Beauty Tips for Enhancing Dermatology Services You Received

Dermatology services and cosmetic procedures are just one step to feeling more positive about
your appearance, there are also at-home care tips that can really enhance any services you
have had done by a professional. It can be hard to sift through all of the marketing scams and
misleading information regarding skincare and beauty products, but sticking to science-backed
claims and dermatologist-recommended ingredients can make it simple.
Whether you have had a scar revision, botox, or a facial there are steps you can take in your
everyday routine to enhance these services and keep you feeling your best.

Avoid the Sun
While you may love the look of a tan you will thank yourself later for avoiding the sun in large
doses. Exposure to UV rays contributes about 80% to visible signs of aging and can also cause
skin cancer which is an even bigger nightmare for your skin. It’d be unreasonable to expect
everyone to hide from the sun entirely, and we all benefit from a bit of vitamin D, but there are
helpful steps you can take to reduce your skin’s exposure to UV rays.
One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the sun is to avoid it during peak hours of the
day. During midday, the sun is at its peak strength, so staying inside or in the shade during
these hours can help you avoid the most damaging UV rays. If you have to go out into the sun,
apply a high SPF sunscreen.
Scars are more susceptible to damage from UV Rays than normal skin, so after any procedure
that leaves you with a small scar or is intended to help remove a scar, it is especially important
to stay away from the sun.

Use Gentle Products on Your Skin
Some products, such as makeup removers and certain cleansers, can strip the natural oils from
your skin, leaving it dry and unprotected. This can lead to early and increased signs of aging.
Dermatologists recommend using something more gentle to remove your makeup, such as a
cleansing balm or micellar water. Then, you can cleanse further with a product that has a
simple formula.
Your cleansing routine should leave your skin feeling hydrated, so if you find that the products
you are using make your skin feel tight or dry afterward, this could be a sign that it is stripping
your skin.

Keep Everything Clean
It is important to wash your face in the morning and at night. However, there are other ways to
keep bacteria away from your skin. Washing your pillow cases often will ensure that bacteria is
not being transferred onto your skin while you sleep. The same goes for your phone, which
touches your fingers and other surfaces all day long. Try to keep your phone away from your
face, and don’t neglect cleaning it.

Remain Positive
We have enough stress in our lives, and adding to it by stressing about our appearance can
actually make our skin worse. Being positive has been proven to reduce signs of aging, so
focusing on keeping your stress levels low and improving your mental health can also improve
the way you look.
Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your appearance, redirect your attention to all
of the things that you do like. A cosmetic procedure or dermatology service should help you feel
more comfortable in your own skin, and you have to actively love the way you look to enhance
the effectiveness.

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