BEFORE + AFTER: “Better Than Sex” Mascara Review

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara is one of THE most talked-about, blogged-about, raved-about mascaras.. ever.

Since my entire life kind of revolves around lashes, I knew that I had to try this one sooner or later, even though all my readers know that “They’re Real!” is my hands-down, go-to, ride-or-die favorite mascara. And believe me–it can be really difficult to put aside your favorite lash or brow products even for a SECOND to try out other ones. I’m just not down to mess up my lash feng shui.. you know what I’m saying?

I knew the time would come sooner or later, so I did it. I wore “Better Than Sex” for a week straight, and lived to tell the tale. Here’s my experience:


Note: for the first time ever, I am implementing affiliate links in my blogs. There are affiliate links throughout this post. All products were purchased with my own money and tested by me. Too Faced did not sponsor this blog. All opinions are my own.

Quick Aside: “Better Than Sex” Mascara Creation & Too Faced’s Story

If you follow Too Faced’s founder Jarrod Blandino on instagram or other social media (he is fabulous), you probably already know this story, but in case you’re not an obsessive makeup geek like myself, let me fill you in on some quick awesome facts:

  • Jarrod was working at a Sak’s Fifth Avenue makeup counter in the mid 90s, and used to experiment by crushing up powders and different items to make his own concoctions. (By the way, 20 years later, Too Faced is one of the biggest names in the game).
  • Too Faced made the first ever glitter eyeshadow (source)
  • “Better Than Sex”‘s name came from Jarrod, in a moment of brilliance. While they were creating and testing the mascara, he shouted out in a meeting “Oh! This is better than SEX!” .. so it was.

I love a little backstory, thought you would, too. Now back to it ?


“Better Than Sex” Mascara Review – Initial Thoughts

I’m not sure if I had a chip on my shoulder or what, but I thought, “There’s no way this mascara can be as good as everyone says it is.” Bloggers and youtubers alike just gush over it. I was 100% sure that their gushing was over the cute packaging and salty name.

The packaging is really cute, by the way. Just look:


But.. did you noticed what I noticed?

Look at the brush.

If you read my blog on “What to Look for When Buying Mascara”, then you would know that I pretty much automatically rule out all plush brushes, because they are made for those who already have lush lashes. Even though I use WINK lash enhancer daily, I naturally have more thin lashes, which require a silicone brush to get a nice application of mascara with.

I still had committed to this experiment, so I had to do it.

..for a week.

Here goes nothing.


“Better Than Sex” Mascara Review – Application and Formulation

My first application actually went pretty quickly and smoothly. This is what I noticed:

  • The formulation builds very quickly
  • The end of the brush is a bit bulkier – like the spiky ball end of the “They’re Real!” brush, so it is good for building base volume, at the lash base. You can wiggle it in there to add some volume.
  • The formula is a bit dry – but that’s good. It means your lashes don’t stick together between coats.
  • 2 coats gets the job done

All that being said, it was easy for the mascara to get clumpy quickly. 2 coats really is all that you need, so it was fast. The formulation was very dry, and almost reminded me of a Marc Jacob’s mascara that I tested a while ago.

The mascara portion of my routine normally takes a good 2 minutes of the 5 alotted, so this helped cut down on my “getting ready in the morning” time.

Faster fresh face? I can dig it.

This is what I looked like on the first day, using Better than Sex:



“Better Than Sex” Mascara Review – Wear & Tear

The true test of a mascara – in my opinion – is how it wears throughout the day.

I am tough on my lashes; I touch, pick, pull.. I’m just one of those people with nervous habits, that really come out when I’m concentrating on something.

For me, a mascara needs to wear long and strong. I don’t want lash clumping if I accidentally touch them, but I also don’t want to have to basically rip my lashes out to remove the mascara. This has proven to be an issue with They’re Real, my current favorite mascara.

So what about “Better than Sex?” 

Actually, Better than Sex wears perfectly.. if you don’t touch your lashes. 


My 5 minute makeup (items linked): Diorskin Compact in Color 022, ABH Brow Wiz in Medium Brown, Glossier Boy Brow in BrownABH Moonchild Palette in Lucky Clover, and Better Than Sex Mascara

Shop the Look:

The formulation is a bit flaky, so if you touch them much at all, it will just disintegrate. Is that a bad thing? Not really. I kind of prefer it to the other extreme, like They’re Real!, where I can for the life of me get the mascara off, and end up loosing 2-3 lashes everytime I use the stuff. Even though I love the brush, and love that They’re Real! stays on, it’s just not worth the lash loss to me.

Better Than Sex removes so easily. It’s very gentle on the lashes. I’m starting to like that in a mascara; it turns mascara into an every day thing for me again – and that’s fabulous, because long, curled, dark tinted lashes just look beautiful.

After all, who doesn’t want to show their hard-earned results with WINK off?!

UPDATE: After several months of trial-and-error and more wear-and-tear, I found that Better Than Sex wears all day if–and only ifLancome’s XL Cils Lash Primer is used first. Not another brand, not another primer, just XL Cils in 2 coats, with 1-2 minutes wait time for it to dry before applying Better Than Sex.


Before And Afters: Better Than Sex

I’ve surely racked up enough better-than-sex-selfies since I wrote this blog, here’s several, for your viewing pleasure. I haven’t done any true “before and afters,” but my face isn’t changing much from day to day, and I always take the pictures in the same spot using just sunlight, so my assumption is that it’s probably safe to substitute in any given no-makeup selfie for a “before” picture. “Before” pictures are also totally sans-makeup.


And ALLLL the Better Than Sex selfies everrr!!



Who Did It Better: “Better Than Sex” or “They’re Real!”?

Honestly, for now I’m going to stick with Better Than Sex. Yes, it wears off through the day with touching and pulling, but I need to cut that out anyway. I can take the travel-sized with me when I go places and I’ll be fine.

The formulation is easy to clump, but it doesn’t clump your lashes together, it just builds so fast that you have to slow down. Then again, it’s also very quick to apply, making it a time saver.

All in all, it’s gentler on my lashes and reduces lash loss compared to They’re Real! so…

I think we have a winner!

For now, I’m sticking with Better Than Sex.

PLUS.. how good does it look in a flatlay with WINK? I mean, just look:


This picture is courtesy of blogger Erika Costello of Notes From My Dressing Table

So… the bloggers were all right after all! Huh.. who would’ve thought. (Not me!)

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