How Long Does It Take for Eyebrows to Grow Back?

How long does it take exactly for those beautiful eyebrows to grow back?

Maybe you’ve overplucked your brows for your whole life, or maybe this is the first time. Either way, you’re probably freaking out about right now. 

Take a deep breath. We’re going to share the details.

First, onto the science of eyebrows!

Eyebrows have an average 5-7 week growth cycle

Just like eyelashes, eyebrows have an average 5-7 week growth cycle; Actually, it can be a little shorter or longer than this, given your age, metabolism, race, weight and more, but 6-8 weeks is the steady truth.

In my personal experience, I’ve found that the inner and outer corners of your eyebrows tend to vary a little. The inner corners of your brows cycle through faster (4-6 weeks), while the outer brows cycle a little slower (10-16 weeks). Why? Don’t know. Just what I’ve observed in the past 4+ years  (since the creation of WINK, which I made to regrow my tragically over-plucked brows) of focusing all my energy on eyebrows.

That Doesn’t Mean Eyebrows Take 5-7 Weeks to Grow Back, Though..

Quickly, before we dive into each phase’s length and what you could do during that phase, let’s talk about the different phases of lash growth and their purposes. The eyelash growth phases are, in this cycle/order:

  • Anagen: the growth phase (30-45 days)
  • Catagen: the transition phase (15-25 days)
  • Telogen: the resting phase (100 days)

After telogen, we cycle back to anagen. Right now your brows are probably in telogen, waiting to go to anagen. They make be stuck in telogen, the last phase, because of the trauma of forcefully ripping them out with tweezers.

Side note: The average resting phase lasts just around 30 days for eyebrows, but can last up to 6 years for your head hair.

I Repeat: Your Eyebrow Hairs May Be Stuck in the Resting Phase

There may be a reason your eyebrow hairs aren’t growing back. If you over-plucked too often or too hard, you could trigger your eyebrow to react to the plucking as trauma. Trauma to the follicle will mean your eyebrows won’t grow back–at least not for now, because they’re resting.

We Might Be Able to Speed Up the Process…

To get your eyebrows to grow back fast, you may need some help.

There’s something weird about eyebrow and eyelash growth, though. Scientists know that prostaglandin (bimataprost) can regrow lashes quicker and can extend the length of the growth cycle, resulting in longer lashes. They don’t exactly know why though. They just know it works.

Further, given that prostaglandin is involved in the growth cycle of both your lashes and brows, it follows that prostaglandin should be effective for your brows, though it is not FDA approved for this use. Applying bimataprost/prostaglandins directly to the skin should be effective, but has some nasty side effects that cannot be understated.

Further research has shown that essential fatty acids can help stimulate your body to produce its OWN prostaglandin (in those with a deficiency), giving you with the same end result without the nasty side effects. The modern diet is deficient in essential fatty acids–or at least the ratios that we’re eating them in is seriously out of whack–so this could be a big reason we’re not growing eyebrows and lashes like we should be!

The prostaglandins then, which your body started producing because of the introduction of much needed EFAs, trigger the dormant hair follicles to grow again. This means applying essential fatty acids directly to the eyebrows could help your eyebrows to grow again… and maybe even faster and more heartily than before. The chart below shows the eyebrow hair growth cycle.

A product like our WINK organic lash & brow oil is great for supplying organic essential fatty acids directly to the brows, in a ratio that’s more close to what our primitive ancestors took in their diets. This can speed up the natural process of regrowing your brows (not to mention  WINK has a money-back guarantee! )


Takeaways: How Long Does it Take for Eyebrows to Brow Back?

If an essential fatty acid product like our WINK organic lash & brow oil is a good choice for your budget, you can expect to see full results by the end of your brow cycle. If you remember what you talked about above, that means it will take anywhere from 2-16 weeks to for your eyebrows to look full again, depending on where you’re trying to grow them.

For the best results, continue using WINK throughout the entire brow cycle, at least 27 weeks, or about 4 months. Given that a bottle of WINK last for exactly 60 days (if you follow the directions), it should only take 2 bottles of WINK to get your brows on track. Sign up for our subscription for a discount, and to receive uninterrupted, free auto-shipment, so you can keep those brows looking sexy without any additional effort on your end.

Start your brow journey with WINK today!

Want more tips on achieving flawless eyebrows?

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