Thinning Brows ? Camouflage & Grow

   All right, lets talk about it — thinning eyebrows!  It happens to many of us through aging, trauma and over plucking. You might be saying – not me –  but this is what it may look like.

  • The Fade – one end or the other tends to fade out   
  • Skinny Mini – the whole brow is faint and thin 
  • Seeing Spots – gap areas appear where thinning occurs 

Now it’s your turn –   take your makeup off and take a good look in the mirror.  Odds are your not happy with your brows. So, what can you do?

Camouflage & Enhance

Eyebrow pencils, brow wax, powders and gels can all be used to fill in and enhance your brows. If your looking for something more permanent eyebrow tinting or microblading could be better options.

A few tips

  • Brow Filling – be sure to use the right color. We highly recommend medium: pencil, powder, pomade, gel, other.. Practice and blend into existing hair.
  • Brow Wax – Brow wax is an amazing tool that allows you to help lay your brows the way you want them. It looks natural. You can apply can apply wax after you have filled brows and blend it in. Be sure not to use too much.
  • Eyebrow Tinting – We recommend you go to a professional as the color matching is key. If you insist on doing it yourself there are numerous tutorials on line that will guide you.  Tinting allows you to emphasize the brow hair you have by making even the smaller, finer hairs more noticeable.
  • Microblading – For those that don’t know, microblading is a tattooing technique in which tiny thin, natural looking lines can be added to your brows. We recommend you research and choose a professional as this is semi-permanent commitment. This is the most costly option and the tattoos will fade over time requiring periodic color boosts but you will not need other makeup for 1-3 years.

Link to Free E-book Amalie Brow Bible for more


     What’s really happening when your hair isn’t growing is that your hair follicles are either resting or well, dead? Follicles can stay in resting phases for years, but you won’t know if you can stimulate growth until you try.

There are chemical serums that promise to stimulate growth but given my sensitive skin I went searching for a solution that would stimulate my hair growth naturally and without irritation.

Research shows that when essential fatty acids – the “healthy fats” found in fish, nut & seed oils – were applied topically, the body produced more prostaglandin on it’s own. Prostaglandin production signals hair to grow. WINK’s formulation contains exotic fruit seed and nut oils, including Raspberry Seed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, and Jojoba Oil to achieve it’s unique mixture of essential fatty acids.

When you feed your brows an EFA-based brow enhancer serum, you can expect healthy, growing conditioned brows (as well as the skin around the brows) that are much stronger than before.

There are numerous brow serums but few are 100% natural with a proven track record of success. Bonus – Wink can be used on brows and lashes!

More about  WINK Lash & Brow Oil

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