What Are The Pros And Cons Of Keratin Hair Treatment? Is It Right For You?

Keratin treatment has become a treatment that almost everyone turns to when looking for hair treatment. Unlike other treatments that might just change the texture of your hair like hair straightening and smoothening, keratin treatment nourishes the hair with the proteins that are necessary for its proper growth.

But is the hype surrounding this treatment really justifiable? This article will look at the pros and cons of the treatment to see if it really is worth the hype.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is a hair treatment that helps in smoothening and straightening out the hair and reducing frizz. It adds shine to the hair and strengthens it.

Pros And Cons Of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin is a protein that makes up the nails and the hair. The treatment involves applying it to the hair and sealing it in. 

What Are The Pros Of Keratin Treatment?

The treatment has a number of advantages and also stays atop in comparison with the other hair treatments available in salons. 

Frizz-Free Hair

If frizzy hair is your hair problem, then keratin treatment is just the right treatment for you. It can make the hair shinier and smoother and can reduce frizziness.

The treatment can help treat dry hair and make it easier for styling. The maintenance does not require expensive hair products.

Restores Natural Proteins In The Hair

This hair treatment works to restore the proteins in the hair. It nourishes the hair and provides it with the nutrients necessary to make it healthier.

It can help in reducing hair breakage due to dry, dull, and damaged hair. Restoring the natural proteins needed for hair health can help in reducing the damage to the hair

Suitable For All Hair Types

Some treatments might not be suitable for certain hair types. But no matter what type of hair you have, you can go for keratin treatment without many concerns.

It nourishes and strengthens your hair and improves the texture. If your hair is curly or wavy keratin treatment can reduce the curls and makes them straighter. 

Voluminous Hair

Keratin treatment can help in making your hair appear more voluminous. It increases hair’s resilience and prevents split ends. This can also contribute to making it thicker and increasing volume. 

What Are The Cons Of Keratin Treatment?

Though it brings many benefits, it can also have a few disadvantages.

Expensive Treatment

Keratin treatment is an expensive treatment and costs around $250 to $450. This price varies from salon to salon and each hair stylist puts their own prices.

The cost is put for a single treatment and this price does not include any follow-up. However, this might not be the case in every salon. 

Shorter Lifespan

Unlike hair straightening or hair smoothening treatments that might last as long as 6 to 12 months, keratin treatment has a shorter life span.

It only lasts for 2 to 4 months depending on the type of your hair. The proteins applied during an application can get washed out as time passes.

Therefore you will have to visit the salon every 4 to 6 months and get the treatment if you want do not want the effects to wear off. To increase the lifespan the number of hair washed per week will also have to be reduced to one to two. 

Requires Careful Application

Though this treatment involves nourishing the hair and keeping it healthy, it involves many chemicals. The application should be done only by a professional with adequate knowledge about it.

The treatment also involves heat treatment where the proteins are sealed into the hair. This involves using a flat iron which should be carefully used to prevent burning or damaging the hair follicles

Can Cause Side Effects

This treatment also comes with a risk of side effects. The chemicals in it like formaldehyde may cause skin irritations, headaches, watery eyes, etc.

These side effects may be worse for some and might even go to the extent of wheezing. Therefore you should always make sure that you are not allergic to it before application.   

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