makeup. Putting on makeup usually does not allow the skin to breathe and be free.

It is absolutely necessary to remove your makeup with a cleanser daily. You should also administer a skincare routine based on your skin requirements

It is necessary that you analyze your skin frequently and change the skincare products you use to fit your skin. You should also analyze the skin and make sure that you are not facing any problem that is greater than just skin issues. Analyzing the skin can save you from dry skin and greater skin issues.

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