Tips for the Last Days of Summer

As we all get back to school, a slightly more active schedule and shorter days – its time to grab onto those last few days of summer before. Fall officially begins the September the 22nd. In many parts of the country we still have warm temperatures and perfect outdoor weather. With COVID, it’s important to make every minute outside last. I talked to some of the team members, friends and business affiliates to get advice on how we can get the most from the final summer days. Here are the top 5 ideas:

1. Go for a bike ride or long walk

Bike riding and walking are the most popular activities and with the pandemic, they have become even more popular. Sometimes there are so many people walking it’s nearly impossible to keep your 6 feet social distance. Research options and try some new locations. Tip: if you want to be sure to have privacy, I’d recommend going early in the day. 

2. Hit the park, botanical garden or a local nature center

Many times there are parks or outdoor gardens in your area that you have never visited. Make the most out of each minute outside by planning a visit. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and there are numerous parks and walking/hiking paths all within a short drive. My friends and I meet every weekend to walk or hike and catch up. We try a new park each weekend. With Fall coming, these parks will be in full color! Tip: Be sure to verify they are open prior to heading out. Some of the Nature Centers or park service areas may still be closed or have special hours.

3. Go Camping or Glamping 

If you’ve got the equipment and love the outdoor life style than it may be time to get the tent and sleeping bags out for a weekend trip. Glamping offers you the luxuries of home while being emerged in nature. Real beds, bathrooms and other home comforts in a rustic outdoor setting make clamping easy to love. One of the most popular forms of clamping are treehouses. Yes, you can stay comfortably in a tree house. Not sure where to find the best locations? Check out this list from Tip: be sure to plan trips in advance. Camping and clamping locations are all very popular. 

4. Try a New Grill Recipe 

Use your grill right up until you can’t. Consider something new vs just the regulars. A few that may surprise you include pizza, bacon and peaches. You can try to grill just about anything. Don’t forget the favorites like s’mores and grilled corn. If you’re seeking some ideas I like this list of healthy things to grill from Tip: Try a family day where everyone chooses something to grill. It will not only be fun but you may discover something great.

5. Head for the Water

Lakes, oceans and rivers all offer a calming and cooling vibe. There may be a body of water close to you that you never even considered visiting. Many park areas allow you to, swim, paddle board, kayak, tube, boat or fish. If you want to just hang out you can float as well. Check on line for options in your area as well as the Covid 19 rules.

In summary, summer is coming to an end so get outside and enjoy the warmth while you can. You may discover a new location or activity that you can continue into the fall and winter.

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