Best Tips to Grow Strong, Healthy Nails and Prevent Them from Breaking

As we age, our nails may not be as strong and resilient as they once were. You may want long,
natural nails, but just can’t seem to get there. In this case, people may opt for acrylics for their
durability and length. However, acrylics can severely damage your nail beds causing your natural
nails to become even more weak and brittle than ever. The good news is, there are simple lifestyle
changes you can make that will promote healthy, strong natural nails and prevent any breakage
down the road. To ensure your nails are always looking their best, follow these top tips below!

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet
There’s a reason they often say, “you are what you eat.” The foods and nutrients we put into our
bodies directly affect the health of the outside of our bodies too, especially when it comes to our hair,
skin, and nails. For optimal nail health, it’s super important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in
whole foods packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Biotin in particular, is a B vitamin that does
wonders for nail health, as well as our hair and skin. This B vitamin can be found in numerous foods
such as eggs, spinach, sweet potato, and salmon, as well as nuts and seeds. To ensure you’re
loading up on this fabulous vitamin, as well as other important nutrients, you may want to consider
taking a multivitamin and/or a biotin supplement. Your nails will thank you.

Don’t Pick at Your Nails
Whether it’s a nervous habit, or you just can’t seem to resist the urge, it’s super important to stop
yourself and refrain from picking at a chipped manicure or a cracked nail. Picking at a manicure,
especially gel, can actually peel off layers of your nail causing it to become weak and brittle and
more exposed to further breakage. If your manicure does start to chip, it’s important to remove it
correctly at home or by a nail tech at the salon. And if you do come across a crack in your nail, you
can gently file away the cracked part to keep it from breaking further and prevent it from snagging on

Use Nutrient-Rich Products
What you choose to put topically on your snails and skin is also important. Using non-toxic, high-
quality products filled with healthy ingredients can actually improve the health of your nails. SNS, a
leader in the industry who pride themselves on healthy natural nails, ensure all their bases and
sealers contain vitamins and other nutrient-rich ingredients that nourish the nail bed and promote
strong, healthy growth. You can opt to try their at home products or ask for SNS Gelous Color, their
professional dip powder line, at the salon. The other plus of a dip powder manicure — it gives you the
durability of acrylic without the damage, which give your natural nails an extra layer of protection to
grow long and strong.

Stay Out of Hot Water
Having your hands constantly soaking in hot water can cause your manicure to chip and your nails
to become weak, making them vulnerable to tears and breaking. Too much contact with hot water
not only can damage your nails but it can also severely dry out your skin. If you’re regularly doing the dishes, it’s important to wear gloves to protect your hands and nails. And if bath time is a regular
self-care habit, make sure to keep those hands out of the tub.

Apply Moisturizer & Cuticle Oil Daily
If you don’t already make hand cream and cuticle oil a regular part of your skin care regime, it’s time
to start. Well-moisturized nails and cuticles promote healthier nails that are flexible and bend instead
of being dry and prone to breakage. Plus if your hands and cuticles are dry, you’re more likely to get
little hang nails that may push you to pick at. To ensure your hands and nails stay hydrated, simply
apply hand cream and cuticle oil after you wash your hands and every evening before bed.
Alternatively, keep a travel size of each in your hand bag for easy application whenever your hands
need a little extra TLC.

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