Update Your Hairstyle With These 10 Must-Try Popular Braid Trends Of 2023

Braids are a symbol of elegance and creativity in hairstyling. They blend tradition with modern trends, and the braiding scene is lively this year. Many styles are popular in fashion circles. The trends vary from effortlessly chic to intricately artistic. Each trend offers a unique way to express personal style and flair.

These braiding styles cater to a wide array of tastes, and you can find something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you like fairy tales or sleek, modern designs, these braids are beautiful and very practical. People love wearing them every day and for special events. In this article, we explore 10 popular braid trends in 2023. 

10 Popular Braid Trends That You Should Try

1. Boho Chic Braids

Boho chic braids are not just a hairstyle but represent effortless elegance. These braids are loosely woven. They are often textured and designed to give a relaxed yet stylish look. The charm lies in the imperfection. Strands are left out to frame the face, creating a natural, windswept allure. This style captures the bohemian spirit: carefree, artistic, and subtly sophisticated. 

Boho Chic Braids

Step-By-Step Guides

Start by detangling your hair and applying styling gel at the roots for texture. part your hair as desired, weaving loose braids and leaving strands free for a natural look. Secure the ends with hair ties.

2. Butterfly Braid

The butterfly braid is not just a hairstyle but an artistic expression. It involves carefully crafting sections of hair into delicate, butterfly-wing-like braids. The key to this enchanting style is precision and creativity. Each braid cascades down, creating a sense of movement and whimsy. This braid is perfect for those looking to make a unique fashion statement and combines elements of fantasy and grace. 

Step-By-Step Guides

Part your hair in the middle. Section a small part near the crown. Start braiding and gradually add hair to create butterfly wings. Secure with hair ties and gently pull part of the braid to enhance the butterfly effect. 

3. Mermaid-Inspired Waves

The mythical mermaid inspires this braid. It combines braids and waves to create an ethereal and practical look. The process starts with loose braids. When you undo them, they turn into flowing waves, which remind you of the gentle rhythm of the ocean. This style is ideal for those seeking a dreamy, romantic look versatile enough for everyday wear. 

Step-By-Step Guides

Create a central part. loosely braid each section. Release to reveal natural waves. Use your fingers to separate the waves for a mermaid-inspired finish.

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4. Bubble Braids

Bubble braids infuse fun and novelty into the traditional braid. The playful style creates rounded sections along the braid that resemble bubbles. The outcome is a dynamic and youthful hairstyle perfect for casual days or adding a fun element to sporty looks. 

Step-By-Step Guides

Begin with a high ponytail, sectioning it with small hair ties down its length. puff out each section to form the bubbles.

5. Fishtail Crown

Fishtail Crown takes the classic fishtail braid and elevates it to a royal level. This style adds sophistication and elegance to any look. It is achieved by wrapping the braid around the head like a crown. It is a stylish braid, equally suitable for enhancing a daily outfit or as a statement hairstyle for special occasions. 

Step-By-Step Guides

Put your hair in the middle. Create two fishtail braids. Wrap the braid around your head. Secure them with bobby pins. Cross the braids at the back for a crown effect.

6. Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are a modern twist on the traditional box braid. The absence of a knot at the base gives a smoother, more natural transition from the scalp. This style combines classic elegance and modern simplicity. It provides a low-maintenance but cosmopolitan appearance.

Step-By-Step Guides

Section your hair and start braiding from the scalp. Avoid knots. Continue smoothly down the length.

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7. Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a romantic, graceful style that mimics the descending flow of water. Strands of hair are braided in such a way that they fall gently, resembling a waterfall. This hairstyle exudes romance and is incredibly handy, making it suitable for both casual and formal events. 

Step-By-Step Guides

Start by side-parting your hair. Incorporate new sections from the to only while braiding. Let the other sections fall freely.

8. Cornrows With A Twist

Cornrows are a popular hairstyle. Adding a color or texture makes them unique. Each braid becomes a canvas for self-expression and creativity by weaving in colorful threads or ribbons. This style is bold, vibrant, and perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Step-By-Step Guides

Create cornrow sections, weaving in colorful threads or ribbons as you braid. 

9. Accessorized Braids

2023 is all about accessorizing braids. The use of braids, cuffs, ribbons, and strings is encouraged. This trend adds a personalized touch to braided hairstyles. It is an invitation to experiment and express one’s style, transforming braids into a fashion statement.

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Choose your preferred braid style, weave in chosen accessories., and experiment with various placements.

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10. Twisted Halo

The twisted halo is a style that combines simplicity and elegance. This celestial-inspired braid wraps around the head, creating a halo effect. The enchanting style evokes ethereal beauty, perfect for special occasions. You can also add a touch of magic to your look. 

Step-By-Step Guides

Create two simple side twists, bring them to the back, and secure them with bobby pins, crossing over to form a halo.

How To Achieve These Styles

Materials Needed: To begin your braiding adventures, you will need these supplies: a hairbrush or a comb, air ties or elastics, body pins, and styling gel or mouse. You can use optional accessories. These accessories include colorful threads, ribbons, beads, and more.


These braid trends are creative, simple, and stylish. They work for different occasions and personal styles. Whether you are a braiding novice or a seasoned pro, there is a style for you to try this year and make your own.

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