Get Fit With These 7 Promising Health Benefits Of Amla!

Amla is one of the most popular fruits available at our disposal. Also known as Indian gooseberry, the fruit is known to be bitter-sweet like most things in life.

However, scientists believe that this is what makes it full of nutrients and health benefits making it an ideal addition to a healthy lifestyle. This article aims to enumerate the major 7 health benefits you could gain from eating amla.

Health Benefits Of Amla

Amlas are not new to fame, for they have been used for centuries for making medical concoctions by ascetics as suggested in Ayurveda, the ultimate health text. Eastern philosophy regards amla widely and wants it to be a part of the diet.

Benefits Of Amla

Eating amla has numerous health benefits which include-

1. It Boosts Immunity

Immunity is the ability of our body cells to fight against diseases and foreign bodies. We need to have a pristine immune system to fight allergic reactions as simple as cold. White blood cells are what do all the protection and they need to be in abundance. So the polyphenols in Amla, not only help them form more WBCs but also enhance the ones already formed to fight off diseases better.

 2. Stops Oxidation

Being rich in Vitamin C, Amla is known to fight off free radicals that could otherwise oxidize the cells. It does with its antioxidants-rich properties which are treasure troves when it comes to health. Vitamin C is required by the body to increase the might of the connective tissues, increase collagen production, and the transportation of nutrients.

3. Improves Digestive Health

Digestion is what makes our body what it is. Our body gets its energy from the elaborate and complex process of digestion that includes several sophisticated organs, fluids, nutrients, and a healthy gut. Amla can maintain a sustainable digestive system by making processes like assimilation and absorption easier. It is rich in fiber and that could be useful to people who are frequently troubled by constipation, diarrhea, or bloating.

4. Supports Heart Health

With cardiac events reaching any ever-time high, any foods that could ensure good heart health are valuable. So amla protects the heart from getting blocked by cholesterol-clogged arteries that accumulate plaque in them. Researchers also believe it can increase the level of HDL or good cholesterol and lower the levels of LDL.

5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Regulating blood sugar levels is crucial for multiple reasons. It can not only keep your insulin level in check but also help you maintain a healthy weight if that is your goal. Amlas are rich in nutrients that can lend a hand when it comes to controlling the sugar level in your blood.

6. Promotes Hair and Skin Health

It is a common misconception that eating food will not affect our hair or skin. However, that is not true. What we eat can show on our skin and the way our hair grows. While hair follicles need Keratin to flourish from the roots, skin also needs moisture to retain its hydration and therefore its lusciousness. Pollutants and allergens can cause so much damage to both of their quality that amla’s nutrients help rejuvenate them in abundance.

7. Reduces Inflammation

It can help reduce the sudden inflammation that affects the body and can lead to various autoimmune diseases as well as ailments that are hard to treat. Filled with Polyphenols and flavonoids, doctors recommend amla to be a staple if you suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases, and has even been suggested to be strong enough to cure cancer. However, studies are yet to be completed on that discourse.

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Best Ways To Include Amla In Your Diet

With all the properties stated above, it is hardly fair to keep amlas away from your food plate. So include it in your diet in the following ways –

  1. Eat It Raw- Amla is good to be eaten raw and can be a healthy snack option in place of chips or fries which are unhealthy and impact our body adversely. All you have to do is slice them up in a bowl with salt or paprika and mix them well. Gobble them up. You may want to hold back on the salt if weight loss is on your menu.
  2. Amla Juice- This dish has gained traction in the following years and in fact, it is considered to be a suitable post and pre-workout drink. Slice the washed amlas into pieces and now juice them by adding a cup of water.
  3. Amla Candy- A street delicacy, they can be easily prepared at home by making a paste of the amlas, adding honey or jaggery, and then letting it cool down. You could also opt to go for sugar alternatives.
  4. Amla Pickle- Amla pickle can be made by mixing the slices with fresh spices, salt, and oil. This could be a good condiment to go with rice or Indian bread. Since it is homemade, you don’t have to worry about added preservatives.
  5. Amla Smoothies- You can make a vegetable assorted shake with amla as one of the ingredients to create a healthy mix. You could add in a drop of honey or a few drops of lemon zest to do away with the bitter taste.
  6. Amla Supplements- Though it is always best to eat a fresh one, in case that is not possible try and work out with supplements or capsules available in the market.


Amla is truly a magic fruit when it comes to nutrition science. Its benefits are unique and make it a rare commodity. Right from being a great source of antioxidants to improving your heart health, it is just what the doctor would prescribe. If its bitter taste bothers you, there are many innovative ways in which you could accommodate it in your diet.

In case you want to go for supplements always buy high-quality and branded ones. Fresh amlas sourced from organic markets can give you the desired result so be careful while you pick and choose the right ones from the right place.

Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez is a board-certified general practitioner with more than 15 years of patient care experience. She takes an integrative approach to patient care that considers the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – and is deeply committed to assisting her patients in achieving and sustaining optimal health. Dr. Vanessa is also a skilled writer and medical reviewer, specializing in preventive care and health promotion. Her articles are written in an approachable manner that is simple to comprehend and implement in one’s own life. Dr. Vanessa’s mission is to equip her patients and readers with the knowledge and resources necessary to live their greatest lives.

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