Lifestyle Solutions to Lower Negative Self-Perception from Zoom Dysmorphia

These days, we’re all trying to make better lifestyle choices. However, there are rising mental health disorders in the new normal that make it more challenging to adjust certain parts of our lives. Since we live in a society that is highly-focused on physical appearances, it can be difficult dealing with this fixation on what others notice about us.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), for example, is a type of mental health disorder that causes women and men to struggle with negative thoughts about their appearance. The increased time spent on videoconference apps has led to many individuals constantly examining and evaluating their own look day-to-day.

This quarantine has even led to a new term: “Zoom Dysmorphia,” a circumstance of pandemic stress. Zoom Dysmorphia leads to a negative self-perception since Zoom is a digital app that has led to a distorted view of self-appearance. While some have turned towards procedures such as Botox, Tampa health experts have also looked at additional lifestyle solutions to lower the negative self-perception that Zoom can sometimes cause.
For example, you may be someone who likes to scroll through your social feed on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before an important Zoom call. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others who you perceive as “better” than you, then it may be time for a lifestyle solution. Constant comparisons have a psychological impact that lowers your confidence and affects how you view yourself in other ways. Stopping social media scrolls before Zoom meetings can help reduce this negative self-perception.

Another tip can be to sometimes turn off Zoom’s video during meetings. With more research coming in about constant videoconferences’ effects, this can be vital. Since Zoom Dysmorphia can lead to less positive thoughts of your self-image, having fewer video conference images in front of us can help lower your stress levels. It can also lead to fewer thoughts of self-criticism that you may be having through Zoom Dysmorphia.

Confident self-talk in front of a mirror can also be a crucial lifestyle solution that invigorates our self-esteem. Also described as mirror work, these are positive affirmations that we say in front of a mirror that “reflect” back at us. These are thoughts such as releasing hurt or being uniquely beautiful. Over time, these thoughts have a way of building up. If practiced, they can lead to less fault-finding in ourselves and make our self-image more comforting.
Zoom Dysmorphia is a new trend that is still being examined and researched. However, with these lifestyle solutions, you can make the first step towards lowering negative self-perception and a brighter future.

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