Short Hairstyle For Women Over 60: Does That Look Good?

When you are of a certain age, you almost feel like you should dress and look in a certain way. Most of the time, you would be bothered by other people’s views which could hold you back a bit. It reflects in all your choices and if you are a woman, it certainly increases in magnitude with children and grandchildren around. However, these stereotypes are bound to be broken and women could be stylish just about at any age they want to be.

If you are someone above 60 and want to give your hairstyle a new spin, you should try these short hairstyles. We know you will love them all.

Ageless Elegance: Embracing Short Hair at 60 and Beyond

short hairstyle for women over 60

Reaching 60 is a significant milestone in life, and wearing a short hairstyle can lend a sense of timeless elegance. It’s a choice that goes beyond trends, expressing confidence and sophistication. Short hairstyles for women over 60 represent more than simply a fashionable look; they express a philosophy of accepting one’s natural beauty and fearlessly facing the future.

With ease of upkeep and a knack for ageless attractiveness, these haircuts become a statement of self-assurance and a celebration of age-related knowledge and grace. So, start a new chapter in your life with a short hairstyle that not only complements your features but also reflects the timeless elegance that identifies women over 60.

Benefits Of Short Hair Style

In case you are doubtful about chopping those locks off, you might want to read the following list that explains the benefits of maintaining a short hairstyle when you are a woman over 60. 

Easy to carry– As you grow older your body starts to lose its vitality and energy. Even doing a menial task could seem like moving a mountain and therefore sporting a short hairstyle can spare you the pain of daily combing, cleaning, and brushing.

Look young– When you are maintaining a short hairstyle, your face looks bright and your hair looks more volume. Masking your real age and achieving the youthful look you’ve always wanted might prove helpful.

Versatility– There is only so much styling you can do with long hair. And even if you want to, it takes a lot of time. On the other hand, short hairs are easy to style and offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Comfort and convenience– This is especially comforting for those living in humid regions where the weather could be unforgiving. A short hairstyle can help you keep your head cooler when the temperatures soar.

Liberation– Embracing a change is always good and for women over 60, even small achievements are worth celebrating, So with shorter hair, you could express the individuality you always had to suppress due to various reasons and let them carefree in the wind.

Short hairstyles for women over 60

We hope we convinced you well to get your hair cut short but now we have the task of actually giving you some options so that you can pick and choose the ones that suit your new you. These include-

  • Short feathered cut– The style, which originated in the 70s, still retains its charm and is often regarded as a symbol of freedom. Cut short into textures, the hair forms feather layers. You can still do it by blow drying and letting the feathered ones show their true beauty. Both oval and heart-shaped faces can try out this look without a doubt.
  • Pixie cut– A very popular expression of feminism, the pixie cut grew to popularity in the late 50s as the young women’s movement gained traction. It is known to suit both oval and round faces by highlighting jawlines and cheekbones. In a classic pixie cut, the hair is short on the sides and the back while the one on the top is left a bit longer. Needless to say, it gives you a fresh and modern look.
  • Short gray hair– This is just the old short haircut that has always been in style. Previously owned by men, the cut has made a door-smashing entry into the female world as well and is often known to challenge stereotypes. Although suited for all face shapes, opting for a gray-enhancing shampoo with a sleek look could do wonders for your face.
  • Stacked bob cut– It aims to give hair a stacked effect as it is shorter at the back but longer at the front. Inspired by the classic bob in the 2000s, the stacked bob cut can be a jewel on the crown for square-shaped faces. You can either curl or straighten the front bangs if you are feeling adventurous.
  • Cropped pixie layers– If a classic pixie is not your style, you may want to add some volume to your hair with this modern twist. As its name suggests, the hair is layered with shorter ones in the front and often styled using fingers for movement. Known to accentuate delicate features, it suits the heart-shaped and oval faces the best.
  • Neat pixie with layered bangs-This one maintains the pixie style while incorporating layered and stacked bangs in the front. Best for oval and diamond-shaped faces, the style has been in the market since the 60s.  A brush or a styling cream can help you create some awesome yet sophisticated looks with the bangs.
  • Pixie with pointy sideburns– A classic twist to the pixie cut, this one is about playing with the sides a bit. To add edge, the sideburns are well-defined and are often pointed. Oval and rectangular-faced women should go for it as you can highlight the sideburns with curls.
  • Layered short hair with side-swept bangs– This cut involves keeping your short hair layered while the bangs are cut to a side. You can always use a hair spray and a round brush to do this. Blow drying can also be rewarding in certain cases. As it frames faces, oval and round-faced individuals should try this without fail.


A Short hairstyle for women over 60 is a fine choice for multiple reasons. Not only is it easy to carry and maintain attractive, but the modern twist does make it a bit more appealing. Additionally, there are quite a lot of choices you can pick from including the 8 that have made this list.

Though long hair has its charm, currently the short hair look is gaining a lot of traction. We would be pleased to help a large number of people who want to jump on the bandwagon. So share the list and see how it works for you or your acquaintances.

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