How to Create the Natural Makeup Look in Minutes

If you have never tried it, the natural makeup look is very pretty and flattering. It doesn’t matter whether you want to try something new or you just want a more subtle look. Instead of covering up what you already have, it enhances it making it look all-natural. 

Imagine that fresh, well-hydrated skin glowing on you as if there is a natural light illuminating from under it, highlighting your features to the best. Follow these steps if you want to bring out the best of your natural looks with natural makeup in minutes. 

Prepare your skin

You want to apply makeup on clean skin to avoid irritation, infections, or sores due to applying makeup on previous makeup. Preparing your skin will remove dirt, previous makeup, or any blemishes. 

You may use makeup remover or water and soap to make sure your skin is clean. Apply remover on a cotton ball and rub your face in circles until the makeup is removed. Use the right mascara remover to remove mascara on your lashes to give way for a new application. The best false lashes for a natural makeup look from Patrick Starrr, Lilac St, and Glamnetic. Do not break during mascara or makeup removal and application. They are DIY lashes that last for days without losing glamor. You can mix-match different sets to create what looks best on you and apply them in 

Apply moisturizer

A moisturizer will keep your skin dewy and supple. Use unscented moisturizer because scented ones may react with your skin causing irritations or breakouts. Use your finger to apply small portions of moisturizer all over your face, then rub gently in circles until it sinks into your skin. A tinted moisturizer may tone well with your skin. 

It is multipurpose, working on your skin as a moisturizer and a toning cream. It sets the base for the consequent layers of makeup while making the skin feel smooth and glamorous. Most tinted moisturizers have jojoba oil and shea butter to keep the skin soft even after adding the other layers of natural-looking makeup. 

Apply the concealer

The concealer hides the blemishes on your skin and creates a base for the eyeshadow. It blends well with any imperfections on the skin but also keeps the foundation from smudging. To keep your look natural, use a light concealer and apply it sparingly to avoid creating a thick layer. Each skin color tone is different, making it important to choose the right concealer color tone that naturally blends with your skin. 

Rub off the oily parts with powder

Some parts of your skin might look oiler under the cream. Apply powder but make sure you do it evenly all over your face. Do not leave out under the jawline to avoid creating a clear line where the foundation ends. Apply under the eyes, ensuring you cover both the lids. 

Do the eye makeup

You should apply your shadow first before you apply the liner. Straighten the lashes but avoid too much force lest they break off or become loose. Before all that, do first things first. The primer should be the foundation of your eye makeup. Apply a small amount of primer and smooth it on the eyelids. You have now set the base for the shadow. For that natural look, apply a light shadow for shimmery eyes. You may add another layer of medium-light shadow. 

The next layer should be the eyeliner. Use a liquid liner on the top lash line but let it be thin to give you a subtle look. Curl your lashes using mascara, although a lash curler might make the curls more pronounced. If you use a lash curler, mascara should come last but if you use mascara first, there will be no need to use a lash curler. 

Condition the lips

Those shouting lipstick colors will steal your natural look makeup. You can simply apply natural lip balm to avoid dryness. If you are still craving for lipstick, go for a clear color that blends well with your skin. You may use lip gloss to sweep your lips with a shine and you are all ready to hit the road with a flattery look.

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