6 Best Ways To Normalize And Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes occurs when the concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood is high, leading to chronic hyperglycemia. The main hypoglycemic hormone that lowers blood sugar levels is insulin, this hormone is secreted by the pancreas.

When insufficient insulin is produced, blood sugar levels are higher than normal and this condition becomes favorable for the development of diabetes. The body has a regulatory system that, thanks to the two hormones hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic, allows us to maintain constant blood sugar levels. This article will further elucidate tips to maintain sugar levels.

1. Eat Foods With A Low Glycemic Index 

Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining sugar levels in the body, it is advised that individuals choose foods with a low glycemic index, but also low in fats since diabetes is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease.

Foods With A Low Glycemic Index 

It is also recommended to consume foods containing antioxidants, i.e. blueberries, cranberries, and artichokes all have a very high TAC ( total antioxidant capacity) index from 2000 to 14000 ûmol. Also, knowing the 4 rules that determine the GI of food helps you find your way around it better. These are the type of starch, the presence of fibers in the food, the cooking method, and the transformation of the food during its manufacture.

These herbs help limit the intake of salt, sugar, and fat in our preparation and are rich in antioxidants and vitamin

2. Cinnamon On The Menu

Studies have shown that cinnamon could help maintain blood sugar levels mainly in people with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar levels are poorly controlled. According to one of the studies, the daily consumption of a capsule of cinnamon extract allowed the blood sugar and blood lipid levels to drop by 25% in 40 days. This spice acts on a hormone secreted by the pancreas called insulin and is responsible for controlling blood sugar.

3. Practice Physical Activities Daily

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes of type 2 diabetes and its associated symptoms. As the use of muscle promotes calorie expenditure, it is essential to practice physical activities daily to eliminate unnecessary carbohydrates.

Also, the risk of cardiovascular disease will be reduced, which is 2 to 4 times higher in people with diabetes. To get the most out of the benefits of physical exercise, you need to be actively active for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Here are some activities suggestions: aqua bike, pilates, swimming, yoga, etc.

4. Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Excess weight has been shown to contribute to high sugar levels in the body and the worsening of its harmful effects. Weight loss can reduce the incidence of high sugar levels by 50%. To maintain a healthy weight, it is essential to have a healthy diet with intake of stable carbohydrates.

Eating smaller meals of around 6 per day allows you to better control blood sugar levels while still having the energy to sustain you throughout the day. In addition to a healthy diet, physical activities help maintain a healthy weight.

5. Add Vinegar To High Carb Meal

Adding vinegar to a high-carbohydrate meal lowers blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It is favorable for the aforementioned people to include vinegar in their dishes based on potatoes, pasta, or other foods abundant in carbohydrates. To get the benefit of vinegar, simply add two tablespoons (30ml) to dishes rich in starches.

6. Eliminate White Sugar 

The dangers of white sugar are no longer in doubt. Consumption of this food can reduce the sensitivity of body cells to insulin. This can increase diabetes risk factors such as obesity, being overweight, and increased body fat. It is therefore essential to reduce your sugar consumption as much as possible to reduce the risk of diabetes.


In conclusion, to maintain sugar levels, it is important to take certain measures such as adopting an active lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, and monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. By taking care of your health and adopting good habits, you can maintain your sugar level and promote a healthy life. Don’t forget to also check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

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