How to Take Care of Your Nails

If you are a beauty enthusiast, the appearance of your nails will be important to you. When we want
to get pampered and make our fingernails look amazing, we can go to the nail salon to get a
manicure. However, it’s equally important to take good care of our nails between manicure sessions,
keeping them clean and healthy on a regular basis.
You should keep your fingernails clean, as it helps prevent bacteria from growing under them. You
should also trim them regularly, with clippers or with sharp manicure scissors. To avoid ingrown nails,
be sure to trim your nails straight across. You can then gently file the edges of each nail with a nail
file or emery board. It could be a good idea to trim your nails after taking a bath or a shower, as they
will be softer.
Let’s learn more about how to take care of your nails in between sessions at the nail salon:

Moisturize your nails regularly
Did you know that your nails also needed to be moisturized? Just like your skin, your nails can benefit
from being kept well hydrated. Fingernails that are not properly moisturized can end up dry and brittle.
It cannot be easy to restore their strength and beauty.

You can moisturize your nails, as well as your cuticles, with almond oil or avocado oil. Some people will use oil made especially for nails and cuticles, but you could rub some hand lotion on your nails whenever you moisturize your hands.

Avoid using harsh nail polish
Nail polish can make your nails look great, but it can also damage them. If you want to use nail polish,
look for a brand that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could weaken your nails, such as

As for your nail polish remover, opt for one that is acetone-free, as it will be more gentle on your nails.

Protect your nails with gloves
You should try to keep your nails out of the water as much as possible. Wet environments can
promote the growth of bacteria under your nails or result in brittle and split nails.

When you wash the dishes, you should always protect your nails with rubber gloves. You should also
wear gloves whenever you use harsh cleaning products or work in a garden. Gloves will protect the
skin of your hands as well.

See a healthcare professional if something looks wrong
Healthy fingernails should be smooth, and their colour should be uniform. Vertical ridges are normal,
and nothing to worry about. If your nails show some white spots, these might be due to an injury, and
they will grow out eventually. 

However, if your nails change colour, become curled, or separate from the skin of your fingers, you should be concerned. You should also consider seeing a healthcare professional if your nails stop growing. Medical attention is necessary when the nails suddenly become very thick or very thin, or if
they are swollen and painful.

Avoid cutting your cuticles
Your cuticles are there for a reason: they seal your skin to the surface of each nail, and they protect
them. You should avoid trimming your cuticles or picking at them, as damaged cuticles can let
bacteria enter your body, which often results in nail infections. The next time you go to the nail salon
to get a manicure, be sure to tell your nail technician not to cut your cuticles.

Disinfect your nail tools from time to time
Just like you expect your nail technician to work with disinfected tools, you should think about
disinfecting your nail tool kit from time to time. This also helps prevent nail infections.

To disinfect your nail tools, you can simply use some isopropyl alcohol. Rub the substance on your
clippers and scissors with a cotton pad. You could do this once a month, or more frequently,
depending on how often you use your kit.

Eat foods that promote healthy nails Keratin is the protein that forms your nails, and certain types of foods will help your body produce
more keratin.

Foods that contain protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin A, C and B should give you stronger and more glossy nails. If your nails are weak and brittle, they could probably benefit from some biotin supplements.

Stop biting your nails
Are you biting your nails? Biting your nails could result in infections. Plus, you will get nails that don’t
look their best. To stop this bad habit, you could consider covering them with a nail polish specially
formulated to have a bitter taste. It could help you get rid of this habit and take better care of your

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