How to get Natural Looking Brows

Full, natural-looking brows have been popular for quite some time and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But now it’s less about perfectly done brows. Gone are the days of the dark, hard-line brow. The new trend is to get back the brow look you had as a child. Natural, thicker, wispy brows you likely had before you began grooming them.

So why do you want fuller brows? A full brow can help to shape your face and give you a healthy, youthful appearance. The shape of your brow is very important as your brows frame your face and can enhance your expression. Before you do anything, it’s important to confirm the best prow shape for your face.  We outlined how to define the shape of your face as well as the optimal eyebrow shape in this previous post.  Let’s get into some steps to get the look.

Grow them! 

The advantage is that you’ll have this look forever and not have to use lots of makeup. The disadvantage is that it takes time and new growth may not come in perfectly. We prefer this method since it allows for a longer term and overall simpler solution. It’s more about finding little makeup solutions while you grow out a fuller brow forever. So what do you do?

  1. Stop grooming! (plucking or waxing) This allows you to see what your natural growth looks like. You need to give yourself time, we estimate about 3 months, to see what growth comes in.  
  2. Enhance growth potential. There are chemical and non-chemical formulations that claim to help grow brows. Being an organic beauty company, we prefer the organic solutions. They are less harmful for your body and work with your body’s natural hair growth. WINK Lash & Brow Oil is a proprietary combination of organic oils rich in essential fatty acids which work with your body to encourage hair follicles to grow more rapidly and/or move from a dormant to growing phase. WINK will also help you’r existing brow and lash hair to be stronger so you keep the hair you have longer. After just a few weeks you should see new growth and WINK can be used on your lashes too! If you want to read more about WINK, how it works and what the ingredients are, check here.
  3. Fill in with makeup where growth is spotty. Our favorite is to use a brow tint while you’re growing your brows out. This approach is excellent if you are starting to see small hairs emerge as you let your brows grow out. The color tint will help make your small/baby hairs look darker and longer as they grow in. For more options, see make-up options below for some specific tips and solutions. 
WINK Lash & Brow Oil

Get the Look with Makeup

The advantage of this approach is that you get instant results, the downside is that it’s not permanent so this will be an ongoing process.

  1. Assess your brow needs. Take off all your makeup and brush your lashes up with a spoolie. Evaluate where you have gaps, uneven lash growth or where you’d like your brows to be fuller. Tip: we recommend checking out the numerous videos on line before you begin picking your products.
  2. Pick your products. You likely have many of the products needed to shape your brow. You can use pencils, powders, pens and tinted oils. Check out product options here from Cosmopolitan. We like this post because it’s new and it goes into detail about various specific products. Tip: We highly recommend that you invest in a spoolie and some good small slanted brushes.
  3. Follow the steps for application. We like this post from Elle since it has all of the steps laid out for proper application. Application tips: Try adding flicks of color to match your brow shade. This helps to give your brows the illusion of being more full without looking made up.

In summary, your brows are very important to the overall look of your face as they frame your face. First, you should be sure to have the right brow shape and once that is defined it’s a matter of growing and grooming to get that thick, full and youthful appearance. 

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