Claw Clips: Summers Easy Hairstyle

Medium Claw Clip Bun

Looking for a new hairstyle? The messy bun and braids are giving way to the use of a simple claw clip. A claw clip can be used on thick and thin, long and short hair and comes in various sizes. The benefits are that you can do it quickly, no more headaches from scrunchies or elastic bands, less hair breakage and its easy to create is a breezy summer casual style. Super easy messy chic is just a few minutes away. 

Top Style Recommendations

Casual Elegant – We recommend that you use the smaller clips and pull strands of hair back loosely. This will help to give the impression of fullness while also helping to keep the hair out of your eyes. This style is great for long, short, thick and thin hair.

My top 2 favorite hairstyles for longer hair include the claw bun and the messy pull back.

Claw Bun – Pull hair back as though you’re making a pony tail, twist and wrap into a bun. Tuck ends under (or not, depending one the style you’re seeking) and then apply the medium claw over the top. 

Large Claw Messy Pull Back

Messy Pull Back – Pull hair back as though you’re making a high ponytail. Gently twist hair and pull up or down and clamp with a large claw. You should expect ends to fly free, that’s part of the style. You can also choose to leave some of the layers around your face out of the pull back. This gives you a new European vibe.

There are literally hundreds of videos and Pinterest posts online but if you’re looking for some more inspiration? Check out We like this blog because they have chosen claw clips for all hair types.

What to buy

Claw clips come in all sizes, colors and shapes and are inexpensive. They can range from $1 a clip to $9.00 a clip based one design, material and size. Many come in variety packages with various colors. I recommend you get the claw clips with a no slip grip. If your looking for more details on what to buy check out this from

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