What Minerals Help With Anti-Ageing? Unlock The Fountain Of Youth

Nobody in the world seems to like ageing sooner. Most of the cosmetic treatments and skin care rituals existing are remedies or techniques to retard the ageing process.

However, it is also important to note that ageing is a mandatory thing to happen in every living being in the entire universe.

It does not discriminate between genders, rich and poor, and also any possible binaries out there. But meanwhile, it is possible to slow down its pace or we can take measures to hide its appearance visibly on our bodies.

Essential Minerals With Anti-Ageing Properties

There are a lot of artificial and expensive treatments available in the market for the same. But you can also get it done through inexpensive methods if you have the patience to do it consistently without fail.

Essential Minerals With Anti-Ageing Properties

One among them is taking care of food intake and making conscious attempts to include more anti-ageing foods in your diet.

This article is all about how you can take care of the food intake and include more minerals and nutrients in your diet that will help in anti-ageing.

We have tried to figure out the foods from different cuisines and tastes containing anti-ageing minerals to suit varied taste buds and preferences. 

? Vitamin C

One of the major minerals or nutrients you should include in your diet is nothing but Vitamin C. Vitamin C has got a lot of anti-ageing properties since it is a storeroom of anti-oxidants that helps in rewinding your age.

As commonly known and understood, Vitamin C is easily available in all kinds of citric fruits such as lemons and oranges. Vitamin C serums and skincare products are also sensational in the cosmetic market indicating its importance in taking care of the skin and body internally and externally.

If you are looking forward to including some veggies in your diet apart from the fruits to consume this vitamin, Broccolis and Bell Peppers would suit you the most. Brussels Sprouts are also a considerable source of this Vitamin. White potatoes are also rich in the same if you are looking for some tubers.

? Vitamin D

Another important Vitamin on the list is Vitamin D which is accessible from direct sunlight. As generally understood direct exposure to sunlight will not harm your skin.

But it is always important to have sunscreen on while consuming this high-intensity natural energy. Having mellow sunlight during the golden hours of the day can in fact help in anti-ageing by catering sufficient Vitamin D for your bodily functions.

Apart from the sunlight, make sure you also acquire the vitamin from foods such as egg yolks, salmon fish, cow milk, and so on. 

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? Zinc

Zinc becomes another crucial factor in the ageing process of an individual. People having zinc deficiencies have been reported to have been ageing faster than others. Zinc deficiencies can also lead to a lot of infections and tiredness making you feel old from in and out.

However, it is not that difficult to take care of the zinc requirement for your body every day since it is contained in the favourite foods of a lot of many people.

If you are a chocolate lover, you can quite easily fix this deficiency by replacing your regular milk chocolate with dark chocolates in the prescribed proportions.

However, make sure you are not adding sugar or any other sweetening agent while consuming the same since sugar stands as the prime agent of ageing our skin and body. You can also consider having it from other food options such as pumpkin seeds, legumes and oysters. 

? Vitamin E

Selenium is another mineral you need to cater to your body to prevent it from having deficiencies of Vitamin E, which is considered a beauty vitamin.

This mineral is only required in extremely minor quantities yet the deficiency can cause serious problems. Nuts, brown rice, and sunflower seeds are considered a decent source of this mineral.

Even when you are trying to consume these minerals through your diet, you may confront deficiencies or you may be someone who is already having the deficiency issues.

Anyhow, know that these issues can be easily resolved by consulting a physician or dietitian and getting these minerals in the form of supplements.

However, after the period of medication, make sure you consume it regularly through a balanced diet to maintain the youthfulness and charm you desire.

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