How To Remove Gum From Hair Without Cutting It? Easy Methods

Chewing gum is a fun thing, isn’t it? You must have tried chewing gums, but if you’ve ever got gum stuck in your hair, you would probably want to stay clear of it. Whether you got your hair tangled with gum as a part of a prank or it was by mistake, the most important thing is not panicking. When someone gets chewing gum stuck in their hair, they try to pluck it out, which leads to more tangled hair. 

If you want to safely get rid of an irritating gum without damaging your lush strands of hair, make sure you are reading this article till the end. Here, you are going to learn all the effective ways and ideas for removing chewing gum from your hair without cutting a single strand.

Effective Ways To Remove Gum From Your Hair Without Ripping It?

Remove gum without cutting hair

When you get chewing gum stuck in your hair, never try to pluck it out by force; it will only get your hair tangled. No, cutting is not an option as well; make sure you are following the tricks and ideas mentioned here to get rid of it safely. Using vegetable oil, baking soda, and lemon juice are some of the traditional ways to get the task done. However, applying these to your hair can damage them and cause hair fall. Anyway, here are all the safe and effective ways to get rid of chewing gum from your hair. Have a look:

1] Use Olive Oil For Smoothing

Olive oils are one of the most beneficial and healthy forms of oil, whether for eating or applying to your hair. When you have gum stuck in your hair, dip your fingers into olive oil and rub the hair and gum with it.

Olive oil will smoothen the surface of your hair and make the gum less sticky. Wait for a couple of minutes, and try to remove the gum in one piece after a while; it will most likely get the gum out without damaging your hair.

2] Take Advantage Of Apple Cider Vinegar

If chewing gums become stuck in your hair, they dry out and harden, posing the risk of pulling your hair out when removed. If you have apple cider vinegar in your home, dip the affected area of your hair along with the gum into it. The citric acid in the vinegar will most likely dissolve the gum and make removing the residue easier. However, make sure to dilute the apple cider vinegar, as it can damage your hair as well.

3] Apply Petroleum Jelly

One of the most effective and convenient ways to remove Chewing gum from your hair is by applying petroleum jelly to the affected hair. Petroleum jelly has abundant amounts of natural wax and mineral oils in it, which smoothens the surface and helps you remove the gum easily. Make sure to apply lots of petroleum jelly on a cotton ball, apply it on the hair, and leave it for a couple of minutes.

4] Freeze Your Hair

Freezing your hair doesn’t mean you have to put your head into the freezer; you just have to use some ice cubes. For a better appliance, make sure to get a couple of ice cubes and tie them with a piece of clothing around your affected hair. This will freeze the gum and reduce its elasticity, making it easy to pluck it out without ripping your hair out.

5] Use Oil-Based Cleansers And Conditioners

Some of the best oil-based cleansers are coconut and peanut butter, which are rich in oils. Apply peanut butter or coconut oil onto the affected area and soak it completely. The natural oil present in them reduces the rigidity of gums; after applying, leave the area for a couple of minutes and start combing carefully.

How Do You Maintain Hair Health After Getting The Gum Out?

Even if you have successfully removed all the residue of chewing gum from your hair, there is some stickiness and damage left behind. This can lead to poor health and hair fall after a day or two. After you get the gum out of your hair, make sure to clean it properly and use conditioners to smoothen the hair surface. 

Use oil-based shampoos to cleanse your hair, as they are rich in natural oil and have high cleansing properties. Make sure you are using herbal and trusted brands for better results and voluminous hair. As oil-based hair cleansers are efficient in removing greasiness and impurities from your hair, they will maintain its health.

After washing your hair with oil-based hair cleansers, ensure to apply some coconut oil as well. Coconut oils are quite effective in maintaining the pH level of your scalp and nourishing your hair follicles, providing them strength and damage-free.

Will Lemon Juice Be Effective For Gum Removal From Hair?

There are some misconceptions about applying lemon juice to hair for gum removal. However, lemon juice alone doesn’t work effectively in the task, and even if you are using lemon juice, make sure to add some coconut oil to it. The coconut oil will reduce the acidic effects of lemon on your hair. 

The best way to use lemon juice effectively in gum removal from your hair is to mix one-third of lemon juice into more portions of coconut oil. The oil will reduce the acidic effects of lemon and help you remove the gum from your hair properly.

The Bottom Line

When you get gum stuck in your hair, don’t ever panic or try to pluck the hair out; make sure to use one of the mentioned tricks to do the task. In all the mentioned tips, one thing in common: after applying any of the things, leave it for a couple of minutes and use thick-toothed cobs and towels to remove the residue of chewing gum from your hair. 

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