What and How do I Get Soap Brows?

What are Soap Brows?

  Instead of using a brow gel or laminate, you use a bar of soap to create a paste and set your brows in place. The result of a soap brow is a bushy, full brow with the brow hairs noticeably lifted. Beauty bloggers have recently brought the soap brow technique to the mass market but the technique actually originated with classic makeup artists and drag queens years ago. By applying a soap paste to brow hairs with a spoolie you can brush and set brows for that bushy, wispy look. When you use the right soap, you can create an impressive hold that can last all day long.

How do I get a Soap Brow?

   It all starts with using the right soap. You should look for a clear soap with glycerin, as that’s what helps to lock hairs into place. Clear soap, like Pears, is important because it is transparent and will not leave a white film. There is also a camp recommending using a white soap bar like Dove because it has strong moisturizing properties. If you try this technique you should use the eyebrow brush of your choice, wet it, and scrub it all up in that soap. Next, brush the pasty mixture through your brow hairs and begin shaping. Since I have sensitive skin, I tried the Dove soaping method and it worked well for me. I had to try to get the thickness right as the first time I applied the spoolie my brows were all white. Practice makes perfect. In the end, I liked the full, natural look. If you want more details check here from Cosmopolitan.

Soap Brows in 3 Steps

Step 1: Prepare your Spoil First, you should wet the surface of the soap you’ll be using. You only need a small amount of water as your goal is to create a paste-like texture. You don’t want it to be too wet. If the soap is too wet it will lather. Tip:Experts recommend adding a spritz or two of setting spray to wet the soap and help you get extra hold. Run a clean, dry spoolie brush along the damp bar of soap. Make sure the making brush is fully coated with the goopy mixture but not overflowing with soap.

Step 2: Brush your Brow Hairs Take your coated spoolie brush and brush your brow hairs up. By brushing straight up you’re giving your brows that feathery, full look we all dream about. Once coated, you can use your finger to adjust brows as needed. If brushing straight up is too dramatic of a statement for you, you can brush horizontally or even slightly downward to minimize the size of your brow. Tip: Be sure to work quickly, before your hairs dry and lock into place.

Step 3: Fill in your Brows Once your brow hairs are set in place its time to look for any gaps and to correct them. If you have thin brows, the fill in process could take some time. It’s recommended that you use a tool that has a thin point so that you can get a natural blended look. Tip: If your lucky enough to have naturally thick brows, soaping could be part of your daily beauty regime. It’s a fast and natural option that gives you great impact and helps to frame your face.

In summary, Soap Brows are an easy and natural way to get whisky, thick looking brows. With a little practice you can perfect the perfect brow for all occasions. If you’re not happy with your overall brow growth we recommend WINK Lash & Brow Oil. It’s 99% Organic and most see new growth within 8-12 weeks.

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