Is Dermaplaning Good For Skin? Here’s What To Know

Are you having trouble taking care of your skin and are adopting new methods for this? It is important to take care of your skin because it is the largest organ in the body, and it makes you look good or bad. Also, when there are acne scars and wrinkles on your face, it decreases your confidence to meet new people and live a normal life. 

However, you can live your life with confidence when you are healthy and look good. Thus, if you want to look good, then you have to take care of your skin, and Dermaplaning is a process that can help you do that. Here, we will increase your knowledge about Dermaplaning and skin benefits. Also, we will explain its disadvantages so that you can figure out by yourself whether it is good for your skin or not.

Dermaplaning: How It Is Done?


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure to remove facial hair and exfoliate your skin at the same time. For this, a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist uses a small scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of your skin and little hairs from your face.

However, you can get various kits from the market that you can use for dermaplaning at home, according to their advertisements. But it will be wise if you get this process done by a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist. Also, professionals can complete this process in around 15-30 minutes, and there are lower risks.

6 Promising Skin Benefits Of Dermaplaning

1] It Can Help You Manage Acne Scars

Are you struggling because of acne scars on your face? Even though many companies claim that their skincare products are efficient in managing acne scars, they fail to provide the required results.

Thus, if you are tired of using different types of skincare products without getting results, then you should try dermaplaning once. Also, it doesn’t cost much, and you can get this process done within 30 minutes. However, if there is active acne on your face, then your cosmetologist may suggest you avoid dermaplaning for some time.

2] It Can Help You Minimize The Appearance Of Wrinkles In Your Face

If you are struggling with wrinkles or fine lines on your face, then dermaplaning can be an effective method to improve your condition. Most people start getting face wrinkles or fine lines on their faces after 50 years, but if you look at movie stars, even at the age of 60, they look 30-40 years old. 

This is because movie stars take care of their skin through methods like dermaplaning, eating healthy foods, and exercising. Thus, it is clear that you can manage wrinkles or fine lines on your face, and when you want to do that, you can try dermaplaning.

3] You Can Make Your Skin Soft And Smooth Through Dermaplaning

Who doesn’t want their skin to be soft and smooth? Everyone has this desire, but only a few people use some methods to improve their skin conditions. Thus, if you don’t want to ignore your skin condition, then use dermaplaning to make your skin soft and smooth. 

Also, you need to eat green vegetables, fruits, and nuts and drink plenty of water to make your skin healthy and hydrated. Moreover, if you follow a healthy lifestyle with dermaplaning then you can surely make your skin softer and smoother.

4] You Can Easily Apply Skincare Products

Facial hairs are natural, but they can cause problems when applying skincare products. Also, your skincare product may not get absorbed properly by your skin due to tiny hairs on your face. Thus, dermaplaning can be a wonderful method to manage this condition.

Also, you may like to know that your facial hairs will grow back after dermaplaning, but they won’t be thicker and it usually happens after shaving. This way, your skin will absorb all the components of skincare products and provide the best results.

5] It Can Be Good For Removing Peach Fuzz From Your Face

If you want to remove the top layer of your skin along with tiny hairs on your face, then dermaplaning can be very effective. Many people get scared of this process for the first time, but when it is done by professionals, you don’t feel pain. However, if you are doing this at home, then you must know how to do this.

6] It Can Provide You With Brighter Skin

Everyone wants brighter skin to look good and live their life with confidence. Hence, dermaplaning can be the best method to do that. Also, it can help you get rid of the rough and uneven texture of your skin. This way, you can have smoother and brighter skin, which will improve your look and confidence.

What You Need To Know Before Going To Dermaplaning

If you have made up your mind about dermaplaning then you should know that there can be some side effects of this process For example, dermaplaning can cause skin irritation, red and swollen skin, soreness, dryness, and risk of cuts and bacteria spread in some people. 

Also, if you are dealing with some health conditions like active acne on your face, skin growths like moles and freckles, skin burns, and skin rashes, then you should not go for dermaplaning. Additionally, share all the details of your skin condition with your dermatologist or cosmetologist before going for this process.

Final Words

You should always analyze your skin conditions so that you can manage skin issues on time. Also, if you want to apply new methods to improve your skin conditions, then dermaplaning can be the best option. Above, we have explained all the details of dermaplaning including its benefits and side effects. Also, you can buy several tools for dermaplaning at home, but if you are new to this, then don’t do this at home. 

For this, you should consult dermatologists or cosmetologists because they can analyze your skin to figure out whether this process is suitable for you or not. Also, they can provide you with tips to follow before and after dermaplaning.


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