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Workout might be a hobby for many but for some, working out is more of torture. The desire to lose weight without working out is more prevalent in women than men.

It is not a gender issue but the packed schedules Singaporeans have to endure might not leave women any energy to run a mile every day.

London weight management heard and felt the women’s pleas and came up with a weight loss program that does not require any gym workouts.

It is very different from other programs in the market because it is completely organic and does not constitute injections or pills.

This program serves best clients who dread heavyweight loss workouts or the strict diet lists imposed upon patients by weight management clinics.

We strived to understand the process a patient goes through when they visit London weight management.

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Initial Consultation

When you arrive at the facility, a therapist will engage you. After brief introductions, they will have a sitting with you to understand your needs before moving to other stages in the treatment.

They will ask straight and precise questions about your lifestyle, what you eat, and when you eat. They might also want to know if you were previously under any weight loss medication and if you work out.

To compile a clear list, the therapist will need to know the heaviest areas of your body, the age at which the weight problem was most prevalent, and which areas you would like to start with.

The therapist must take and record measurements of various parts of your body and conduct some questionnaire tests. This information is used to select the best ampoule to serve your needs best. There are 8 different ampoule options.

The Sauna

This is where the body relieves itself of different kinds of toxins. You will be ushered into a hot water bathroom where you will change into clean ropes and have a shower with the different gels in stock.

The shower is followed by a 15 minutes steam in the sauna where your body is made to sweat. As the sweat leaves you so do the toxins in your system.

The Lavender Sea Salt Body Scrub

The therapist helps your body unclog skin pores, a procedure that helps reduce body acne. The procedure involves scrubbing with a concoction of natural sea salt and other natural ingredients.

Infrared Warm Blankets

To increase the body’s metabolic rate, the therapist will wrap you up in thick blankets which helps raise your body’s temperature. As the temperature rises, your metabolic rate rises too. The results are similar to those of a patient who runs 2 KM.

Ampoule Application

This is where the already selected ampoule is applied to you; it is reinforced by the application of cooling pads on the arms and legs. You might experience slight discomfort but that is no reason for you to skip a session: it feels like an ant bite.

Take Away

For many Singaporeans, London weight management has just what they need. The treatments are safe and the staff is very understanding. Within a few days, patients experienced significant improvement.

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